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DWD 60 Supervised business enterprises operated by blind persons (PDF: PDF)
DWD 65 Order of selection for vocational rehabilitation services (PDF: PDF)
DWD 68 Confidential information (PDF: PDF)
DWD 75 Appeal procedures (PDF: PDF)
Worker's Compensation
DWD 80 Worker's compensation (PDF: PDF)
DWD 81 Worker's compensation treatment guidelines (PDF: PDF)
DWD 82 Mining damage claims (PDF: PDF)
Unemployment Insurance
(Chs. DWD 100—150)
DWD 100 Definitions (PDF: PDF)
DWD 101 Wages for contribution purposes (PDF: PDF)
DWD 102 Contribution rates (PDF: PDF)
DWD 103 Excluded employments (PDF: PDF)
DWD 105 Relationship of carriers and contract operators (PDF: PDF)
DWD 107 Employment relationships in the logging industry (PDF: PDF)
DWD 110 Coverage and related records and reports (PDF: PDF)
DWD 111 Quarterly wage reporting procedures (PDF: PDF)
DWD 113 Settlement of disputes and compromise of liabilities (PDF: PDF)
DWD 115 Business transfers (PDF: PDF)
DWD 120 Notices as to benefits (PDF: PDF)
DWD 123 Benefit reports filed by employers (PDF: PDF)
DWD 126 Work registration (PDF: PDF)
DWD 127 Work search (PDF: PDF)
DWD 128 Ability to work and availability for work (PDF: PDF)
DWD 129 Benefit claiming procedures (PDF: PDF)
DWD 130 Wages for benefit purposes (PDF: PDF)
DWD 132 Determining eligibility for benefits (PDF: PDF)
DWD 133 Temporary help employers (PDF: PDF)
DWD 135 Waiver of recovery of TRA and other TAA overpayments (PDF: PDF)
DWD 136 Wages exempt from levy (PDF: PDF)
DWD 140 Unemployment insurance appeals (PDF: PDF)
DWD 142 State directory of new hires (PDF: PDF)
DWD 147 Seasonal agricultural employers (PDF: PDF)
DWD 149 Disclosure of unemployment insurance records (PDF: PDF)
DWD 150 Miscellaneous (PDF: PDF)
Civil Rights
DWD 218 Fair employment (PDF: PDF)
DWD 220 Fair housing (PDF: PDF)
DWD 221 Public accommodations (PDF: PDF)
DWD 223 Public employee safety and health (PDF: PDF)
DWD 224 Whistleblower protection (PDF: PDF)
DWD 225 Family and medical leave (PDF: PDF)
Labor Standards
(Chs. DWD 270 to 279)
DWD 270 Child labor (PDF: PDF)
DWD 271 Street trades (PDF: PDF)
DWD 272 Minimum wages (PDF: PDF)
DWD 273 Traveling sales crews (PDF: PDF)
DWD 274 Hours of work and overtime (PDF: PDF)
DWD 275 One day of rest in seven (PDF: PDF)
DWD 277 Private employment agents required to be licensed under ch. 105, Stats. (PDF: PDF)
DWD 279 Business closing and mass layoff (PDF: PDF)
Public Works Construction Contracts
DWD 290 Contracts for construction of public works (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
DWD 293 Payment and performance assurance requirements (PDF: PDF)
DWD 294 Debarment of public works contractors (PDF: PDF)
DWD 295 Apprenticeship (PDF: PDF)
DWD 296 Federal equal opportunity standards for apprenticeship programs (PDF: PDF)
DWD 301 Migrant labor (PDF: PDF)
Fees For General Aptitude Test Battery Services
DWD 310 Fees for general aptitude test battery services (PDF: PDF)
Employment and Training
DWD 805 Allowable cost under the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982 (PDF: PDF)
DWD 811 Performance-based contracting (PDF: PDF)
DWD 816 Dislocated worker program (PDF: PDF)
DWD 820 Employment and training assistance for dislocated workers (PDF: PDF)
DWD 830 Wisconsin job opportunity business subsidy program (WisJOBS) (PDF: PDF)