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Wisconsin Legislature

CR 00-055

AN ORDER to amend HFS 68.04 (1) and 105.47 (1); and to create HFS 10, 82.06 (2m), 8306 (7), 88.06 (1) (a) 4. and (4), 89.29 (1m), 89.295, 105.47 (3), 107.28 (1) (c), 124.255, 132.52 (7) and 134(5), relating to eligibility and entitlement for the family care benefit, application for the benefit, cost sharing requirements, standards for aging and disability resource centers and for care management organizations, protections of the rights of family care applicants and enrollees, recovery of correctly and incorrectly paid family care benefits, and requirements for hospitals, nursing homes, community-based residential facilities, residential care apartment complexes and adult family homes to provide information to certain patients, residents and prospective residents and to refer them to aging and disability resource centers.

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
11/1/2000 Sen.Effective date 11-1-2000687
9/5/2000 Sen.No action taken668
9/8/2000 Asm.No action taken. 


Date Action Journal
3/8/2000Received by Legislative Council. 
4/5/2000Report sent to Agency.  
Assembly Actions
Date / House Action Journal
6/12/2000 Asm.Report received from Agency971
6/20/2000 Asm.Referred to committee on Health971
8/15/2000 Asm.Public hearing held. 
8/15/2000 Asm.Executive session held. 
8/15/2000 Asm.Modifications requested, 16, Noes 0. 
8/24/2000 Asm.Modifications received. 
9/8/2000 Asm.No action taken. 
Senate Actions
Date / House Action Journal
6/12/2000 Sen.Report received from Agency638
6/14/2000 Sen.Referred to committee on Human Services and Aging638
7/25/2000 Sen.Public hearing held. 
7/25/2000 Sen.Executive session held. 
7/25/2000 Sen.Modifications requested, 5, Noes 0. 
8/24/2000 Sen.Modifications received. 
9/5/2000 Sen.No action taken668
11/1/2000 Sen.Effective date 11-1-2000687
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