88.21 88.21 General powers of the drainage board. In addition to other powers expressly granted or necessarily implied, the drainage board may:
88.21(1) (1)Adopt and use a corporate seal.
88.21(2) (2)Sue and be sued and compromise suits and controversies.
88.21(3) (3)Bring all necessary actions for the collection of moneys and forfeitures belonging to a district under its jurisdiction and for the protection and preservation of all works and property thereof.
88.21(4) (4)Obtain injunctions to prevent unlawful interference with the performance of its duties or exercise of any of its powers.
88.21(5) (5)Employ legal counsel, engineers and other assistants. Any engineer employed by the board shall be selected from a list of professional engineers approved by the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection. The department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection shall furnish each drainage board, upon request, a list of professional engineers whom it considers qualified by training and experience to give competent advice in drainage matters.
88.21(6) (6)Purchase or condemn such lands, whether within or outside a district, as are necessary for the construction, cleaning out, repair and maintenance of the drainage system and its works. Condemnation shall be as provided by ch. 32.
88.21(8) (8)Level or permit the leveling of spoil banks and excavated materials to allow cultivation or use for roadway or other lawful purposes if such use will not interfere with the proper functioning of the drains.
88.21(9) (9)Purchase or lease and maintain and operate the equipment and machinery necessary to construct, maintain or repair the drains within the districts under its jurisdiction, including the control of weeds or brush through use of herbicides.
88.21(10) (10)Purchase, construct, maintain and operate all levees, bulkheads, reservoirs, silt basins, holding basins, floodways, floodgates and pumping machinery necessary to the successful drainage or protection of any district or of any considerable area thereof, whether located within or outside the district.
88.21(11) (11)Call district meetings to report on the affairs of the district and to obtain the opinions and suggestions of landowners in the district with regard to the affairs of the district.
88.21(12) (12)Adopt rules and issue orders, which shall be published as a class 1 notice under ch. 985. In addition, any order that pertains to a specific named person or property shall be served on the person or owner of the property in the manner provided for service of a summons under s. 801.11. The court has jurisdiction to enforce an order of the drainage board by injunctive or other appropriate relief.
88.21(13) (13)Authorize legal counsel for the board to represent an individual owner of land with respect to any matter that arises under this chapter.
88.21 History History: 1989 a. 31; 1993 a. 456.
88.21 Annotation A drainage board is subject to shoreland zoning ordinances, as is any other person. Although soil conservation districts and drainage districts are created for a different purpose, some activities of both accomplish similar ends; therefore, each district retains control over those activities that it undertakes for the purposes for which it was created. 63 Atty. Gen. 355.
88.21 Annotation Ch. 30 applies to navigable ditches that were originally navigable streams. If a navigable ditch was originally nonnavigable or had no previous stream history, the Department of Natural Resources' jurisdiction depends upon the facts of each situation. 63 Atty. Gen. 493.
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