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Fish, Game and Enforcement, Forestry and Recreation
NR 1 Natural resources board policies (PDF: PDF)
NR 2 Procedure and practice (PDF: PDF)
NR 5 Boat regulations and registration (PDF: PDF)
NR 6 Snowmobile standards certification and snowmobile rail crossings (PDF: PDF)
NR 7 Recreational boating facilities program (PDF: PDF)
NR 8 License and permit procedures (PDF: PDF)
NR 10 Game and hunting (PDF: PDF)
NR 11 Closed areas (PDF: PDF)
NR 12 Wildlife damage and nuisance control (PDF: PDF)
NR 13 Chippewa treaty rights participants (PDF: PDF)
NR 15 Game refuges (PDF: PDF)
NR 16 Captive wildlife (PDF: PDF)
NR 17 Dog trials and training (PDF: PDF)
NR 18 Falconry (PDF: PDF)
NR 19 Miscellaneous fur, fish, game and outdoor recreation (PDF: PDF)
NR 20 Fishing: inland waters; outlying waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 21 WisconsinMinnesota boundary waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 22 WisconsinIowa boundary waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 23 WisconsinMichigan boundary waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 24 Clams (PDF: PDF)
NR 25 Commercial fishingoutlying waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 26 Fish refuges (PDF: PDF)
NR 27 Endangered and threatened species (PDF: PDF)
NR 28 Wild plants (PDF: PDF)
NR 29 Endangered resources information fees (PDF: PDF)
NR 30 Forest fire control (PDF: PDF)
NR 35 Zones for infestation of forest pests (PDF: PDF)
NR 37 Lower Wisconsin state riverway aesthetic management specifications for cutting and harvest of timber (PDF: PDF)
NR 40 Invasive species identification, classification and control (PDF: PDF)
NR 44 Master planning for department properties (PDF: PDF)
NR 45 Use of department properties (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A (PDF: PDF)
NR 46 Forest tax program (PDF: PDF)
NR 47 Forestry grant and state aid administration (PDF: PDF)
NR 48 County forest withdrawal (PDF: PDF)
NR 50 Administration of outdoor recreation program grants and state aids (PDF: PDF)
NR 51 Administration of stewardship grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 52 Stewardship land access (PDF: PDF)
NR 55 Administration of federal payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) (PDF: PDF)
NR 58 Endangered resources grant programs (PDF: PDF)
NR 60 Public inland lake protection and rehabilitation (PDF: PDF)
NR 64 All-terrain vehicles (PDF: PDF)
NR 65 Administration of motorcycle recreation program (MRP) (PDF: PDF)
NR 80 Use of pesticides on land and water areas of the state of Wisconsin (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection — General
NR 100 Environmental protection (PDF: PDF)
NR 101 Reports and fees for wastewater discharges (PDF: PDF)
NR 102 Water quality standards for Wisconsin surface waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 103 Water quality standards for wetlands (PDF: PDF)
NR 104 Uses and designated standards and secondary values (PDF: PDF)
NR 105 Surface water quality criteria for toxic substances (PDF: PDF)
NR 106 Procedures for calculating water quality based effluent limitations for point source discharges to surface waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 107 Aquatic plant management (PDF: PDF)
NR 108 Requirements for plans and specifications submittal for reviewable projects and operations of community water systems, sewerage systems and industrial wastewater facilities (PDF: PDF)
NR 109 Aquatic plants: introduction, manual removal and mechanical control regulations (PDF: PDF)
NR 110 Sewerage systems (PDF: PDF)
NR 113 Servicing septic or holding tanks, pumping chambers, grease interceptors, seepage beds, seepage pits, seepage trenches, privies, or portable restrooms (PDF: PDF)
NR 114 Certification requirements for waterworks and wastewater treatment plant and septage servicing operators (PDF: PDF)
NR 115 Wisconsin's shoreland protection program (PDF: PDF)
NR 116 Wisconsin's floodplain management program (PDF: PDF)
NR 117 Wisconsin's city and village shoreland-wetland protection program (PDF: PDF)
NR 118 Standards for the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway (PDF: PDF)
NR 120 Nonpoint source pollution abatement program (PDF: PDF)
NR 121 Areawide water quality management plans (PDF: PDF)
NR 122 Nitrate removal (PDF: PDF)
NR 123 Well compensation program (PDF: PDF)
NR 125 State grants for water pollution control facilities (PDF: PDF)
NR 126 State grants for water pollution control facilities (PDF: PDF)
NR 128 Point source pollution abatement grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 129 Floodplain and shoreland mapping grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 130 Metallic mineral exploration (PDF: PDF)
NR 131 Metallic mineral prospecting (PDF: PDF)
NR 132 Metallic mineral mining (PDF: PDF)
NR 133 Radioactive waste site exploration (PDF: PDF)
NR 134 Oil and gas exploration (PDF: PDF)
NR 135 Nonmetallic mining reclamation (PDF: PDF)
NR 140 Groundwater quality (PDF: PDF)
NR 141 Groundwater monitoring well requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 142 Wisconsin water management and conservation (PDF: PDF)
NR 146 Well driller and pump installer registration (PDF: PDF)
NR 149 Laboratory certification and registration (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Analytical technologies, analytes, and analyte groups for certification and registration in the aqueous and solid matrices (PDF: PDF)
Appendix II - Methods, analytes, and analyte groups for certification in the drinking water matrix (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - List of authoritative sources (PDF: PDF)
NR 150 Environmental analysis and review procedures (PDF: PDF)
NR 151 Runoff management (PDF: PDF)
NR 152 Model ordinances for construction site erosion control and post-construction storm water management (PDF: PDF)
Appendix A - Model construction site erosion control zoning ordinance (PDF: PDF)
Appendix B - Model post-construction storm water management zoning ordinance (PDF: PDF)
NR 153 Targeted runoff management and notice of discharge grant programs (PDF: PDF)
NR 154 Best management practices and cost share conditions (PDF: PDF)
NR 155 Urban nonpoint source water pollution abatement and storm water management grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 157 Management of PCBs and products containing PCBs (PDF: PDF)
NR 162 Clean water fund program (PDF: PDF)
NR 166 Safe drinking water loan program (PDF: PDF)
NR 167 Land recycling loan program (PDF: PDF)
NR 168 Brownfield site assessment grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 169 Dry cleaner environmental response program (PDF: PDF)
NR 172 Stage 2 vapor recovery grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 173 Brownfield green space and public facilities grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 182 Metallic mining wastes (PDF: PDF)
NR 185 Solid waste management planning criteria (PDF: PDF)
NR 186 Solid waste management grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 187 Household hazardous waste grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 190 Lake management planning grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 191 Lake protection and classification grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 192 Lake monitoring contracts and citizen lake monitoring network (PDF: PDF)
NR 195 River protection grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 198 Aquatic invasive species prevention and control grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 199 Municipal flood control grants (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection —
Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NR 200 Application for discharge permits (PDF: PDF)
NR 201 Fact sheet for proposed permits Wisconsin pollutant discharge elimination system (PDF: PDF)
NR 202 Wisconsin pollutant discharge elimination system report of industrial waste contribution to municipal or domestic treatment systems (PDF: PDF)
NR 203 Wisconsin pollutant discharge elimination system public participation procedures (PDF: PDF)
NR 204 Domestic sewage sludge management (PDF: PDF)
NR 205 General provisions (PDF: PDF)
NR 206 Land disposal of municipal and domestic wastewaters (PDF: PDF)
NR 207 Water quality antidegradation (PDF: PDF)
NR 208 Compliance maintenance (PDF: PDF)
NR 210 Sewage treatment works (PDF: PDF)
NR 211 General pretreatment requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 212 Waste load allocated water quality related effluent limitations (PDF: PDF)
NR 213 Lining of industrial lagoons and design of storage structures (PDF: PDF)
NR 214 Land treatment of industrial liquid wastes, by-product solids and sludges (PDF: PDF)
NR 215 List of toxic pollutants (PDF: PDF)
NR 216 Storm water discharge permits (PDF: PDF)
NR 217 Effluent standards and limitations for phosphorus (PDF: PDF)
NR 218 Method and manner of sampling (PDF: PDF)
NR 219 Analytical test methods and procedures (PDF: PDF)
NR 220 Categories and classes of point sources and effluent limitations (PDF: PDF)
NR 221 Asbestos manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 225 Canned and preserved fruits and vegetables (PDF: PDF)
NR 228 Cement manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 230 Inorganic chemicals manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 231 Explosives manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 233 Pesticide chemicals (PDF: PDF)
NR 235 Organic chemical manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 236 Gum and wood chemicals manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 237 Pharmaceutical manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 239 Carbon black manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 240 Dairy products processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 243 Animal feeding operations (PDF: PDF)
NR 245 Grain mills (PDF: PDF)
NR 247 Glass manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 250 Hospital (PDF: PDF)
NR 252 Leather tanning and finishing (PDF: PDF)
NR 253 Copper forming (PDF: PDF)
NR 254 Iron and steel manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 255 Battery manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 256 Metal molding and casting (PDF: PDF)
NR 257 Aluminum forming (PDF: PDF)
NR 258 Meat products (PDF: PDF)
NR 260 Electroplating (PDF: PDF)
NR 261 Metal finishing (PDF: PDF)
NR 262 Porcelain enameling (PDF: PDF)
NR 263 Coil coating (PDF: PDF)
NR 264 Electrical and electronic components (PDF: PDF)
NR 268 Coal mining (PDF: PDF)
NR 269 Stone, gravel and sand segment of mineral mining and processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 270 Ore mining and dressing (PDF: PDF)
NR 273 Nonferrous metals forming and metal powders (PDF: PDF)
NR 274 Nonferrous metals manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 275 Paving and roofing materials (PDF: PDF)
NR 276 Phosphate manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 277 Photographic processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 279 Petroleum refining (PDF: PDF)
NR 280 Plastics and synthetics (PDF: PDF)
NR 281 Paint and ink formulation (PDF: PDF)
NR 283 Plastics molding and forming (PDF: PDF)
NR 284 Pulp and paper manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 286 Rubber processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 290 Steam electric power generating (PDF: PDF)
NR 294 Soap and detergent manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 295 Sugar processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 296 Textile industry (PDF: PDF)
NR 297 Timber products processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 299 Water quality certification (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection—Water Regulation
NR 300 Time limits and fees for waterway and wetland permit decisions (PDF: PDF)
NR 301 Relationship of water regulation enforcement and permit proceedings (PDF: PDF)
NR 302 Management of Wisconsin's wild rivers (PDF: PDF)
NR 305 Time limits for water regulation decisions (PDF: PDF)
NR 310 Procedures for exemptions, general permits, individual permits, notices, hearings, and administrative review (PDF: PDF)
NR 320 Bridges and culverts in or over navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 323 Fish and wildlife habitat structures in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 324 Fishing rafts in navigable waters (PDF: PDF)
NR 325 Maintenance, repair and removal procedures for boathouses and fixed houseboats on navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 326 Piers, boat shelters and swim rafts in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 327 Barge fleeting in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 328 Shore erosion control structures in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 329 Miscellaneous structures in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 330 Warning signs and portages for dams (PDF: PDF)
NR 333 Dam design and construction (PDF: PDF)
NR 335 Municipal dam grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 336 Dam removal grant program (PDF: PDF)
NR 340 Nonmetallic mining and reclamation associated with navigable waterways and adjacent areas (PDF: PDF)
NR 341 Grading on the bank of navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 343 Ponds and artificial waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 345 Dredging in navigable waterways (PDF: PDF)
NR 346 Dredging contract fees (PDF: PDF)
NR 347 Sediment sampling and analysis, monitoring protocol and disposal criteria for dredging projects (PDF: PDF)
NR 350 Wetland compensatory mitigation (PDF: PDF)
NR 351 Exemptions from water quality certification in nonfederal wetlands (PDF: PDF)
NR 352 Delineation of nonfederal wetlands. (PDF: PDF)
NR 353 Wetland conservation activities (PDF: PDF)
Air Pollution Control
NR 400 Air pollution control definitions (PDF: PDF)
NR 401 Nonattainment areas (PDF: PDF)
NR 403 Local air pollution control programs (PDF: PDF)
NR 404 Ambient air quality (PDF: PDF)
NR 405 Prevention of significant deterioration (PDF: PDF)
NR 406 Construction permits (PDF: PDF)
NR 407 Operation permits (PDF: PDF)
NR 408 Construction permits for direct major sources in nonattainment areas (PDF: PDF)
NR 409 Acid rain portion of operation permits (PDF: PDF)
NR 410 Air permit, emission and inspection fees (PDF: PDF)
NR 415 Control of particulate emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 417 Control of sulfur emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 418 Sulfur emission control in specific geographic areas (PDF: PDF)
NR 419 Control of organic compound emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 420 Control of organic compound emissions from petroleum and gasoline sources (PDF: PDF)
NR 421 Control of organic compound emissions from chemical, coatings and rubber products manufacturing (PDF: PDF)
NR 422 Control of organic compound emissions from surface coating, printing and asphalt surfacing operations (PDF: PDF)
NR 423 Control of organic compound emissions from solvent cleaning operations (PDF: PDF)
NR 424 Control of organic compound emissions from process lines (PDF: PDF)
NR 425 Compliance schedules, delays, exceptions and internal offsets for organic compound emission sources in chs. NR 419 to 424 (PDF: PDF)
NR 426 Control of carbon monoxide emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 427 Control of lead emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 428 Control of nitrogen compound emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 429 Malodorous emissions and open burning (PDF: PDF)
NR 431 Control of visible emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 432 Allocation of clean air interstate rule NOx allowances. (PDF: PDF)
NR 433 Protection of visibility by application of best available retrofit technology. (PDF: PDF)
NR 436 Emission prohibition, exceptions, delayed compliance orders and variances (PDF: PDF)
NR 437 Voluntary emission reduction registry (PDF: PDF)
NR 438 Air contaminant emission inventory reporting requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 439 Reporting, recordkeeping, testing, inspection and determination of compliance requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 440 Standards of performance for new stationary sources (PDF: PDF)
NR 445 Control of hazardous pollutants (PDF: PDF)
NR 446 Control of mercury emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 447 Control of asbestos emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 448 Control of beryllium emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 449 Control of vinyl chloride emissions (PDF: PDF)
NR 460 Emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for source categories-general provisions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix N General provisions applicability to chapter NR 463 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix S General provisions applicability to chapter NR 464 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix T General provisions applicability to chapter NR 469 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix JJ General provisions applicable to chapter NR 465-Subchapter I (PDF: PDF)
Appendix KK General provisions applicability to chapter NR 466 Subchapter I (PDF: PDF)
Appendix RRR General provisions applicable to subchapter II of chapter NR 463 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix JJJJ General provisions applicability to chapter NR 466-Subchapter III (PDF: PDF)
Appendix MMMM General provisions applicable to chapter NR 465-Subchapter V (PDF: PDF)
Appendix NNNN General provisions applicable to chapter NR 465-Subchapter III (PDF: PDF)
Appendix PPPP General provisions applicable to chapter NR 465-Subchapter IV (PDF: PDF)
Appendix DDDDD General provisions applicability to chapter NR 462 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix EEEEE General provisions applicability to chapter NR 463 Subchapter III (PDF: PDF)
NR 462 National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and process heaters (PDF: PDF)
NR 463 National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for metals treating and processing (PDF: PDF)
NR 464 National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants from the pulp and paper industry (PDF: PDF)
NR 465 National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for general surface coating processes (PDF: PDF)
NR 466 National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for printing and flexible substrate surface coating processes (PDF: PDF)
NR 468 Emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for miscellaneous processes (PDF: PDF)
NR 469 Emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for halogenated solvent cleaning operations (PDF: PDF)
NR 484 Incorporation by reference (PDF: PDF)
NR 485 Control of emissions from motor vehicles, internal combustion engines and mobile sources; tampering prohibition (PDF: PDF)
NR 486 Employee commute options program (PDF: PDF)
NR 487 Clean fuel fleet program (PDF: PDF)
NR 488 Refrigerant recovery from salvaged or dismantled refrigeration equipment (PDF: PDF)
NR 489 Conformity of general federal actions to state implementation plans (PDF: PDF)
NR 490 Procedures for noncontested case public hearings (PDF: PDF)
NR 492 Department review times (PDF: PDF)
NR 493 Air pollution episode levels and episode emission control action programs (PDF: PDF)
NR 494 Enforcement and penalties for violation of air pollution control provisions (PDF: PDF)
NR 499 Training and certification requirements for solid waste treatment facility operators (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection—Solid Waste Management
NR 500 General solid waste management requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 502 Solid waste storage, transportation, transfer, incineration, air curtain destructors, processing, wood burning, composting and municipal solid waste combustors (PDF: PDF)
NR 503 One time disposal landfills, small size construction and demolition waste landfills, and intermediate size construction and demolition waste landfills (PDF: PDF)
NR 504 Landfill location, performance, design and construction criteria (PDF: PDF)
NR 506 Landfill operational criteria (PDF: PDF)
NR 507 Environmental monitoring for landfills (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Baseline and detection monitoring requirements (PDF: PDF)
Appendix II - Substances for assessment monitoring at municipal solid waste landfills (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - Volatile organic compounds for detection monitoring at municipal solid waste landfills (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IV - Semivolatile organic compound (SVOC) analyte list (PDF: PDF)
Appendix V - Forms (PDF: PDF)
NR 508 Responses when a groundwater standard is attained or exceeded (PDF: PDF)
NR 509 Initial site reports for landfills (PDF: PDF)
NR 510 Pre-feasibility reports for landfills (PDF: PDF)
NR 512 Feasibility reports for landfills (PDF: PDF)
NR 514 Plan of operation and closure plans for landfills (PDF: PDF)
NR 516 Landfill construction documentation (PDF: PDF)
NR 518 Landspreading of solid waste (PDF: PDF)
NR 520 Solid waste management fees and financial responsibility requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 524 Training and certification requirements for solid waste disposal facility operators (PDF: PDF)
NR 526 Medical waste management (PDF: PDF)
NR 528 Management of accumulated sediment from storm water management structures (PDF: PDF)
NR 538 Beneficial use of industrial byproducts (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Tables (PDF: PDF)
NR 540 Waste separation and recycling collection facilities (PDF: PDF)
NR 542 Recycling grants to responsible units (PDF: PDF)
NR 543 State market development priorities for recycled and recyclable materials (PDF: PDF)
NR 544 Effective recycling programs (PDF: PDF)
NR 546 Newspaper recycling fee (PDF: PDF)
NR 548 Waste reduction and recycling demonstration grants (PDF: PDF)
NR 549 Recycling efficiency incentive grants to responsible units (PDF: PDF)
NR 555 Waste tire removal and recovery (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection-Hazardous Waste Management
NR 660 Hazardous waste management: general (PDF: PDF)
NR 661 Hazardous waste identification and listing (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Representative sampling methods (PDF: PDF)
Appendix II - Method 1311 toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - Chemical analysis test methods (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VII - Basis for listing hazardous waste (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VIII - Hazardous constituents (PDF: PDF)
NR 662 Hazardous waste generator standards (PDF: PDF)
NR 663 Hazardous waste transporter standards (PDF: PDF)
NR 664 Hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facility standards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Recordkeeping instructions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IV - Cochran's approximation to the Behrens-Fisher Students' t-test (PDF: PDF)
Appendix V - Examples of potentially incompatible waste (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IX - Groundwater monitoring list (PDF: PDF)
NR 665 Interim license hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facility standards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Recordkeeping instructions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - EPA interim primary drinking water standards (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IV - Tests for significance (PDF: PDF)
Appendix V - Examples of potentially incompatible waste (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VI - Compounds with Henry's law constant less than 0.1 Y/X (PDF: PDF)
NR 666 Standards for managing specific hazardous wastes and specific types of hazardous waste management facilities (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Tier I and tier II feed rate and emissions screening limits for metals (PDF: PDF)
Appendix II - Tier I and tier II feed rate screening limits for total chlorine (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - Tier II emission rate screening limits for free chlorine and hydrogen chloride (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IV - Reference air concentrations (PDF: PDF)
Appendix V - Risk specific doses (10-5) (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VI - Stack plume rise (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VII - Health-based limits for exclusion of waste-derived residues (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VIII - Organic compounds for which residues shall be analyzed (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IX - Methods manual for compliance with the BIF rules (PDF: PDF)
Appendix XI - Lead-bearing materials that may be processed in exempt lead smelters (PDF: PDF)
Appendix XII - Nickel or chromium-bearing materials that may be processed in exempt nickel-chromium recovery furnaces (PDF: PDF)
Appendix XIII - Mercury bearing wastes that may be processed in exempt mercury recovery units (PDF: PDF)
NR 668 Hazardous waste land disposal restrictions (PDF: PDF)
Appendix III - List of halogenated organic compounds regulated under s. NR 668.32 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IV - Wastes excluded from lab packs under the alternative treatment standards of s. NR 668.42 (3) (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VI - Recommended technologies to achieve deactivation of characteristics in s. NR 668.42 (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VII - LDR effective dates of surface disposed prohibited hazardous wastes (PDF: PDF)
Appendix VIII - LDR effective dates of injected prohibited hazardous wastes (PDF: PDF)
Appendix IX - Extraction procedure (EP) toxicity test method and structural integrity test (method 1310) (PDF: PDF)
Appendix XI - Metal bearing wastes prohibited from dilution in a combustion unit according to s. NR 668.03 (3) (PDF: PDF)
NR 670 Hazardous waste licensing and decisionmaking procedures (PDF: PDF)
Appendix I - Classification of license modification (PDF: PDF)
Appendix II - Hazardous waste fee table (PDF: PDF)
NR 673 Universal waste management standards (PDF: PDF)
NR 679 Used oil management standards (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection — Investigation and Remediation
NR 700 General requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 702 Contingency planning for hazardous substance discharge response by state agencies (PDF: PDF)
NR 704 Contingency planning for abandoned container response (PDF: PDF)
NR 706 Hazardous substance discharge notification and source confirmation requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 708 Immediate and interim actions (PDF: PDF)
NR 712 Personnel qualifications for conducting environmental response actions (PDF: PDF)
NR 714 Public participation and notification (PDF: PDF)
NR 716 Site investigations (PDF: PDF)
NR 718 Management of contaminated soil or solid wastes excavated during response actions (PDF: PDF)
NR 720 Soil cleanup standards (PDF: PDF)
NR 722 Standards for selecting remedial actions (PDF: PDF)
NR 724 Remedial and interim action design, implementation, operation, maintenance and monitoring requirements (PDF: PDF)
NR 725 Notification requirements for residual contamination and continuing obligations (PDF: PDF)
NR 726 Case closure (PDF: PDF)
NR 727 Continuing obligations requirements and reopening closed cases (PDF: PDF)
NR 728 Enforcement and compliance authorities (PDF: PDF)
NR 730 Superfund cost sharing (PDF: PDF)
NR 732 Cost reimbursement for municipal landfill monitoring (PDF: PDF)
NR 734 Selecting and contracting environmental consulting services (PDF: PDF)
NR 736 Advertising, bidding and award of environmental construction contracts (PDF: PDF)
NR 738 Temporary emergency water supplies (PDF: PDF)
NR 746 Agency roles and responsibilities for petroleum contaminated sites (PDF: PDF)
NR 747 Petroleum environmental cleanup fund (PDF: PDF)
NR 749 Fees for providing assistance; remediation and redevelopment program (PDF: PDF)
NR 750 Fees for providing oversight for the contaminated land recycling program (PDF: PDF)
NR 754 Environmental insurance requirements (PDF: PDF)
Environmental Protection — Water Supply
NR 809 Safe drinking water (PDF: PDF)
NR 810 Requirements for the operation and maintenance of public water systems (PDF: PDF)
NR 811 Requirements for the operation and design of community water systems (PDF: PDF)
Appendix (PDF: PDF)
NR 812 Well construction and pump installation (PDF: PDF)
NR 815 Injection wells (PDF: PDF)
NR 820 Groundwater quantity protection (PDF: PDF)
NR 845 County administration of ch. NR 812, private well code (PDF: PDF)
NR 850 Water use fees (PDF: PDF)
NR 852 Water conservation and water use efficiency (PDF: PDF)
NR 856 Water use and registration reporting (PDF: PDF)
NR 860 Water use permitting (PDF: PDF)