2003 - 2004 LEGISLATURE
February 19, 2004 - Introduced by Representative Hebl. Referred to Committee
on Rules.
AJR68,1,1 1Relating to: the life and military service of U.S. Army Specialist Robert J. Cook.
AJR68,1,42 Whereas, U.S. Army Specialist Robert J. Cook was born on May 1, 1979, in
3Madison, Wisconsin, and died on Thursday, January 29, 2004, near Ghanzi,
4Afghanistan while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom; and
AJR68,1,65 Whereas, Spc. Cook served with honor as a U.S. Army Ranger and Scout Sniper
6with the 2nd Infantry Division out of Fort Drum, New York; and
AJR68,1,97 Whereas, Spc. Cook graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 1997, where he
8participated in wrestling and as a member of the football team that won the 1995
9Division I Wisconsin State Championship; and
AJR68,1,1010 Whereas, Spc. Cook made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of his country; and
AJR68,1,1211 Whereas, Spc. Cook will always be remembered for his bravery and courage and
12will never be forgotten; now, therefore, be it
AJR68,2,2 13Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the
14Wisconsin legislature commend the life and devoted service of U.S. Army Specialist

1Robert J. Cook, express their sorrow at his death, and extend their condolences to his
2family and friends; and, be it further
AJR68,2,6 3Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide copies of this joint
4resolution to Spc. Cook's mother and stepfather, Sandra and Robert Selheim of Sun
5Prairie; to his father, Doug Cook of Verona; to his sister, Jennifer R. Cook; and to his
6brothers, Tristan and Kyle Cook.
AJR68,2,77 (End)