An order affecting ss. Accy 3.04, 3.05, 3.055, 3.09, 3.11 and 4.035, relating to examinations, educational and graduation requirements, and late renewal.
Effective 04-01-96.
Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (CR 95-112):
An order repealing and recreating ch. ATCP 136, relating to recovering, reclaiming, recycling and selling refrigerant used in mobile air conditioners or trailer refrigeration equipment.
Effective 03-01-96.
Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Geologists, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyors Examining Board (CR 95-136):
An order affecting ss. A-E 2.05, 3.05, 4.05, 4.06, 4.08, 5.04, 6.05, 9.05 and 10.05, relating to the examination review procedure, renewal of credentials, requirements for registration as a professional engineer and education as an experience equivalent for registration as a professional engineer.
Effective 04-01-96.
Development (CR 95-164):
An order repealing and recreating ch. DOD 13, relating to the volume cap on private activity bonds.
Effective 03-01-96.
Health & Social Services (CR 95-106):
An order repealing and recreating ch. HSS 343, relating to the conduct of youth on aftercare supervision following their release from youth correctional institutions, and revocation of a youth's aftercare for violation of a rule or special condition of aftercare.
Effective 03-01-96.
Health & Social Services (CR 95-155):
An order creating s. HSS 110.045, relating to the qualifications of medical directors of ambulance services that provide services beyond basic life support services.
Effective 03-01-96.
Industry, Labor & Human Relations (CR 94-132):
An order affecting chs. ILHR 2 and 13, relating to compressed natural gas.
Effective 04-01-96.
Insurance, Office of the Commissioner of (CR 94-24):
An order affecting ss. Ins 3.49, 4.10, 17.001, 18.05, 18.07, 18.12 & 18.15 and ch. Ins 5, relating to administrative procedures for contested cases under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and related boards.
Effective 04-01-96.
Insurance, Office of the Commissioner of (CR 95-154):
An order affecting s. Ins 3.25, relating to prima facie premium rates, basic loss ratios, guaranteed issue amounts of life insurance coverage, maximum age limitations and reporting of experience data connected with credit life and credit accident & sickness insurance.
Effective 04-01-96.
Insurance, Office of the Commissioner of (CR 95-175):
An order amending ss. Ins 6.57, 6.58 and 6.59, relating to the fees for listing insurance agents, fees for the renewal of corporation licenses and other licensing procedures.
Effective 03-01-96.
Natural Resources (CR 95-85):
An order affecting ch. NR 51, relating to the stewardship program.
Effective 03-01-96.
Natural Resources (CR 95-91):
An order creating s. NR 728.11, relating to actions taken by the Department to implement chs. NR 700 to 736.
Effective 03-01-96.
Pharmacy Examining Board (CR 95-135):
An order affecting ss. Phar 6.02, 8.05 and 13.02, relating:
1) To licensing outpatient hospital pharmacies;
2) To the time in which a controlled substance listed in schedule II must be dispensed; and
3) To exempting certain pharmacies from the distributor licensing requirements when selling prescription drugs to practitioners for office dispensing,
Effective 03-01-96.
Public Defender (CR 95-170):
An order creating ss. PD 6.01, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04 and 6.05, relating to the repayment of cost of legal representation.
Effective 03-01-96.
Public Defender (CR 95-171):
An order creating s. PD 3.039, relating to the redetermination of indigency during the course of representation.
Effective 03-01-96.
Transportation, Dept. of (CR 95-87):
An order affecting ch. Trans 140, relating to the security requirements for motor vehicle dealers and other licensees and the conditions under which financial statements may be required.
Effective 03-01-96.
P u b l i c N o t i c e
Public Notice
Health & Social Services
(Medical Assistance Reimbursement of Providers of Dental Services)
The State of Wisconsin reimburses providers for dental services provided to Medical Assistance recipients. This is done under the authority of Title XIX of the Federal Social Security Act and ss. 49.43 to 49.47, Wisconsin Statutes. This program, administered by the State's Department of Health and Social Services, is called Medical Assistance (MA) or Medicaid. Federal statutes and regulations require that a state plan be developed that provides the methods and standards for reimbursement of covered services. A plan that describes the reimbursement system for the services (methods and standards for reimbursement) is now in effect.
The Department may restore Medical Assistance coverage for removable and fixed prosthodontic services effective on or after March 1, 1996. The proposed change could be modified if necessary to reflect the final statutory language.
The estimated net effect of this change in payment on annual expenditures of the Wisconsin Medical Assistance Program is to increase spending by $3,230,000 all funds ($1,928,500 federal financial participation and $1,301,500 general purpose revenue) for state fiscal year 1995-1996 and by $4,371,200 all funds ($2,608,300 federal financial participation and $1,762,900 general purpose revenue) for state fiscal year 1996-1997.
Copies of the Proposed Changes
Copies of the proposed changes will be sent to every county social services or human services department main office where they will be available for public review. For more information, interested people may write to:
State Plan Coordinator
Bureau of Health Care Financing
Division of Health
P.O. Box 309
Madison, WI 53701-0309
Written Comments
Written comments on the proposed changes are welcome. Comments should be sent to the above address. Comments received on the changes will be available for public review between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily at:
Bureau of Health Care Financing
Room 250, State Office Building
One West Wilson Street
Madison, WI
The State of Wisconsin
Department of Administration
Document Sales Unit
P.O. Box 7840
Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7840 - See PDF for diagram PDF
First Class Mail - See PDF for diagram PDF
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