Register May 2019 No. 761
Chapter SPS 326
Subchapter I — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 326.01   Purpose.
SPS 326.02   Scope.
SPS 326.03   Petition for variance.
SPS 326.04   Penalties.
SPS 326.05   Appeals.
SPS 326.06   Fees.
SPS 326.07   Plan approval.
SPS 326.08   Permit.
SPS 326.09   Enforcement.
Subchapter II — Definitions
SPS 326.10   Definitions.
Subchapter III — General Requirements
SPS 326.11   Location.
SPS 326.12   Physical layout.
SPS 326.13   Fire hydrants.
SPS 326.14   Plumbing systems.
SPS 326.15   Adequacy of water supply.
SPS 326.16   Electricity.
SPS 326.17   Garbage and rubbish.
SPS 326.18   Management.
SPS 326.19   Duties of occupants.
SPS 326.20   Other municipal fees.
Subchapter IV — Water and Sewer Service
SPS 326.25   General requirement.
SPS 326.26   Uniform billing rate.
SPS 326.27   Records of service interruptions.
SPS 326.28   Information available and required to be provided to customers.
SPS 326.29   Application.
SPS 326.30   Reasonableness of water and sewer rates.
SPS 326.31   Billing methods.
SPS 326.32   Billing.
SPS 326.33   Deposits for water and sewer service.
SPS 326.34   Reasons for disconnection and refusal of service.
SPS 326.35   Disconnection procedure.
SPS 326.36   Disconnection notice.
SPS 326.38   Dispute procedures.
SPS 326.39   Complaint procedures.
SPS 326.40   Meters.
SPS 326.41   Meter testing facilities and equipment.
SPS 326.42   Testing of manufactured home community occupant meters.
SPS 326.43   Test flows.
SPS 326.44   Required tests of manufactured home community occupant meters.
SPS 326.45   Requested test.
SPS 326.46   Remote outside meter system tests.
SPS 326.47   Flushing mains.
SPS 326.48   Interruptions of service.
SPS 326.49   Maintenance of water and sewer piping.
Ch. SPS 326 Note Note: Chapter Comm 26 was renumbered chapter SPS 326 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
subch. I of ch. SPS 326 Subchapter I — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 326.01 SPS 326.01Purpose. Pursuant to s. 101.935 (3), Stats., the purpose of this chapter is to regulate manufactured home communities in order to protect public safety and health.
SPS 326.01 History History: CR 04-135: cr. Register February 2006 No. 602, eff. 3-1-06.
SPS 326.02 SPS 326.02Scope. Except as specified otherwise in this chapter, the provisions of this chapter apply to all new and existing manufactured home communities.
SPS 326.02 History History: CR 04-135: cr. Register February 2006 No. 602, eff. 3-1-06.
SPS 326.03 SPS 326.03Petition for variance. The department shall consider and may grant a variance to a non-statutory provision of this chapter in accordance with ch. SPS 303. The petition for variance shall include a position statement from the fire department having jurisdiction over the affected property.
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