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Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
This rule primarily pertains to biological assessments of surface waters. The department expects this rule package to have minimal economic impacts, for two main reasons:
This rule largely documents protocols and procedures already used by the department for standard assessments. These types of assessments are common amongst states. Because it largely reflects the status-quo, additional costs are not anticipated.
Biological metrics do not typically have direct impacts on the regulated community. Rather, they help the department determine what types of stressors may be affecting biological communities, and whether restoration actions may be needed to mitigate those stressors. In the rare case where the biological community is impaired due to a pollutant that is present at low enough levels that the pollutant is not exceeding its criterion, the department would need to go through the process of developing a more stringent site-specific criterion for that pollutant before permit limits might be affected.
It is not expected that there will be a significant impact to small businesses.
Agency Small Business Regulatory Coordinator:
Daniela Branco, (608) 266-7524
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