16.26   Weatherization assistance.
16.27   Low-income energy assistance.
16.28   Office of business development.
16.283   Disabled veteran-owned businesses.
16.285   Woman-owned businesses; certification; database.
16.287   Minority businesses.
16.29   Technical assistance.
16.295   Fund of funds investment program.
16.297   Grants for local government expenditures; moral obligation pledge.
16.298   Pay for success contracting.
16.301   Definitions.
16.302   State housing strategy plan.
16.303   Housing cost grants and loans.
16.304   Designated agents.
16.305   Grants to local housing organizations.
16.306   Housing grants.
16.307   Grants to alleviate homelessness.
16.308   Grants for the provision of shelter for homeless individuals and families.
16.3085   Homeless case management services grants.
16.309   Community development block grant programs.
16.310   Use of surplus state-owned real property.
16.313   Employment grants.
16.314   Employability plans for public housing residents.
16.315   Federal housing assistance programs.
16.40   Department of administration, duties, powers.
16.401   Treasury management.
16.405   Requests for issuance of operating notes.
16.41   Agency and authority accounting; information; aid.
16.412   Agency payments.
16.413   Disclosure of expenditures relating to state agency operations and state agency contracts and grants.
16.415   Certification of payrolls.
16.417   Dual employment or retention.
16.42   Agency requests.
16.423   Base budget review reports.
16.425   Summary of tax exemption devices.
16.43   Budget compiled.
16.44   Budget hearings.
16.45   Budget message to legislature.
16.46   Biennial budget, contents.
16.461   Biennial budget, summary of funds.
16.465   Budget stabilization fund reallocations.
16.47   Budget bill.
16.48   Unemployment reserve financial statement.
16.50   Departmental estimates.
16.505   Position authorization.
16.51   Department of administration; preauditing and accounting; additional duties and powers.
16.513   Program and segregated revenue sufficiency.
16.515   Supplementation of program revenue and program revenue-service appropriations.
16.517   Adjustments of program revenue positions and funding levels.
16.518   Transfers to the budget stabilization fund.
16.5185   Transfers to the transportation fund.
16.519   Fund transfers relating to tobacco settlement agreement.
16.52   Accounting.
16.525   State aid recipients' accounting.
16.527   Appropriation obligations.
16.528   Interest on late payments.
16.5285   Health insurer fee savings.
16.529   Lapses and fund transfers relating to unfunded retirement liability debt service.
16.53   Preaudit procedure.
16.531   Cash flow plan; report.
16.54   Acceptance of federal funds.
16.544   Federal aid disallowances.
16.545   Federal aid management service.
16.548   Federal-state relations office; report.
16.55   Frauds and uncollectible shortages.
16.56   Grain inspection funding.
16.58   Services to units of local government.
16.60   Services to nonprofit corporations.
16.61   Records of state offices and other public records.
16.611   State public records; optical disc and electronic storage.
16.612   Local government records; optical disc and electronic storage standards.
16.62   Records management service.
16.63   Sale of state's rights to tobacco settlement agreement payments.
16.643   Support accounts for persons with disabilities.
16.70   Purchasing; definitions.
16.701   Subscription service and procurement system.
16.7015   Bidders list.
16.705   Contractual services.
16.71   Purchasing; powers.
16.72   Purchasing, duties.
16.73   Cooperative purchasing.
16.74   Legislative and judicial branch purchasing.
16.75   Buy on low bid, exceptions.
16.751   Information technology purchases by investment board.
16.752   Procurement from work centers for severely handicapped individuals.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 186 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 3, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 3, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-3-20)