Conduct, rules, Ch. N 7
Examining councils, Ch. N 3
Health care provider loan assistance program, Ch. UWS 24
Home health agencies, Ch. DHS 133
Hospitals, nursing services, DHS 124.13
Licensure compact, Ch. N 9
Licensure, Ch. N 2
Malpractice insurance, N 4.10
Scope of practice, N 4.06, 4.07
Temporary permits, N 4.05
Nurse prescribers, certification and practice, Ch. N 8
Nursing homes, Ch. DHS 132
Practical nurses, standards of practice, Ch. N 6
Public health nurses:
Certification, Ch. DHS 139
Local health departments, services required, Ch. DHS 140
Registered nurse education stipend program, Ch. VA 18
Registered nurses, standards of practice, Ch. N 6
School nurses, license requirements, PI 34.060
Schools, approval, Ch. N 1
Student stipend loans:
Application process and loan forms, HEA 8.05
Deferred repayment, HEA 8.08
Eligibility, HEA 8.03
Loan forgiveness, HEA 8.06
Repayment terms, HEA 8.07
Terms, HEA 8.04
Temporary permits, N 2.30 to 2.36
nursing home administrator examining board NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATOR EXAMINING BOARD
Authority and definitions, Ch. NHA 1
Conduct, standards, Ch. NHA 5
Continuing education requirements, Ch. NHA 3
Examination, requirements, Ch. NHA 2
Licensure, Ch. NHA 4
nursing homes NURSING HOMES
Administrator, licensing requirements, standards of conduct, Chs. NHA 1 to 5
Admissions, retentions and removals, DHS 132.51 to 132.54
Assessment for occupied beds for mentally retarded, Ch. DHS 15
Capital expenditures review, Ch. DHS 122
Developmentally disabled, facilities for, Ch. DHS 134
Enforcement, DHS 132.21
Forfeiture appeals, procedure, Ch. HA 1
General, DHS 132.11 to 132.15
Illumination, see Electric
Insurance policies, standards for issuance, Ins 3.455, 3.46
Life safety, design and construction, DHS 132.81 to 132.84
Management, DHS 132.41 to 132.46
Pharmaceutical services, Ch. Phar 9
Physical environment, DHS 132.71, 132.72
Quality assurance and improvement projects, DHS 132.16
Residents' rights and protections, DHS 132.31 to 132.33
Services, DHS 132.60 to 132.70
occupational therapists credentialing board OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS CREDENTIALING BOARD
Biennial registration, Ch. OT 3
Definitions, Ch. OT 1
Licensure of therapists and therapy assistants, Ch. OT 2
Practice and supervision, Ch. OT 4
Unprofessional conduct, Ch. OT 5
office buildings OFFICE BUILDINGS
old_age assistance OLD-AGE ASSISTANCE
old buildings OLD BUILDINGS
one and 2_family dwellings ONE AND 2-FAMILY DWELLINGS
optometry examining board OPTOMETRY EXAMINING BOARD
Certificate of registration, Ch. Opt 7
Continuing education, Ch. Opt 8
Definitions, Ch. Opt 1
Licesnsure, Opt 3
Pharmaceutical agents, use of, Ch. SPS 10
Practice of optometry, Ch. Opt 1
Reciprocity, application, Ch. Opt 4
Superficial foreign bodies, removal from eye, certification, Ch. Opt 6
Therapeutic pharmaceutical agents, use of, certification, Ch. Opt 6
Unprofessional Conduct, Ch. Opt 5
osteopathy OSTEOPATHY
License to practice medicine and surgery, Ch. Med 1
parking structures PARKING STRUCTURES
parks PARKS
State fair park, Chs. SFP 1 to 7
State parks:
Aircraft, launching prohibited, NR 45.05
Beaches, conduct prohibited, NR 45.08