Administration -- Division of Gaming

Administration -- Facilities

Administration -- General Agency Provisions

Administration -- Housing

Administration -- Information Technology

Administration -- Transfers

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Board on Aging and Long-Term Care

Budget Management and Compensation Reserves

Building Commission

Building Program

Children and Families -- Child Support

Children and Families -- Children and Families

Children and Families -- Departmentwide

Children and Families -- Economic Support and Child Care

Corrections -- Adult Corrections

Corrections -- Community Corrections

Corrections -- Departmentwide

Corrections -- Juvenile Corrections

Corrections -- Parole Commission

District Attorneys

Elections Commission

Employee Trust Funds

Employment Relations Commission

Environmental Improvement Fund

Ethics Commission

General Fund Taxes -- Income and Franchise Taxes

General Fund Taxes -- Sales and Excise Taxes

Health Services -- Care and Treatment Services

Health Services -- FoodShare

Health Services -- Medicaid Services

Health Services -- Medicaid Services Administration

Health Services -- Mental Health, Public Health, and Other Programs

Higher Educational Aids Board

Historical Society


Judical Commission

Judicial Council


Labor and Industry Review Commission

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board

Military Affairs

Natural Resources -- Departmentwide

Natural Resources -- Environmental Quality

Natural Resources -- Forestry, Parks and Recreation

Natural Resources -- Reorganization

Public Defender

Public Instruction -- Administrative and Other Funding

Public Instruction -- Categorical Aids

Public Instruction -- Choice, Charter, and Open Enrollment

Public Instruction -- General School Aids and Revenue Limits

Public Service Commission

Revenue -- Departmentwide

Revenue -- Lottery Administration

Revenue -- Tax Administration

Safety and Professional Services -- Departmentwide

Safety and Professional Services -- Regulation of Professions

Secretary of State

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Direct Aid Payments

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Property Tax Credits

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Property Taxation

Supreme Court

Transportation -- Local Transportation Aid

Transportation -- Local Transportation Assistance

Transportation -- State Highway Program

Transportation -- State Patrol

Transportation -- Transportation Finance

University of Wisconsin System

Veterans Affairs

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Wisconsin Technical College System

Workforce Development -- Employment and Training

Workforce Development -- Other Programs