2001 - 2002 LEGISLATURE
January 3, 2001 - Introduced by Representative Foti.
AR1,1,2 1Relating to: notifying the senate and the governor that the 2001-2002 assembly is
AR1,1,3 3Resolved by the assembly, That:
AR1, s. 1 4Section 1. Officers of the 2001-2002 assembly listed. The following
5persons are the officers of the 2001-2002 assembly, as elected by the assembly or as
6previously designated by the respective party caucuses:
AR1,1,77 Speaker — Representative Scott R. Jensen
AR1,1,88 Speaker pro tempore — Representative Stephen J. Freese
AR1,1,99 Majority party officers:
AR1,1,1010 Leader — Representative Steven M. Foti
AR1,1,1111 Assistant leader — Representative Bonnie L. Ladwig
AR1,1,1212 Caucus chairperson — Representative Daniel P. Vrakas
AR1,1,1313 Caucus vice chairperson — Representative Glenn Grothman
AR1,1,1414 Caucus secretary — Representative Carol Owens
AR1,1,1515 Caucus sergeant at arms — Representative Richard A. Skindrud
1Minority party officers:
AR1,2,22 Leader — Representative Shirley Krug
AR1,2,33 Assistant leader — Representative Spencer Black
AR1,2,44 Caucus chairperson — Representative Peter E. Bock
AR1,2,55 Caucus vice chairperson — Representative Robert L. Turner
AR1,2,66 Caucus secretary — Representative Christine Sinicki
AR1,2,77 Caucus sergeant at arms — Representative Dan Schooff
AR1,2,88 Chief clerk — Honorable John A. Scocos
AR1,2,99 Sergeant at arms — Honorable Denise L. Solie
AR1, s. 2 10Section 2. Transmittal to senate and governor. Immediately upon the
11adoption of this resolution, the chief clerk shall transmit copies thereof to the senate
12and to the governor, notifying both that the 2001-2002 assembly is organized for the
13conduct of its business.
AR1,2,1414 (End)