Submittal of Proposed Rules to the Legislature
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Children and Families
Safety and Permanence, Chs. DCF 37-59
A rule-making order to create Chapter DCF 35, relating to home visitation to prevent child abuse and neglect.
Employee Trust Funds
A rule-making order to revise Chapters ETF 10, 20, and 40, relating to domestic partner benefits and the expansion of health insurance coverage to adult dependents up to the age of 27 years.
Government Accountability Board
A rule-making order to revise section GAB 1.28, relating to the definition of the term “political purpose."
Health Services
Health, Chs. DHS 110
A rule-making order to revise Chapter DHS 195, relating to carbon monoxide detectors in hotels, motels, tourist rooming houses, and bed and breakfast establishments.
A rule-making order to revise section Ins 2.81, relating to use of the 2001 CSO Preferred Class Structure Mortality Table in determining reserve liabilities.
Natural Resources
Environmental Protection — Water Supply,
Chs. NR 800
(DNR # DG-19-09)
A rule-making order to revise Chapters NR 809 and 811, and to create Chapter NR 810, relating to the public drinking water system and the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
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