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Nonprofit conservation organization, NR 51.01 to 51.09
State trails, NR 51.70 to 51.75
Stream bank easements, NR 51.60 to 51.66
Urban green space, NR 51.920 to 51.927
Urban rivers grant program, NR 51.930 to 51.935
storage tanks STORAGE TANKS
Flammable, combustible and hazardous liquids, Ch. ATCP 93
stoves, boilers, furnaces STOVES, BOILERS, FURNACES
street trades STREET TRADES
Fees, DWD 271.02
Higher standards applicable, DWD 271.05
Hours of work, DWD 271.04
Identification, DWD 271.01
Meal periods, DWD 271.03
subdivision plats abutting state trunk highways and connecting streets SUBDIVISION PLATS ABUTTING STATE TRUNK HIGHWAYS AND CONNECTING STREETS
See Highways
substance abuse professionals SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROFESSIONALS
Renewal requirements, Ch. SPS 165
Unprofessional conduct, Ch. SPS 164
surveyors SURVEYORS
Property surveys, minimum standards:
Boundary location, A-E 7.03
Descriptions, A-E 7.04
Maps, A-E 7.05
Measurements, A-E 7.06
Monuments, A-E 7.07
Surveying reference station system user fees, Ch. Trans 58
swimming pools and water attractions, public SWIMMING POOLS AND WATER ATTRACTIONS, PUBLIC
Design and construction, Ch. SPS 390
Plan review fees, SPS 302.68
Safety, maintenance and operation, Ch. ATCP 76
swine SWINE
See also Agriculture
Diseases, ATCP 10.25 to 10.32
Livestock, markets, dealers and truckers, Ch. ATCP 12
taverns TAVERNS
tax appeals commission TAX APPEALS COMMISSION
Procedure before the commission, Ch. TA 1
taxation TAXATION
Agricultural land, determination of value and equalized value, Ch. Tax 18
Apportionment of interstate income, Tax 2.46 to 2.505
Armed forces, refunds on sale of beer, Tax 7.11
Assessment districts, Tax 1.01
Audit adjustments and amended returns, notice by taxpayer, Tax 2.105
Aviation fuel taxation, Ch. Tax 4
Beer tax, Tax 7.01 to 7.23
Beverage taxation, Chs. Tax 7, 8
Brewers, bottlers and wholesalers activities and sponsored events, Tax 7.23
Cigarette sales to and by Indians, Tax 9.08
Cigarette taxation, Ch. Tax 9
Corporate, apportionment method, Tax 2.39
Deceased employee, withholding wages from, Tax 2.93
Delinquent interest rate, reduction of, Tax 2.87, 2.935
Earned income tax credit, Tax 2.07
Enforcement discretion, small business, Tax 1.15
Examination of returns, requirements, Tax 1.11
Expenditure restraint payments, Ch. Tax 19
Federal income tax, regulations, when binding on persons other than corporations, Tax 1.06
Federal returns, documents, to be filed with Wisconsin returns, Tax 2.10
Fermented malt beverages, Tax 7.01 to 7.23
Financial record matching program, Tax 1.16
Forest tax program, NR 46
Fuson machine and stamps, Tax 9.19
General administration, Ch. Tax 1
Homestead credit:
Administrative provisions, Tax 14.01
Household income, Tax 14.03
Marriage, separation or divorce during claim year, Tax 14.06
Property taxes, accrued, Tax 14.04
Qualification for credit, Tax 14.02
Rent constituting property taxes accrued, Tax 14.05
Income taxation, Chs. Tax 2, 3
Bank requirement for withholding tax deposit reports, Tax 1.10
Economic development surcharge, Tax 2.32
Federal income tax regulations, application for persons other than corporations, Tax 1.06
Federal returns, documents to be filed with Wisconsin returns, Tax 2.10
Fiscal year taxpayers, Tax 2.91
Gross receipts, defined, Tax 2.32
Information returns and wage statements, Tax 2.04
Interest rates, Tax 2.88
Investment and local impact fund, Ch. Tax 13
Metalliferous minerals, extraction taxation, Ch. Tax 13
Multistate operations, determination of income, Tax 2.39 to 2.505
Redetermination procedure, Tax 1.14