2001 - 2002 LEGISLATURE
February 8, 2001 - Introduced by Committee on Judiciary. Referred to Committee
on Judiciary.
AR8,1,3 1To amend assembly rule 73 (1) (b) and assembly rule 95 (71); and to create assembly
2rule 51m and assembly rule 54 (3) (h); relating to: assembly confirmation of
3nominations for appointment.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This resolution provides the procedure in the assembly rules for the assembly
confirmation of nominations for appointment.
AR8,1,4 4Resolved by the assembly, That:
AR8, s. 1 5Section 1. Assembly rule 51m is created to read:
AR8,2,3 6Assembly Rule 51m. Advice and consent of the assembly. (1) Whenever
7the governor submits to the assembly a nomination for an appointment as required
8by law, the assembly committee on organization shall introduce a resolution, stating
9that it is introduced at the request of the governor, to confirm the appointment. The
10speaker shall refer the resolution to the standing committee that the speaker deems
11to be the most appropriate committee to pass upon the qualifications of the
12candidate. The committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the

1assembly in writing. Nominations by the governor may be considered, and the
2persons so nominated may with the advice and consent of the assembly and senate
3be appointed, in special as well as in regular sessions.
AR8,2,144 (2) On the question of the adoption of a resolution confirming appointments by
5the governor, the vote, notwithstanding rule 76 (4), shall be taken by an oral calling
6of the ayes and noes, which shall be entered upon the journal. Adoption of the
7resolution requires a majority vote of the elected membership. The question of
8adoption of a resolution confirming appointment is not subject to a motion for
9reconsideration under rule 73. The assembly may, but is not required to, act upon
10an appointment resubmitted by the governor when the identical appointment has
11once been refused confirmation by the assembly. The chief clerk shall record the
12cumulative status of all appointments in the bulletin of proceedings. The assembly
13shall inform the governor and the senate of its final action on confirmation of a
14nomination for appointment.
AR8, s. 2 15Section 2. Assembly rule 54 (3) (h) is created to read:
AR8,2,17 16Assembly Rule 54 (3) (h) An amendment to a resolution confirming a
17nomination for appointment under rule 51m.
AR8, s. 3 18Section 3. Assembly rule 73 (1) (b) is amended to read:
AR8,2,23 19Assembly Rule 73 (1) (b) May not be applied to: 1) the assembly's approval of
20a conference committee report or of a resolution confirming a nomination for
21appointment under rule 51m
; 2) the assembly's decision on a veto; or 3) an assembly
22action to recede from its position on a proposal so as to agree with the position of the
AR8, s. 4 24Section 4. Assembly rule 95 (71) is amended to read:
1Assembly Rule 95 (71) Resolution, assembly: A proposal: a) expressing the
2opinion of the assembly or; b) changing the assembly rules; or c) confirming a
3nomination for appointment under rule 51m
AR8,3,44 (End)