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Wisconsin Legislature

CR 10-013

AN ORDER to repeal MPSW 1.11 (4); to renumber and amend MPSW 1.11 (1) and (2); to amend MPSW 1.11 (3) (intro.), (a) (intro.) and (b) and (5); and to create MPSW 1.11 (1) (a) to (c), (2) (a) to (f), and (2m), relating to psychometric testing.
Submitted by Department of Regulation and Licensing

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
10/8/2010 Asm.No action taken 
10/2/2010 Sen.No action taken869

Register Entries

Date Action
2/28/2010650B: Rules Submitted to LC Clearinghouse
3/14/2010651A: Rulemaking Notices
9/14/2010657A: Rules Submitted to Legislature
11/14/2010659A: Rules Filed
12/31/2010660B: Rules Published


Date Action Journal
2/5/2010Received by Legislative Council. 
3/5/2010Report sent to Agency. 
Assembly Actions
Date / House Action Journal
8/31/2010 Asm.Report received from Agency1009
9/7/2010 Asm.Referred to committee on Health and Healthcare Reform1009
10/8/2010 Asm.No action taken 
Senate Actions
Date / House Action Journal
8/31/2010 Sen.Report received from Agency856
9/2/2010 Sen.Referred to committee on Health, Health Insurance, Privacy, Property Tax Relief, and Revenue856
10/2/2010 Sen.No action taken869
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