2001 - 2002 LEGISLATURE
February 7, 2001 - Introduced by Senators Darling, Panzer, Baumgart, Wirch,
Welch, Breske
and Farrow, cosponsored by Representatives Vrakas,
Wasserman, Gunderson, Ladwig, Schneider, Krawczyk, Wade, Owens,
Turner, J. Lehman, Ryba, McCormick, Plouff, Jeskewitz, D. Meyer, Williams,
and Townsend. Referred to Committee on Senate Organization.
SJR18,1,1 1Relating to: the life and public service of George A. Mayer.
SJR18,1,32 Whereas, George A. Mayer was born on January 10, 1917, in Milwaukee
3County, and died on December 15, 2000, in Chenequa, Wisconsin; and
SJR18,1,64 Whereas, Mr. Mayer was educated at the Milwaukee County Day School (now
5University School), and graduated from Yale University in 1938 and from Harvard
6University Law School in 1941; and
SJR18,1,97 Whereas, after commencing his law practice in Milwaukee, Mr. Mayer joined
8the U.S. Army in 1942 where he served with counterintelligence on the atom bomb
9project until 1946; and
SJR18,1,1110 Whereas, Mr. Mayer was elected to the Wisconsin senate in 1948 and served
11there during the 1949 and 1951 sessions; and
SJR18,1,1412 Whereas, during his tenure in the senate, Mr. Mayer served on the Committee
13of Labor and Management, Committee on Veterans Affairs, and Joint Survey
14Committee on Retirement Systems; and
1Whereas, upon leaving the legislature, Mr. Mayer resumed his law practice and
2employment as a stockbroker; and
SJR18,2,63 Whereas, after he retired from the firm of Paine, Webber, Jackson and Curtis,
4Mr. Mayer became chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Schwaab,
5Incorporated, the stamp and seal company that his maternal family started more
6than 100 years ago; and
SJR18,2,97 Whereas, Mr. Mayer served on the Milwaukee County Expressway
8Commission, and was elected to the Chenequa Village Board of Trustees in 1978;
9now, therefore, be it
SJR18,2,13 10Resolved by the assembly senate senate concurring, That the members of
11the Wisconsin legislature commend the devoted public service that George A. Mayer
12contributed to this state and his community, express their sorrow at his death, and
13extend their condolences to his family and friends; and, be it further
SJR18,2,18 14Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide copies of this joint
15resolution to Mr. Mayer's wife, Lorna; to his 2 daughters, Catherine of Minneapolis,
16Minnesota, and Margaret of Walnut Creek, California; to his 2 sons, George of Essex,
17Connecticut, and Andrew of Washington, D.C.; and to his brother, Richard S. Mayer
18of Athens, Ohio.
SJR18,2,1919 (End)