Submittal of Proposed Rules to the Legislature
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Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
A rule-making order revising Chapters ATCP 42, 55 and 57, relating to meat and inedible animal by-products.
Fee Schedule, Ch. Comm 2
Licenses, Certifications and Registrations, Ch. Comm 5
Revises Chapters Comm 2 and 5, relating to program revenue fees.
Elevators, Escalators and Lift Devices, Ch. Comm 18
Revises Chapters Comm 5, 18 and 21, relating to the conveyance safety code.
Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Ch. Comm 41
Mechanical Refrigeration, Ch. Comm 45
Revises Chapters Comm 41 and 45, relating to boilers and pressure vessels and mechanical refrigeration.
Health Services
(Formerly Health and Family Services)
Community Services, Chs. HFS 30
Medical Assistance, Chs. HFS 100
Revises Chapters HFS 35, 61, 105 and 107, relating to outpatient mental health clinics.
Public Instruction
Creates Chapter PI 16, relating to four-year-old kindergarten grants.
Regulation and Licensing
Revises section RL 16.06 (1), relating to the use of approved forms for the practice of real estate.
Revises section Trans 250.04, relating to internet and telephone call-in fees.
Veterinary Examining Board
Revises sections VE 1.02, 7.01, 7.06 and 10.03, relating to continuing education, informed consent and recordkeeping.
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