Submittal of proposed rules to the legislature
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Accounting Examining Board
(CR 02-052)
Ch. Accy 1, relating to the definition of “ownership interest" for the purpose of determining eligibility of firms for a license as a certified public accounting firm.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
(CR 01-124)
Ch. ATCP 80, relating to dairy plants and diary laboratories.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
(CR 01-125)
Ch. ATCP 60, relating to dairy farms.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
(CR 02-036)
Ch. ATCP 127, relating to telemarketing “no call" list.
Elections Board
(CR 02-082)
Ch. ElBd 6, relating to filing campaign finance reports in an electronic format.
Hearings and Appeals
(CR 02-024)
Ch. HA 1, relating to the procedure and practice for contested case hearings.
(CR 02-043)
Ch. Ins 8, relating to publication of health insurance rates for small employers.
Medical Examining Board
(CR 02-008)
Ch. Med 10, relating to defining failing to cooperate in a timely manner in an investigation as unprofessional conduct.
Medical Examining Board
(CR 02-055)
Ch. Med 10, relating to defining sexual contact with a patient as unprofessional conduct.
Public Service Commission
(CR 02-027)
Ch. PSC 113, relating to service rules for electric utilities.
(CR 02-079)
Ch. Trans 276, relating to allowing the operation of double bottoms and certain other vehicles on certain specified highways.
Workforce Development
(CR 02-088)
Ch. DWD 129, relating to extension of the time period allowed for filing an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits.
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