6. Summary of and comparison with, existing or proposed federal regulations.
Not applicable.
7. Comparison with rules in adjacent states:
Not applicable.
8. Summary of factual data and analytical methodologies:
Not applicable.
9. Analysis and supporting documents used to determine effect on small business or in preparation of economic impact report:
Not applicable.
10. Fiscal Estimate:
See attached, but no expected fiscal impact.
11. Effect on small business: The proposed rule changes will have no impact upon small businesses.
12. Agency contact person:
Paul Ostrowski
Division of Personnel Management
Department of Administration
101 E. Wilson Street, 4th Floor
Madison, WI 53702
(608) 267-0343
SECTION 1: Section ER 10.01 is amended to read:
ER 10.01 Definition and categories of limited term appointments. The total time worked in any one position by an individual limited term employee shall not exceed 1043 1039 hours of employment during a block of time which consists of 26 consecutive biweekly payroll periods and which ends on the anniversary date of the appointment. The maximum time durations for provisional appointments are provided under s. 230.26 (2), Stats.
SECTION 2: Section ER 18.02(3)(c) 1. to read:
1. Full−time, full−year employment employees in nonexempt status under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 USC 201 to 219. Annual leave shall be based upon accumulated continuous state service and earned at the rate for each year as shown in the following table:
Years of Service Hours Earned Each Year
During First 5 80 104
5+ to 10 120 144
10+ to 15 136 160
15+ to 20 160 184
20+ to 25 176 200
25 & Over 200 216
SECTION 3: Section ER 18.02(4)(d) is amended to read:
(d) The amount of annual leave earned by an employee during a calendar year is based on the employee’s hours in pay status up to a maximum of 80 hours per biweekly pay period. Annual leave is not earned during overtime work hours. Hourly annual leave amounts earned for each hour in pay status can be computed by using the following:
80 hr. rate .038314 per hour
104 hr. rate .050000 per hour
120 hr. rate .057471 .057692 per hour
136 hr. rate .065134 .065385 per hour
144 hr. rate .069231 per hour
160 hr. rate .076628 .076923 per hour
176 hr. rate .084291 .084615 per hour
184 hr. rate .088462 per hour
200 hr. rate .095785 .096154 per hour
216 hr. rate .103448 .103846 per hour
SECTION 4: Section ER 18.02(5)(c) is amended to read:
(c) The number of hours available for use under pars. (a) and (b) shall be prorated at the pertinent annual leave rate or rates for employees who work less than 2088 2080 hours during the calendar year.
SECTION 2: EFFECTIVE DATE. The rules contained in this order shall take effect as emergency rules upon publication in the official state newspaper as provided in s. 227.24(1)(c), Stats.
By: ________________________________   Date:________________________________
Scott Neitzel, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Administration
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