340.01(18)(b) (b) In this subsection, the term “farmer" includes persons who are engaged in those activities specified in the definition of “operation of farm premises" contained in s. 102.04 (3), provided that such activities are directly or indirectly for the purpose of producing a commodity or commodities for market, or as an accessory to such production. In this subsection, “leased" means that the farmer has entered into a written agreement with a person in the business of leasing vehicles to lease the motor truck for a period of one year or more.
340.01(18g) (18g)“Farm truck tractor" means a truck tractor that is owned or leased and operated by a farmer as defined in sub. (18), used exclusively for the transportation of supplies, farm equipment and products on the owner's farm or between his or her farms, the transportation of farm products from the owner's farm to market and the transportation of supplies to his or her farm and is exempt from payment of the heavy vehicle use tax imposed by section 4481 of the internal revenue code. In this subsection, “leased" means that the farmer has entered into a written agreement with a person in the business of leasing vehicles to lease the truck tractor for a period of one year or more.
340.01(18j) (18j)“Federal out-of-service order for unsatisfactory safety compliance" means an out-of-service order issued by the federal motor carrier safety administration under 49 CFR 385.13 (a), 385.105 (b), 385.111 (a) or (c), 385.325 (c), 385.337 (b), 386.72 (b) (2), 386.83 (a) (1), or 386.84 (a) (1).
340.01(18m) (18m)“Fifth-wheel recreational vehicle" means a recreational vehicle that is towed by a vehicle with a flatbed frame so the trailer hitch of the recreational vehicle is bolted to the flatbed frame of the towing vehicle.
340.01(18p) (18p)“Flood damaged vehicle" means any motor vehicle that is not precluded from subsequent registration or titling and that is damaged by flood to the extent that the estimated or actual cost, whichever is greater, of repairing the vehicle exceeds 70 percent of its fair market value.
340.01(18r) (18r)“Forward" means send by mail or furnish by another mode of transmission approved by the department.
340.01(19) (19)“Fusee" means a paper or fiber tube filled with a flammable material which, when ignited, burns with a red flame for 5 to 30 minutes and which is designed to produce a warning light for temporarily marking a disabled vehicle until more permanent warning devices can be properly placed.
340.01(19g) (19g)“Gross combination weight rating" means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of a combination or articulated vehicle. In the absence of a value specified by the manufacturer, the gross combination weight rating is determined by adding the gross vehicle weight rating of the power unit and the total weight of the towed unit and any load carried.
340.01(19r) (19r)“Gross vehicle weight rating" means the value specified by the vehicle manufacturer, including secondary or final stage manufacturer, as the loaded weight of a vehicle.
340.01(20) (20)“Gross weight" means the weight of the vehicle equipped for service plus the weight which the vehicle is carrying as a load.
340.01(20m) (20m)“Hail-damaged vehicle" means a vehicle less than 7 years old that is not precluded from subsequent registration and titling and that is damaged solely by hail to the extent that the estimated or actual cost, whichever is greater, of repairing the vehicle exceeds 70 percent of its fair market value.
340.01(20r) (20r)“Hazardous inhalant" means a substance that is ingested, inhaled, or otherwise introduced into the human body in a manner that does not comply with any cautionary labeling that is required for the substance under s. 100.37 or under federal law, or in a manner that is not intended by the manufacturer of the substance, and that is intended to induce intoxication or elation, to stupefy the central nervous system, or to change the human audio, visual, or mental processes.
340.01(21) (21)“Headlamp" means a major lighting device used to provide general illumination ahead of a vehicle.
340.01(22) (22)“Highway" means all public ways and thoroughfares and bridges on the same. It includes the entire width between the boundary lines of every way open to the use of the public as a matter of right for the purposes of vehicular travel. It includes those roads or driveways in the state, county or municipal parks and in state forests which have been opened to the use of the public for the purpose of vehicular travel and roads or driveways upon the grounds of public schools, as defined in s. 115.01 (1), and institutions under the jurisdiction of the county board of supervisors, but does not include private roads or driveways as defined in sub. (46).
340.01(22e) (22e)“Highway maintenance or construction area" means the entire section of roadway between the first advance warning sign of highway maintenance or construction work and an “END ROAD WORK" or “END CONSTRUCTION" sign or, in the case of a moving vehicle engaged in the maintenance or construction work, that section of roadway where traffic may return to its normal flow without impeding such work.
340.01(23) (23)“Hours of darkness" means the period of time from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise and all other times when there is not sufficient natural light to render clearly visible any person or vehicle upon a highway at a distance of 500 feet.
340.01(23d) (23d)“Household goods" means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling when such effects and property are a part of the equipment or supply of the dwelling, but does not include property moving from a factory to a store except such property as a householder has purchased with intent to use in his or her dwelling and which is transported at the request of, and for which the transportation charges are paid to the carrier by, the householder.
340.01(23e) (23e)“Household goods carrier" means any person engaged in the transportation of household goods for hire by motor vehicle upon the public highways.
340.01(23g) (23g)“Human service vehicle":
340.01(23g)(a) (a) Means a motor vehicle which is not painted in accordance with s. 347.44 (1) and which is used for the purpose of transporting individuals with disabilities as defined in s. 85.22 (2) (bm) or seniors as defined in s. 85.22 (2) (d) in connection with any transportation assistance program for seniors or individuals with disabilities.
340.01(23g)(b) (b) Does not include:
340.01(23g)(b)1. 1. A motor vehicle performing transportation services under par. (a) provided by a volunteer. Under this subdivision, “volunteer" includes a person who may receive an allowance to defray vehicle operating costs but does not include a person who receives compensation for his or her time for operating the vehicle.
340.01(23g)(b)2. 2. A motor vehicle operated in an urban mass transit system as defined in s. 85.20 (1) (e) and (L) or as a taxicab service or as a common carrier of passengers.
340.01(23g)(b)3. 3. A school bus used for transportation under s. 120.13 (27) or 341.26 (7).
340.01(23g)(b)4. 4. A motor vehicle being used to provide transportation network services, as defined in s. 440.40 (7).
340.01(23m) (23m)“Identification lamps" means lamps grouped in a horizontal row and mounted on the permanent structure of the vehicle at or near the vertical center line.
340.01(23r) (23r)“Identification number" means the numbers, letters or combination of numbers and letters assigned by the manufacturer of a vehicle or vehicle part or by the department and stamped upon or affixed to a vehicle or vehicle part for the purpose of identification. “Identification number" does not include the letters, numbers or combinations thereof on registration plates issued under ch. 341.
340.01(23v) (23v)“Ignition interlock device" means a device which measures the person's alcohol concentration and which is installed on a vehicle in such a manner that the vehicle will not start if the sample shows that the person has a prohibited alcohol concentration.
340.01(23w) (23w)“Immobilization device" means a device or mechanism which immobilizes a motor vehicle, making the motor vehicle inoperable.
340.01(24) (24)
340.01(24)(a)(a) Subject to par. (b), “implement of husbandry" means all of the following:
340.01(24)(a)1. 1. A self-propelled or towed vehicle that is manufactured, designed, or reconstructed to be used and that is exclusively used in the conduct of agricultural operations. An “implement of husbandry" may include any of the following:
340.01(24)(a)1.a. a. A farm tractor.
340.01(24)(a)1.b. b. A self-propelled combine; a self-propelled forage harvester; self-propelled fertilizer or pesticide application equipment but not including manure application equipment; towed or attached tillage, planting, harvesting, and cultivation equipment and its towing farm tractor or other power unit or farm tractor or other power unit to which it is attached; or another self-propelled vehicle that directly engages in harvesting farm products, directly applies fertilizer, spray, or seeds but not manure, or distributes feed to livestock.
340.01(24)(a)1.c. c. A farm wagon, grain cart, farm trailer, manure trailer, or trailer adapted to be towed by, or to tow or pull, another implement of husbandry.
340.01(24)(a)2. 2. A combination of vehicles in which each vehicle in the vehicle combination is an implement of husbandry as described in subd. 1. or in which an implement of husbandry described in subd. 1. is towed by a farm truck, farm truck tractor, motor truck, or agricultural commercial motor vehicle.
340.01(24)(b) (b) “Implement of husbandry" does not include any of the following:
340.01(24)(b)1. 1. An agricultural commercial motor vehicle.
340.01(24)(b)2. 2. A vehicle that, notwithstanding sub. (8), is a commercial motor vehicle under 49 CFR 390.5.
340.01(24m) (24m)“In-line skates" means skates with wheels arranged singly in a tandem line rather than in pairs.
340.01(25) (25)“Intersection" means the area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the curb lines or, if none, then within the boundary lines of the roadways of 2 or more highways which join one another at, or approximately at right angles, whether or not one such highway crosses the other, or the area within which vehicles traveling upon different highways joining at any other angle may come in conflict.
340.01(25d) (25d)“Intoxicant" includes a hazardous inhalant.
340.01(25g) (25g)“Junked" means dismantled for parts or scrapped.
340.01(25j) (25j)“Junk vehicle" means any of the following:
340.01(25j)(a) (a) A vehicle which is incapable of operation or use upon a highway and which has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap.
340.01(25j)(b) (b) A vehicle for which an insurance company has taken possession of or title to if the estimated cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds its fair market value.
340.01(25m) (25m)“Kingpin" means a pin or peg designed to be locked into the 5th wheel of a truck tractor to attach a semitrailer to the truck tractor.
340.01(26) (26)“Local authorities" means every county board, city council, town or village board or other local agency having authority under the constitution and laws of this state to adopt traffic regulations.
340.01(27) (27)“Local ordinance which is in conformity therewith" means a local traffic regulation enacted pursuant to s. 349.06.
340.01(27g) (27g)“Low-pressure tire" means a tire that has a minimum width of 6 inches and that is designed to be inflated with an operating pressure not to exceed 20 pounds per square inch as recommended by the manufacturer.
340.01(27h) (27h)“Low-speed vehicle" means a motor vehicle that conforms to the definition and requirements for low-speed vehicles as adopted in the federal motor vehicle safety standards for low-speed vehicles under 49 CFR 571.3 (b) and 49 CFR 571.500. “Low-speed vehicle" does not include a golf cart.
340.01(27m) (27m)“Manufactured home" has the meaning given in s. 101.91 (2).
340.01(28) (28)“Manufacturer" means a person who manufactures or assembles motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers or semitrailers, or who manufactures or installs on previously assembled truck chassis special bodies or equipment which when installed form an integral part of the motor vehicle and which constitutes a major manufacturing alteration.
340.01(28e) (28e)“Manufacturers buyback vehicle" means a motor vehicle repurchased by its manufacturer, or by an authorized distributor or dealer with compensation from the manufacturer, because of a nonconformity that was not corrected after a reasonable attempt to repair the nonconformity under s. 218.0171 or under a similar law of another state.
340.01(28m) (28m)“Mass transit vehicle" means any vehicle used for providing transportation service, either publicly or privately owned, which provides a general transportation service to any member of the public on a regular, continuing and completely equal basis.
340.01(28q) (28q)“Mass transit way" means that portion of the highway designated for the primary use of mass transit vehicles or car pool vehicles or both and the incidental use of other permitted vehicles.
340.01(29) (29)“Mobile home" has the meaning given in s. 101.91 (10).
340.01(29k) (29k)“Modular home" has the meaning given in s. 101.71 (6).
340.01(29m) (29m)
340.01(29m)(am)(am) “Moped" means any of the following motor vehicles capable of speeds of not more than 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind, excluding a tractor, a power source as an integral part of the vehicle and a seat for the operator:
340.01(29m)(am)1. 1. A bicycle-type vehicle with fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power and an engine certified by the manufacturer at not more than 130 cubic centimeters or an equivalent power unit.
340.01(29m)(am)2. 2. A motorcycle with an automatic transmission and an engine certified by the manufacturer at not more than 50 cubic centimeters or an equivalent power unit.
340.01(29m)(bm) (bm) “Moped" does not include a motor bicycle or electric bicycle.
340.01(30) (30)“Motor bicycle" means a bicycle to which a power unit that is not an integral part of the vehicle has been added to permit the vehicle to travel at a speed of not more than 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind and having a seat for the operator. “Motor bicycle” does not include an electric bicycle.
340.01(31) (31)“Motor bus" means a motor vehicle designed primarily for the transportation of persons rather than property and having a passenger-carrying capacity of 16 or more persons, including the operator. Passenger-carrying capacity shall be determined by dividing by 20 the total seating space measured in inches.
340.01(32) (32)“Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle originally manufactured with motive power, a seat or saddle requiring the rider to sit astride, not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground, steering controlled by handlebars, and acceleration and braking controlled with handlebar and foot controls and that is capable of speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour.
340.01(33m) (33m)“Motor home" means a motor vehicle designed to be operated upon a highway for use as a temporary or recreational dwelling and having the same internal characteristics and equipment as a mobile home.
340.01(34) (34)“Motor truck" means every motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.
340.01(35) (35)“Motor vehicle" means a vehicle, including a combination of 2 or more vehicles or an articulated vehicle, which is self-propelled, except a vehicle operated exclusively on a rail. “Motor vehicle" includes, without limitation, a commercial motor vehicle or a vehicle which is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires but not operated on rails. A snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle, a utility terrain vehicle, an electric scooter, and an electric personal assistive mobility device shall be considered motor vehicles only for purposes made specifically applicable by statute. “Motor vehicle” does not include an electric bicycle.
340.01(35e) (35e)“Motor vehicle dealer" has the meaning given in s. 218.0101 (23) (a).
340.01(35j) (35j)“Motor vehicle salvage pool" has the meaning given in s. 218.50 (5).
340.01(36) (36)“Multiple beam headlamp" means a headlamp designed to permit the operator of the vehicle to use any one of 2 or more distributions of light on the roadway.
340.01(36m) (36m)“Municipality" means a city, village or town.
340.01(37) (37)“Nonresident" means a person who is not a resident of this state.
340.01(37m) (37m)“Odometer" means an instrument for measuring and recording the actual distance that a motor vehicle has traveled while in operation, but does not include any auxiliary instrument designed to be reset to zero to measure and record the actual distance that a motor vehicle has traveled on trips.
340.01(38) (38)“Official traffic control device" means all signs, signals, pavement markings, and devices, not inconsistent with chs. 341 to 349, placed or erected by authority of a public body or official having jurisdiction for the purpose of regulating, warning, or guiding traffic; and includes the terms “official traffic sign" and “official traffic signal".
340.01(38m) (38m)
340.01(38m)(a)(a) “Off-road utility vehicle" means any of the following:
340.01(38m)(a)1. 1. A motor vehicle that is designed and constructed to carry no more than 2 persons and to be used for collecting residential and commercial solid waste, such as yard waste, recyclable materials, and household garbage, refuse, and rubbish, landscaping, or incidental street maintenances; that is not certified by the manufacturer for on-road use or that is certified by the manufacturer as meeting the equipment standards for a low-speed vehicle under 49 CFR 571.500; and that satisfies the equipment standards for a Type 2 automobile or autocycle under ch. 347 or the equipment standards for a low-speed vehicle under 49 CFR 571.500.
340.01(38m)(a)2. 2. A Kei class vehicle.
340.01(38m)(b) (b) “Off-road utility vehicle" does not include any motorized construction equipment or any motor vehicle that falls within another definition under this section.
340.01(38r) (38r)“On duty time" means, with respect to an operator of a commercial motor vehicle, the period from the time that the operator of the commercial motor vehicle begins to work or is required to be in readiness to work until the time that the operator of the commercial motor vehicle is relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work.
340.01(40) (40)“Operating privilege" means, in the case of a person who is licensed under ch. 343, the license, including every endorsement and authorization to operate vehicles of specific vehicle classes or types, instruction permit, and temporary, restricted or occupational license granted to such person; in the case of a resident of this state who is not so licensed, it means the privilege to secure a license under ch. 343; in the case of a nonresident, it means the operating privilege granted by s. 343.05 (2) (a) 2. or (4) (b) 1.
340.01(41) (41)“Operator" means a person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle.
340.01(41g) (41g)“Operator's license" means the authorization granted to a person by this state, another jurisdiction or certain countries to operate a motor vehicle, including a driver's license, temporary or restricted license or an instruction permit.
340.01(41k) (41k)“Organ procurement organization" means an organization that has status as a designated organ procurement organization under the requirements of 42 CFR 485.303.
340.01(41m) (41m)“Other jurisdiction" or “another jurisdiction" means any state other than Wisconsin and includes the District of Columbia, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and any territory or possession of the United States, any federal military installation located within the territorial boundaries of Wisconsin and any province of the Dominion of Canada.
340.01(41r) (41r)“Out-of-service order" means a temporary prohibition against operating a commercial motor vehicle.
340.01(42) (42)“Owner" means a person who holds the legal title of a vehicle, except that if legal title is held by a secured party with the immediate right of possession of the vehicle vested in the debtor, the debtor is the owner for the purposes of chs. 340 to 349.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 39 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 29, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 29, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-29-23)