119.60(4) (4) The city is not liable for any action of the board or its real estate agent in the sale of property under this section.
119.60(5) (5) For any lease of city-owned property used for school purposes in effect on January 1, 2011, between the board and a charter school that is not an instrumentality of the school district under s. 118.40 (7), the common council shall be made party to the lease and may negotiate with the charter school to modify the terms of the lease when the lease is modified, extended, or renewed if the common council adopts a resolution to do so. If a lease is modified, extended, or renewed as provided in this subsection, the net proceeds of that lease shall be deposited in the school operations fund under s. 119.46.
119.60 History History: 1983 a. 224; 2005 a. 453; 2011 a. 17.
119.66 119.66 Interest in contracts forbidden. During the term for which elected or appointed and for 2 years after the expiration of the term, no member of the board may be employed by the board or by the department of employee trust funds in any capacity for which a salary or emolument is provided by the board or the department of employee trust funds. No board member, superintendent of schools, assistant superintendent, other assistant, teacher or other employee of the board may have any interest in the purchase or sale of property by the city for the use or convenience of the schools. No contract made in violation of this section is valid. Any consideration paid by the city for a purchase or sale prohibited by this section may be recovered in an action at law in the name of the city. Any person violating this section shall be removed from any position held under this chapter.
119.66 History History: 1981 c. 96; 1991 a. 39.
119.68 119.68 Claims against the city or board.
119.68(1) (1) All claims against the city or board shall be audited for sufficiency of funds by the auditing officer of the city. The superintendent of schools shall furnish the auditing officer of the city a complete list of the claims. Before a warrant is issued therefor, the auditing officer of the city shall countersign it. Within 20 days after each regular or special meeting of the board, the superintendent of schools shall make and file with the auditing officer of the city statements of the condition of the funds for the support of the schools and of the financial transactions of the board during the period next preceding any such statement.
119.68(2) (2) No action may be brought or maintained against the school upon a claim or cause of action unless the claimant complies with s. 893.80. This subsection does not apply to actions commenced under s. 19.37, 19.97 or 281.99.
119.68 Annotation The Milwaukee Public Schools are not a suable entity. That a complaint should have named the Milwaukee Board of School Directors or City of Milwaukee as defendant did not require dismissal. Amendment to name and serve the appropriate defendant was allowed. Kleckley v. Milwaukee Public Schools, 20 F Supp. 2d 1264 (1998).
119.70 119.70 Use of school buildings and grounds for civic purposes.
119.70(1)(1) The board may establish and maintain for children and adults, in the school buildings and on the school grounds, evening schools, vacation schools, reading rooms, library stations, debating clubs, gymnasiums, public playgrounds, public baths and similar activities and accommodations to be determined by the board. The board may cooperate, by agreement, with other commissions or boards having the custody and management of public parks, libraries, museums and public buildings and grounds of whatever sort to provide the equipment, supervision, instruction and oversight necessary to carry on such public educational and recreational activities in and upon such other buildings and grounds.
119.70(3) (3) The board shall report to the common council on or before the first Monday in August of each year the amount of money required during the ensuing school year for the support of activities under sub. (1). The common council shall levy and collect a special tax in the manner that other taxes are levied and collected, equal to the amount of money so required for the activities. The tax shall not be used or appropriated, directly or indirectly, for any other purpose.
119.70(4) (4) All moneys received by or raised in the school district for the activities under sub. (1) shall be paid to the city treasurer, to be disbursed in the manner that other school district funds are disbursed.
119.70(5) (5) Nothing in this section prohibits the board from granting the use of school property to religious organizations under s. 120.13 (17).
119.70 History History: 1971 c. 152 s. 31; 1973 c. 290; 1975 c. 353; 1983 a. 339 s. 10; 1985 a. 225 ss. 74, 75, 78; Stats. 1985 s. 119.70; 1989 a. 192, 290.
119.71 119.71 Five-year-old kindergarten programs.
119.71(1) (1) In this section, "full-day" has the meaning given in s. 121.004 (7) (c) 2.
119.71(3) (3)
119.71(3)(a)(a) Annually, the board shall spend at least $5,090,000 to expand its half-day 5-year-old kindergarten program to a full-day program, as provided under par. (b), and shall enroll in the expanded program only pupils who meet the income eligibility standards for a free lunch under 42 USC 1758 (b). The board shall select pupils for the expanded program based on the order in which the pupils register for the program.
119.71(3)(b) (b) The board shall use the funds specified under par. (a) to pay the costs of teachers, aides and other support staff, transportation of staff to pupils' homes, in-service programs, parental involvement programs and instructional materials. The board may not use the funds to provide facilities to house the program or to pay pupil transportation or indirect administrative costs associated with the program.
119.73 119.73 Kindergarten programs. The board shall evaluate the effectiveness of the expanded 5-year-old kindergarten programs under s. 119.71 in meeting the needs of disadvantaged children. Annually by January 1, the board shall submit a report summarizing its findings to the state superintendent and to the chief clerk of each house of the legislature for distribution to the appropriate standing committees under s. 13.172 (3).
119.74 119.74 Extended-day elementary grade, 4-year-old kindergarten and alcohol and other drug abuse programs. The board shall spend at least $430,000 for the following programs in each school year:
119.74(1) (1) Extended-day preschool to grade 6 programs.
119.74(2) (2) Four-year-old kindergarten programs.
119.74(3) (3) Alcohol and other drug abuse programs at 68th Street school.
119.75 119.75 First grade programs.
119.75(1) (1) The board shall provide expanded educational opportunities for first grade pupils who have participated in an expanded 5-year-old kindergarten program under s. 119.71.
119.75(2) (2) Annually, the board shall spend at least $1,070,000 to pay the costs of teachers, aides and other support staff, transportation of staff to pupils' homes, in-service programs, parental involvement programs and instructional materials related to the programs under sub. (1). The board may not use the funds to provide facilities to house the programs under sub. (1) or to pay pupil transportation or indirect administrative costs associated with the programs under sub. (1).
119.78 119.78 Family resource center. The board shall establish a family resource center to distribute parent education materials, conduct workshops on child development, facilitate communication between school personnel and parents of pupils enrolled in the school district and provide volunteer opportunities for parents within the schools.
119.82 119.82 Alternative educational programs for learnfare pupils.
119.82(1m)(1m) Upon the request of the child or the child's parent or guardian, the board shall provide an alternative educational program for any child who resides in the city and satisfies all of the following:
119.82(1m)(a) (a) Is at least 13 years of age but not more than 18 years of age.
119.82(1m)(b) (b) Is receiving aid to families with dependent children under s. 49.19 or is a member of a Wisconsin works group, as defined in s. 49.141 (1) (s), with a member who is participating in Wisconsin works under s. 49.147 (3) to (5).
119.82(1m)(c) (c) Has been or is being sanctioned under s. 49.26 (1) (h).
119.82(2m) (2m) Programs under sub. (1m) shall be designed to meet the high school graduation requirements under s. 118.33.
2013-14 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2015 Wis. Act 54 and all Supreme Court Orders entered before July 7, 2015. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after July 7, 2015 are designated by NOTES. (Published 7-7-15)