11.0802   Registration; timing.
11.0803   Registration; required information.
11.0804   Reporting.
11.0901   Registration; treasurer and depositories.
11.0902   Registration; timing.
11.0903   Registration; required information.
11.0904   Reporting.
11.1001   Reporting; specific express advocacy.
11.1101   Contribution limits.
11.1103   Applicable periods.
11.1104   Exceptions.
11.1105   Valuation.
11.1106   Conduit contributions.
11.1107   Limitation on cash contributions.
11.1108   Anonymous contributions.
11.1109   In-kind contributions.
11.1110   Return of contributions.
11.1111   Valuation of opinion poll results.
11.1112   Corporations, cooperatives, and tribes.
11.1113   Sole proprietors, partnerships, and limited liability companies.
11.1114   Two candidate committees.
11.1201   False reports and statements.
11.1202   Earmarking.
11.1203   Coordination.
11.1204   Unlawful political contributions.
11.1205   Use of government materials by candidates.
11.1206   Travel by public officers.
11.1207   Political solicitation involving public officials and employees restricted.
11.1208   Unlawful political disbursements and obligations.
11.1301   Defense fund authorized.
11.1302   Donations to charitable organizations or school fund.
11.1303   Attribution of political contributions, disbursements and communications.
11.1304   Duties of the ethics commission.
11.1400   Civil penalties.
11.1401   Criminal penalties; prosecution.
Ch. 11 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 5.02.
subch. I of ch. 11 SUBCHAPTER I
11.0100 11.0100 Construction. This chapter shall be construed to impose the least possible restraint on persons whose activities do not directly affect the elective process, consistent with the right of the public to have a full, complete, and readily understandable accounting of those activities expressly advocating for or against candidates for office or for or against referendums. Nothing in this chapter may be construed to regulate issue discussion, debate, or advocacy; grassroots outreach or lobbying; nonpartisan voter registration or turnout efforts; or the rights of the media.
11.0100 History History: 2015 a. 117.
11.0100 Annotation Campaign finance in Wisconsin after Buckley. 1976 WLR 816.
11.0101 11.0101 Definitions. In this chapter:
11.0101(1) (1)“Candidate" means an individual about whom any of the following applies:
11.0101(1)(a) (a) The individual takes any of the following affirmative actions to seek nomination or election to a state or local office:
11.0101(1)(a)1. 1. Files nomination papers with the appropriate filing officer.
11.0101(1)(a)2. 2. Is nominated as a candidate for state or local office by a caucus under s. 8.05 (1) or by a political party and the nomination is certified to the appropriate filing officer.
11.0101(1)(a)3. 3. Receives a contribution, makes a disbursement, or gives consent for another person to receive a contribution or make a disbursement in order to bring about the individual's nomination or election to a state or local office.
11.0101(1)(b) (b) The individual holds a state or local office and is the subject of a recall petition.
11.0101(1)(c) (c) The individual holds a state or local office.
11.0101(2) (2)“Candidate committee" means a committee authorized by a candidate or a candidate's agent to make or accept contributions or make disbursements in support of a candidate's campaign.
11.0101(3) (3)“Candidate's agent" means an individual who has control over the day-to-day operation of the candidate committee, but does not include an employee of a political party or a legislative campaign committee that is not also an employee of the candidate.
11.0101(4) (4)“Charitable organization" means any organization described in section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code.
11.0101(5) (5)“Clearly identified" means any of the following with regard to a communication supporting or opposing a candidate:
11.0101(5)(a) (a) The candidate's name appears or is stated.
11.0101(5)(b) (b) A photograph or drawing of the candidate appears.
11.0101(5)(c) (c) The candidate's identity is apparent by unambiguous reference.
11.0101(5m) (5m)“Commission" means the ethics commission.
11.0101(6) (6)“Committee" means a candidate committee, legislative campaign committee, political action committee, independent expenditure committee, political party, recall committee, and referendum committee.
11.0101(7) (7)“Conduit" means a person other than an individual that receives a contribution of money, deposits the contribution in an account held by the person, and releases the contribution to a candidate committee, legislative campaign committee, political party, or political action committee at the direction of the contributor.
11.0101(8) (8)
11.0101(8)(a)(a) Except as provided in par. (b), “contribution" means any of the following:
11.0101(8)(a)1. 1. A gift, subscription, loan, advance, or transfer of money to a committee.
11.0101(8)(a)2. 2. With the committee's consent under s. 11.1109, a transfer of tangible personal property or services to a committee, valued as provided under s. 11.1105.
11.0101(8)(a)3. 3. A transfer of funds between committees.
11.0101(8)(a)4. 4. The purchase of a ticket for a fundraising event for a committee regardless of whether the ticket is used to attend the event.
11.0101(8)(b) (b) “Contribution" does not include any of the following:
11.0101(8)(b)1. 1. Services that an individual provides to a committee, if the individual is not specifically compensated for providing the services to the committee.
11.0101(8)(b)2. 2. Any unreimbursed travel expenses that an individual incurs to volunteer his or her personal services to a committee.
11.0101(8)(b)3. 3. The costs of preparing and transmitting personal correspondence.
11.0101(8)(b)4. 4. Interest earned on an interest-bearing account.
11.0101(8)(b)5. 5. Rebates or awards earned in connection with the use of a debit or credit card.
11.0101(8)(b)6. 6. A loan from a commercial lending institution that the institution makes in its ordinary course of business.
11.0101(8)(b)7. 7. The reuse of surplus materials or the use of unused surplus materials acquired in connection with a previous campaign for or against the same candidate, political party, or recall if the materials were previously reported as a contribution.
11.0101(8)(b)8. 8. The cost of invitations, food, and beverages in connection with an event held in a private residence on behalf of a candidate committee.
11.0101(8)(b)9. 9. Any communication that does not expressly advocate for the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.
11.0101(8)(b)10. 10. A communication made exclusively between an organization and its members. In this subdivision, a member of an organization means a shareholder, employee, or officer of the organization, or an individual who has affirmatively manifested an interest in joining, supporting, or aiding the organization.
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