Statement of Scope
Chiropractic Examining Board
Rule No.:
Chapter Chir 3
Relating to:
Reciprocal credentials for service members, former service members, and their spouses
Rule Type:
1. Finding/nature of emergency (Emergency Rule only):
2. Detailed description of the objective of the proposed rule:
The objective of the rule is to implement 2019 Wisconsin Act 143.
3. Description of the existing policies relevant to the rule, new policies proposed to be included in the rule, and an analysis of policy alternatives:
2019 Wisconsin Act 143 entitles service members, former service members who were discharged within the prior four years under conditions other than dishonorable, and spouses of service members or former service members to obtain a credential if the person resides in Wisconsin and is in good standing with the governmental authorities in every jurisdiction outside Wisconsin that have granted the individual a credential that qualifies the individual to perform acts authorized under the appropriate credential granted by the department or credentialing board. The license may be renewed indefinitely.
This proposed rule will update ch. Chir 3 to implement 2019 Wisconsin Act 143.
4. Detailed explanation of statutory authority for the rule (including the statutory citation and language):
Section 15.08 (5) (b), Stats., provides that an examining board “[s]hall promulgate rules for its own guidance and for the guidance of the trade or profession to which it pertains, and define and enforce professional conduct and unethical practices not inconsistent with the law relating to the particular trade or profession.”
Section 440.09(5), Stats., provides that “[t]he department or credentialing board, as appropriate, may promulgate rules necessary to implement this section.
5. Estimate of amount of time that state employees will spend developing the rule and of other resources necessary to develop the rule:
60 hours
6. List with description of all entities that may be affected by the proposed rule:
Service members, former service members, and spouses of service members or former service members applying for a license to practice chiropractic.
7. Summary and preliminary comparison with any existing or proposed federal regulation that is intended to address the activities to be regulated by the proposed rule:
There is no existing or proposed federal regulation that addresses chiropractic licensure.
8. Anticipated economic impact of implementing the rule (note if the rule is likely to have a significant economic impact on small businesses):
The proposed rule is likely to have minimal or no economic impact on small businesses and the state’s economy as a whole.
Contact Person: Dale Kleven, (608) 261-4472,
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