Submittal of Proposed Rules to the Legislature
Please check the Bulletin of Proceedings — Administrative Rules for further information on a particular rule.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
A rule-making order to revise Chapter ATCP 1, relating to administrative orders and contested cases.
Employment Relations Commission
A rule-making order to revise Chapters ERC 1 to 12, 14, 17, 19 to 28, 30 to 33, 40 and 50, and to create Chapters ERC 29 and 60 to 68, relating to the administration of collective bargaining laws.
Public Defender Board
A rule-making order to create Chapter PD 8, relating to payments for copies of discovery material provided to staff and private attorneys appointed to represent state public defender clients in legal proceedings.
A rule-making order to create section Tax 1.17, relating to the ambulatory surgical center assessment.
Workforce Development
Labor Standards, Chs. DWD 270-279
A rule-making order to create Chapter DWD 273, relating to traveling sales crews.
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