Submittal of proposed rules to the legislature
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Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Chs. ATCP 10 and 12, relating to animal disease and movement.
Ch. Comm 5, relating to licenses, certifications and registrations.
Ch. Comm 62, relating to automatic fire suppression systems for student housing serving colleges and universities.
Employee Trust Funds
Ch. ETF 10, relating to separate retirement system investments in the fixed and variable retirement investment trusts.
Health and Family Services
Ch. HFS 157, relating to protecting public health by regulating the sources and use of ionizing radiation and affecting small businesses.
Kickapoo Valley Reserve
Ch. KB 1, relating to management of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 10 and 19, relating to deer and turkey hunting, hunting and trapping techniques, permit and license issuance, dog training and learn-to-hunt programs.
Natural Resources
Ch. NR 20, relating to fishing on the inland, outlying and boundary waters of Wisconsin.
Natural Resources
Ch. NR 243, relating to animal feeding operations.
Natural Resources
Chs. NR 439, 460, 462 and 484, relating to national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for industrial, commercial and institutional, boilers and process heaters.
Ch. Trans 510, relating to the Transportation Facilities Economic Assistance and Development (TEA) Program.
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