806.23 806.23 Action on judgment, when brought. No action shall be brought upon a judgment rendered in any court of this state between the same parties, without leave of the court, for good cause shown, on notice to the adverse party.
806.23 History History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 738 (1975).
806.23 Annotation The trial court's denial of a petition to sue on a 12-year-old judgment was an abuse of discretion. Anderson v. Kojo, 110 Wis. 2d 22, 327 N.W.2d 195 (Ct. App. 1982).
806.23 Annotation Nothing in this section, or case law interpreting it, prevents a party who has been unable to enforce a judgment for specific performance by a court-imposed deadline from moving the court for a new order with a new deadline. Chase Lumber and Fuel Company, Inc. v. Chase, 228 Wis. 2d 179, 596 N.W.2d 840 (Ct. App. 1999), 98-0532.
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