Chimneys and vents, SPS 323.11 to 323.156
Delivery systems, SPS 323.07 to 323.10
Design, SPS 323.02
Electrical standards, SPS 324.01
Equipment locations and operations, SPS 323.17, 323.18
Fuel supply systems, SPS 323.16
Heating equipment, SPS 323.03 to 323.065
Scope, SPS 323.01
Home inspectors, registration and practice, Chs. SPS 131
Light and ventilation, SPS 321.05
Manufactured homes, SPS 321.40
Plumbing and potable water standards; scope, SPS 325.01
Smoke detectors, SPS 321.09, Ch. SPS 328
university of wisconsin system UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM
Academic misconduct, student; disciplinary procedure, Ch. UWS 14
Academic staff:
Appointments, Ch. UWS 10
Code of ethics, unclassified staff, Ch. UWS 8
Complaints and grievance, Ch. UWS 13
Coverage and delegation, Ch. UWS 9
Dismissal for cause, Ch. UWS 11
Layoff for budget or program reasons, Ch. UWS 12
Appointments, limited and other, Chs. UWS 15, 16
Conduct on university lands, Ch. UWS 18
Faculty, dismissal in special cases, Ch. UWS 7
Faculty rules, Chs. UWS 1 to 7
Loan assistance program
Dentist and physician, Ch. UWS 23
Health care provider, Ch. UWS 24
Religious beliefs, accommodation, Ch. UWS 22
Sick leave, Ch. UWS 19
Student non-academic disciplinary procedure, Ch. UWS 17
Tuition, nonresident, determination procedures and appeals, Ch. UWS 20
University facilities, use, Ch. UWS 21
utilities UTILITIES
vaccination VACCINATION
See also Health Services
Mandatory, schools and day care centers, Ch. DHS 144
Vaccine, preventable diseases, Ch. DHS 146
vegetables VEGETABLES
Canning factories, Ch. ATCP 70
Seeds, see Agriculture
vending machines VENDING MACHINES
Cigarettes, Tax 9.41
Foods and beverages, standards, ATCP 75.30 to 75.42
venereal disease VENEREAL DISEASE
ventilation VENTILATION
Existing buildings, SPS 377.15
veterans VETERANS
See also Veterans Affairs
Benefits, application for, VA 1.02
Disabled veteran-owned business certification program, Ch. Adm 82
Emergency grants, Ch. VA 2
Wisconsin Veterans Home, Ch. VA 6
veterans affairs VETERANS AFFAIRS
Application for benefits:
Appeal from decision upon application, VA 1.03
Applicant and income limitations, VA 1.12
Applicants, qualifying, VA 1.04
Discrimination prohibited, VA 1.13
False statement of applicant, VA 1.08
Records, information, release, VA 1.10
Reduced payments, return to service, VA 1.09
Requirements, VA 1.02
Cancellation of indebtedness on certain loans, VA 1.19
Cemeteries, veterans, Ch. VA 14
Consumer loan program, Ch. VA 12
Cooperation of department with other agencies, VA 1.05
County transportation services grants, Ch. VA 16
County veteran's service grants:
Application, VA 8.02
Budget, operational standards, VA 8.03
Eligibility, VA 8.02
Salary supplement, use of grant, VA 8.05
Definitions, VA 1.15
Educational assistance program for nurses employed at veterans homes, Ch. VA 18
Grants to veterans, employers and nonprofit organizations, Ch. VA 2
Grants to veterans organizations:
Administration, VA 7.05
Application, VA 7.04
Definitions, VA 7.01
Eligibility, VA 7.03
Limitations, VA 7.02
Lebanon withdrawal, VA 1.14
Military funeral honors program, Ch. VA 17