93.40(1)(d) (d) Encourage all farmers and dairy businesses to participate in available education programs.
93.40(1)(e) (e) Encourage and cooperate with communities, groups and individuals in the state in pursuing the dairy promotion objectives of the department.
93.40(1)(f) (f) Coordinate and stimulate the orderly and ecologically sound development of the dairy industry throughout the state.
93.40(1)(g) (g) Promote the growth of the dairy industry through research, planning, and assistance, including grants and loans to dairy producers and grants to persons operating processing plants.
93.40(2) (2) Sales. The department shall annually formulate a plan to encourage the marketing of dairy products and the promotion of the dairy industry of the state for the ensuing year, and shall implement the plan. The department shall cooperate with farmers, dairy businesses and organizations to assure coordination with private plans and programs.
93.40(3) (3) Services. The department may:
93.40(3)(a) (a) Collect and disseminate information as to the availability and the economic and nutritional advantages of dairy products.
93.40(3)(b) (b) Establish, manage and operate permanent or temporary dairy promotion centers to be operated by the department in cooperation with the department of tourism tourist information centers along major highways into the state.
93.40(3)(c) (c) Provide advice and service to persons or groups engaged in the dairy industry.
93.40(3)(d) (d) Conduct research into the status and needs of the dairy industry.
93.40(4) (4) Advertising. The department shall plan and conduct a program of advertising designed to promote the dairy industry. Any contracts engaging a private agency to conduct an advertising or promotion program under this subsection shall reserve to the department the right to terminate the contract if the service is unsatisfactory to the department. The department shall encourage and coordinate the efforts of public and private organizations to publicize the dairy industry. Any public or private organization not organized or incorporated for profit may apply to the department for advertising funds under this section. Prior to applying for these funds, each prospective applicant shall submit a plan and budget specifying the media to be used, the market to be approached, the dairy product or component of the dairy industry to be promoted and the applicant's estimated expenditures and receipts for the various projects within the plan. The department may promulgate rules imposing additional requirements to ensure that public funds are efficiently used to promote dairy products and the dairy industry of this state.
93.40 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. ATCP 161.20 and subch. IV of ch. ATCP 161, Wis. adm. code.
93.41 93.41 Stray voltage.
93.41(1)(1)The department shall participate in the stray voltage program established under s. 196.857.
93.41(2) (2)The department shall develop informational and educational materials on stray voltage and provide those materials to the public in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the technical college system board and shall study the need for any other state action not in effect under this section or s. 196.857 necessary to protect the public health and welfare from the harmful effects of stray voltage.
93.41(3) (3)The department shall impose annual fees upon rural electric cooperatives organized under ch. 185. The amount of the fees shall total the amount appropriated under s. 20.115 (3) (jm). The fees received under this subsection shall be credited to the appropriation account under s. 20.115 (3) (jm).
93.42 93.42 Center for international agribusiness marketing. The department shall establish and operate a center for international agribusiness marketing. The center shall promote the export of this state's agricultural and agribusiness products in foreign markets by:
93.42(1) (1)Assisting in the performance of market research and planning to identify international marketing opportunities for the state's products and firms and providing technical assistance on international marketing to individual businesses.
93.42(2) (2)Organizing and participating in trade shows and trade missions to foreign markets.
93.42(3) (3)Coordinating federal, regional, state and local marketing information which may lead to export opportunities for the state's products.
93.42(4) (4)Assisting persons considering direct investments, joint ventures, licensing or other business arrangements for the production of agribusiness products in this state.
93.42(5) (5)Cooperating with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation in promoting the state's products through the state's foreign trade offices.
93.42 History History: 1985 a. 58; 1995 a. 27 ss. 3566, 3566e, 9116 (5); 2011 a. 32; 2013 a. 166.
93.43 93.43 Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program; veteran farmer logotype.
93.43(1)(1)Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program.
93.43(1)(a) (a) The department shall establish and implement a program to integrate veterans into the field of agriculture and support veterans currently working in agriculture. The department shall consult with the department of veterans affairs, the department of military affairs, and the federal department of agriculture in creating the program. The department shall consult with the department of corrections to identify and assist formerly incarcerated veterans under the program.
93.43(1)(b) (b) The program created under this section shall include assisting veterans in rural and urban communities; providing employment, mentorship, and outreach opportunities; facilitating education opportunities, including through the University of Wisconsin System and the technical college system; providing advice, technical assistance, and training; connecting veterans with local, state, and federal resources; and creating an Internet site relating to the program.
93.43(1)(c) (c) An immediate family member of a veteran under s. 45.01 (12) (g) to (i) shall be eligible to participate in the program created under this section.
93.43(2) (2) Veteran farmer logotype. The department shall assist the department of veterans affairs in designing a logotype under s. 45.12 (2m). The department shall prohibit the use of the logotype by persons other than persons certified under s. 45.12 (2m) (a).
93.43 History History: 2017 a. 121; s. 35.17 correction in (1) (b).
93.44 93.44 Commodity promotion.
93.44(1)(1)The department shall initiate projects to promote commodities produced in this state.
93.44(2) (2)The department shall allow all products and commodities produced or manufactured in this state that meet the standards established by the department to be included in the department's promotional campaign that uses the phrase “Something Special from Wisconsin", which phrase is a certified mark that is registered under federal law. The department may establish standards to be used to prohibit or limit the use of the certified mark to preserve its marketing value and significance. The standards may prohibit or limit the use of the certified mark based upon the grade or quality of a product or commodity and the standards may prohibit the use of the certified mark by a product or commodity which imitates a product or commodity for which there is a standard of identity established under state or federal law.
93.44(3) (3)The department shall develop at least one slogan or logo, or both, for the promotion of Wisconsin agricultural products for display on signs placed by the department of transportation under s. 86.19 (1m).
93.44(4) (4)The department by rule may establish a fee for the use of the mark and any slogan or logo under this section. The fees shall be credited to the appropriation under s. 20.115 (3) (L).
93.44 History History: 1981 c. 357; 1983 a. 92; 1991 a. 39.
93.45 93.45 Buy local, buy Wisconsin. The department shall conduct a program to increase awareness and consumption of locally produced foods and related products and to increase the production and improve the distribution of foods and related products for local consumption. In the program, the department shall emphasize the development of regional food and cultural tourism trails and the development of regional food systems through activities such as creating or expanding facilities for the processing and distribution of food for local consumption; creating or supporting networks of producers; and strengthening connections between producers, retailers, institutions, and consumers and nearby producers.
93.45 History History: 2007 a. 20.
93.46 93.46 Agricultural diversification.
93.46(1)(1)The department shall establish an agricultural diversification program and shall do all of the following:
93.46(1)(a) (a) Conduct market research and develop long-range plans to determine potential for the production and marketing of agricultural crops and livestock.
93.46(1)(b) (b) Provide assistance to individuals and organizations on marketing strategies, agricultural product processing and other matters related to agricultural diversification.
93.46(1)(c) (c) Coordinate the agricultural diversification program with technical assistance programs of other agencies.
93.46(1)(d) (d) Promote and assist the development and use of industrial and commercial products from agricultural commodities and from the production of these commodities, including all of the following:
93.46(1)(d)1. 1. Alternative fuels, including fuels that are considered to be renewable fuels under the renewable fuel program under 42 USC 7545 (o).
93.46(1)(d)2. 2. Heat.
93.46(1)(d)3. 3. Electricity, including electricity that satisfies the requirements in s. 196.378 (2).
93.46(1)(d)4. 4. Marketable credits for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, as defined in s. 285.78 (1) (c), derived from appropriate management practices used in the production of the agricultural commodity.
93.46(1e) (1e)The department shall promote and assist the development and use of the products identified in sub. (1) (d) 1. to 4. in cooperation with and with the assistance of the department of natural resources and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.
93.46(1m) (1m)
93.46(1m)(a)(a) The department shall promote the development and growth of commercial aquaculture in this state by doing all of the following:
93.46(1m)(a)1. 1. Providing advice, service and training to persons who are interested in the commercial aquaculture industry.
93.46(1m)(a)2. 2. Coordinating the aquaculture activities of the department with the aquaculture activities of the department of natural resources and the University of Wisconsin System.
93.46(1m)(a)3. 3. Conducting meetings on a quarterly basis between representatives of the department, the department of natural resources and the University of Wisconsin System to exchange information regarding the progress of their efforts to promote commercial aquaculture in this state.
93.46(1m)(b) (b) The department of natural resources shall assist persons in obtaining any license or approval required by any state or federal agency to conduct a commercial aquaculture operation.
93.46(1m)(c) (c) The University of Wisconsin System shall, in cooperation with the commercial aquaculture industry, conduct applied and on-site research, outreach activities and on-site demonstrations relating to commercial aquaculture in this state.
93.46(2) (2)
93.46(2)(a)(a) The department shall make agricultural and forestry research and development grants. The department may provide grants to fund demonstration projects, feasibility analyses and applied research directed toward new or alternative technologies and practices that will stimulate agricultural and forestry development and economic activity.
93.46(2)(b) (b) The department may not award a grant under this subsection unless the grant is for a project conducted in this state that has at least one of the following purposes:
93.46(2)(b)1. 1. Creation of jobs in the agricultural industry.
93.46(2)(b)2. 2. New capital investment and expansion in the agricultural industry.
93.46(2)(b)3. 3. Agricultural product market development and expansion.
93.46(2)(b)4. 4. Diversification and expansion of the production, processing and distribution of agricultural products.
93.46(2)(b)4m. 4m. Diversification and expansion of the production, processing, and distribution of forestry products that are used to produce alternative fuels, heat, or electricity.
93.46(2)(b)5. 5. Commercial application of new technologies or practices related to agricultural products.
93.46(2)(b)5m. 5m. Commercial application of new technologies or practices related to the production of alternative fuels, heat, or electricity from forestry products.
93.46(2)(b)6. 6. Increased use of surplus agricultural products.
93.46(2)(b)7. 7. Improvement of the competitive position of this state's agricultural industry.
93.46(2)(b)8. 8. Efficient use of farmland and other agricultural resources.
93.46(2)(c) (c) The department may not fund any project under this subsection if the proposed length of the project exceeds 3 years. The total funding to a single project under this subsection may not exceed $50,000.
93.46(2)(dm) (dm) If the department receives an application under this subsection for a grant for a forestry-related project, analysis, or applied research, the department shall do all of the following:
93.46(2)(dm)1. 1. Consult with the department of natural resources in evaluating the grant application.
93.46(2)(dm)2. 2. If the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection awards the grant, require the grant recipient to coordinate its activities under the grant with any forestry-related programs identified by the department of natural resources in the consultation under subd. 1.
93.46(2)(e) (e) The department may not make a grant under this subsection that exceeds 67 percent of project costs.
93.46(4) (4)The department may not make a grant under this section for an ethanol production facility on which construction begins after July 27, 2005, unless a competitive bidding process is used for the construction of the ethanol production facility.
93.46 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. ATCP 161, Wis. adm. code.
93.47 93.47 Bioenergy council.
93.47(1)(1)The bioenergy council shall identify voluntary best management practices for sustainable biomass and biofuels production, which may include consideration of practices related to choosing biomass species, where to plant, crop management, harvest, and processing and transport, and factors such as soil management, chemical inputs, carbon sequestration in soil and root mass, plant and animal biodiversity, and other factors at the discretion of the council. The council shall consider efforts relating to sustainable biomass and biofuels production conducted by other entities, including the council on forestry.
93.47(2) (2)The council shall report its findings, at least biennially, to agencies and private parties that assist producers of biofuel feedstocks and biofuels, as determined by the council.
93.47 History History: 2009 a. 401.
93.48 93.48 Buy local grant program.
93.48(1)(1)The department may award grants from the appropriation under s. 20.115 (4) (am) to individuals or organizations to fund projects that are designed to increase the sale of agricultural products grown in this state that are purchased in close proximity to where they are produced. The department may not award a grant under this section unless the applicant contributes matching funds equal to at least 50 percent of the costs of the project. The department shall promulgate rules for the program under this section.
93.48(2) (2)The department may make grants under this section for any of the following purposes:
93.48(2)(a) (a) To create, promote, and support regional food and cultural tourism trails.
93.48(2)(b) (b) To promote the development of regional food systems through activities such as creating or expanding facilities for the processing and distribution of food for local consumption; creating or supporting networks of producers; and strengthening connections between producers, retailers, institutions, and consumers and nearby producers.
93.48 History History: 2007 a. 20; 2013 a. 20.
2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2021 Wis. Act 7 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on March 4, 2021. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after March 4, 2021, are designated by NOTES. (Published 3-4-21)