Submittal of Proposed Rules to the Legislature
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Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Revises Chapter ATCP 60, relating to somatic cell standards for dairy goat milk.
Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board
Revises Chapter BC 7, relating to examinations for barbers and cosmetologists, aestheticians, electrologists, manicurists, and managers.
Plumbing, Chs. Comm 81 to 87
Revises Chapters Comm 5, 18 and 81 to 84, relating to the Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing Code.
Revises sections Ins 17.01 (3) and 17.28 (6), relating to fiscal year 2011 fund fees and mediation panel fees.
Public Instruction
Amends section PI 34.31 (2) and creates section 34.01 (52m), relating to school nurse certification.
Public Instruction
Creates Chapter PI 45, relating to the use of race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names by school boards.
Public Instruction
Creates Chapter PI 43, relating to education reform.
Creates Chapter Trans 123, relating to registration of off-road (non-standard) vehicles.
Revises Chapter Trans 100, relating to safety responsibility, damage judgment, and mandatory insurance laws.
Workforce Development
Apprenticeship, Chs. DWD 295 to 296
Revises Chapter DWD 295, relating to apprenticeship.
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