September 5

Transportation -- Transportation Finance

Transportation -- Local Transportation Aid

Transportation -- Local Transportation Assistance

Transportation -- State Highway Program

Transportation -- Motor Vehicles

Transportation -- State Patrol

Transportation -- Departmentwide

Revenue -- Departmentwide

Revenue -- Tax Administration

General Fund Taxes -- Income and Franchise Taxes

General Fund Taxes -- Sales and Excise Taxes

General Fund Taxes -- Other Tax Provisions

School Levy Tax Credit Funding Level (Paper #570)

Transfer Funds to Budget Stabilization Fund (Paper #162)

August 28

Building Commission

Building Program

Public Instruction -- General School Aids

Public Instruction -- Categorical Aids

Public Instruction -- Choice, Charter and Open Enrollment

Public Instruction -- School District Operations

Public Instruction -- Administrative and Other Funding

August 24

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Natural Resources -- Reorganization

Natural Resources -- Environmental Quality

Forestry, Parks and Recreation - Sunset State Forestry Mill Tax

Forestry, Parks and Recreation - Forestry Account Condition and Ongoing Expenditures

Public Defender

Revenue -- Lottery Administration

Juvenile Statutory Daily Rates, Serious Juvenile Offenders, and Contract Beds (Paper #256)

June 15

Budget Management and Compensation Reserves

Employee Trust Funds

Local Government Property Insurance Fund


Lieutenant Governor

Corrections -- Departmentwide

Corrections -- Adult Corrections

Corrections -- Community Corrections

Corrections -- Juvenile Corrections

May 31

Appropriation Obligation Bonds

Corrections -- Parole Commission

Supreme Court

District Attorneys

Investment Board

Administration -- Information Technology

Administration -- Procurement

Administration -- Housing

Workforce Development -- Departmentwide

Workforce Development -- Employment and Training

Workforce Development -- Other Programs


Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

Fox River Navigational System Authority

Natural Resources -- Departmentwide

Natural Resources -- Forestry, Parks and Recreation

Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

May 25

Building Commission

Building Program

Health Services -- Departmentwide

Health Services -- Medicaid Services

Health Services -- Foodshare

Health Services -- Mental Health, Public Health, and Other Programs

May 23

Program Supplements

State Treasurer

Administration -- Transfers

Administration -- Facilities

Medical College of Wisconsin

Higher Educational Aids Board

Educational Communications Board

University of Wisconsin System

Children and Families -- Economic Support and Child Care

May 18

Labor and Industry Review Commission

Wisconsin Technical College System

Historical Society

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Direct Aid Payments

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Property Tax Credits

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Property Taxation

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Local Revenue Options

May 16

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board

Kickapoo Reserve Management Board

State Fair Park

Elections Commission

Ethics Commission

Administration -- General Agency Provisions

Health Services -- Care and Treatment Services

Children and Families -- Departmentwide

Children and Families -- Child Support

Children and Families -- Children and Families

May 11

Financial Institutions

Public Service Commission

Safety and Professional Services -- Departmentwide

Safety and Professional Services -- Regulation of Professions

Health Services -- Medicaid Services Administration

Veterans Affairs


May 9

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board

Secretary of State

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Military Affairs



May 1

Judicial Commission

Judicial Council

Circuit Courts

Court of Appeals

Supreme Court

Employment Relations Commission

Administration -- Division of Gaming


Board for People with Developmental Disabilities

Board on Aging and Long-Term Care

Environmental Improvement Fund