Statutory authority: Secs. 102.15 (1) and 102.32 (2) (a), Stats.
Statute interpreted by the rule: Sec. 102.32 (2) (a), Stats.
Hearing Information
January 19, 2001   Madison
Tuesday   GEF 1 Bldg. Room B-106
10 a.m.   201 E. Washington Avenue
Interested persons are invited to appear at the hearing and will be afforded the opportunity to make an oral presentation of their positions. Persons making oral presentations are requested to submit their facts, views, and suggested rewording in writing.
An accessible entrance to the building is available via a ramp from the corner of Washington Avenue and Webster Street to the Webster Street entrance. If you have special needs or circumstances that may make communication or accessibility difficult at the hearing, please call (608) 267-6704at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. Accommodations such as ASL interpreters, English translators, or materials in audiotape format will be made available on request to the fullest extent possible.
The current DWD rule provides that when there is a change in the name, ownership, or control of an insurance company the insurer must notify DWD and the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (WCRB) 90 days prior to the change. It also requires insurers to notify its insured employers by issuing a new policy.
The proposed rule changes the 90-day notice to DWD and WCRB to 30 days, consistent with the 30-day notice requirement that the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance applies to all insurers. It also eliminates the notice requirements for changes of ownership or control. The proposed rule authorizes insurers to notify insured employers of the name change by an endorsement to the existing policies rather than by canceling policies and reissuing new policies with the new name.
This updates a rule that has not kept pace with modern practice. Thirty days is sufficient notice. Notifying employers by endorsements to existing policies is easier, less expensive, and is the current insurance industry procedure. The ownership and control notices have been eliminated because neither the Department nor the WCRB does anything with that information, and because the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has similar notice requirements.
SECTION 1. DWD 80.67 is repealed and recreated to read:
DWD 80.67 Insurer Name Change. A worker's compensation insurer shall notify the department and the Wisconsin compensation rating bureau in writing 30 days before the effective date of a change in its name. The insurer shall comply with the name change requirements in its state of domicile and in the state of Wisconsin. On or before the effective date of an approved name change, the insurer shall notify each of its employers insured under ch. 102., Stats., that the insurer's name is changed. Insurers shall notify employers by an endorsement to the employer's existing policy that states the insurer's new name, or by any other means acceptable to the department. The insurer shall file a copy of the endorsement with the Wisconsin compensation rating bureau by personal service, facsimile or certified mail at the same time that it provides notice to the employer.
Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
The rule affects companies authorized by the Commissioner of Insurance to sell worker's compensation insurance to Wisconsin employers. The proposed rule relaxes current reporting procedures by offering an easier method to comply with notification requirements. The type of professional skills necessary for compliance with the rules are skills related to processing insurance documents.
Fiscal Impact
The proposed rule has no fiscal impact.
Contact Information
The proposed rules are available on the DWD web site at A paper copy may be obtained at no charge by contacting:
Richard D. Smith, Director
Bureau of Legal Services
Worker's Compensation Division
Dept. of Workforce Development
P.O. Box 7946
Madison, WI 53707-7946
Written Comments
Written comments on the proposed rules received at the above address no later than January 22, 2001, will be given the same consideration as testimony presented at the hearing.
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Natural Resources (CR 00-087)
An order affecting ch. NR 101 relating to the wastewater fee program.
Effective 2-1-01
Natural Resources (CR 00-089)
An order to repeal chs. NR 161, 162, and 163 and create ch. NR 162 relating to Clean Water Fund Program financial assistance.
Effective 3-1-01
Natural Resources (CR 00-090)
An order affecting chs. NR 700, 716, 720, 722, 726, and 746, relating to sites contaminated with petroleum products discharged from petroleum storage tanks.
Effective 2-1-01
Natural Resources (CR 00-093)
An order to create ch. NR 168 relating to the brownfield site assessment grant program administration.
Effective 2-1-01
Regulation and Licensing (CR 00-106)
An order affecting chs. RL 121, 125, and 126, relating to the regulation of auctioneers and auction companies.
Effective 2-1-01
Regulation and Licensing (CR 00-128)
An order affecting chs. RL 90, 91, and 92, relating to educational and examination requirements for massage therapists and bodyworkers.
Effective 2-1-01
Regulation and Licensing (CR 00-141)
An order affecting ch. RL 7, relating to standards for approved drug testing programs.
Effective 2-1-01
Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors (CR 00-054)
An order affecting ch. SFC 8, relating to continuing education programs.
Effective 2-1-01
rules_published Rules published with this Register
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Commerce (CR 99-123)
An order affecting chs. Comm 81, 82 and 84, relating to the state of Wisconsin's Uniform Plumbing Code.
Effective 1-1-01
Commerce (CR 00-86)
An order affecting ch. Comm 18, relating to inspection of elevators and other mechanical lifting devices.
Effective 1-1-01
Corrections (CR 97-13)
An order to repeal and recreate ch. DOC 303, relating to inmate conduct, inmate discipline, and procedures for the imposition of discipline.
Effective 1-1-01
Employee Trust Funds (CR 00-116)
An order affecting ch. ETF 10, relating to election procedures for the Employee Trust Funds Board.
Effective 1-1-01
Financial Institutions, Division of Securities
(CR 00-117)
An order affecting chs. DFI-Sec 2, 3, 4, and 5 relating to securities registration exemptions, and to securities broker-dealer, agent, investment adviser and investment adviser representative licensing procedures, record-keeping requirements, and rule of conduct provisions.
Effective 1-1-01
Health and Family Services (CR 00-95)
An order repealing and recreating ch. HFS 120, relating to the collection, analysis and dissemination of health care information.
Effective 1-1-01
Health and Family Services (CR 00-114)
An order affecting ch. HFS 119, relating to operation of the health insurance risk-sharing plan (HIRSP).
Effective 1-1-01
Natural Resources (CR 00-2)
An order affecting ss. NR 108.02 and 108.04 and chs. NR 114, 809, and 811, relating to plans and specifications submittals for reviewable projects, operator certification, safe drinking water, and operation and design of community water systems.
Effective 1-1-01
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