Period ending December 31, 2006

Pursuant to Joint Rule 77 (2), "In the author indexes, the brief description of each proposal shall be shown routinely only under the first and second author, and under the first cosponsor, of each proposal. For additional authors and cosponsors, the proposal shall be listed in the author index by number only."

Table of Contents
Ainsworth, Rep. John H. (6th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Albers, Rep. Sheryl (50th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Ballweg, Rep. Joan A. (41st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Benedict, Rep. Charles P. (45th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Berceau, Rep. Terese (76th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Bies, Rep. Garey D. (1st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Black, Rep. Spencer (77th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Boyle, Rep. Frank (73rd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Colon, Rep. Pedro A. (8th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Cullen, Rep. David A. (13th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Davis, Rep. Brett H. (80th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Fields, Rep. Jason (11th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Fitzgerald, Rep. Jeff (39th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Freese, Rep. Stephen J. (51st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Friske, Rep. Donald R. (35th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Gard, Rep. John G. (89th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Gielow, Rep. Curtis C. (23rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Gottlieb, Rep. Mark (60th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Grigsby, Rep. Tamara D. (18th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Gronemus, Rep. Barbara (91st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Gunderson, Rep. Scott L. (83rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Gundrum, Rep. Mark (84th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hahn, Rep. Eugene (47th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hebl, Rep. Gary A. (46th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Hines, Rep. J.A. (42nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Honadel, Rep. Mark R. (21st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hubler, Rep. Mary (75th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Huebsch, Rep. Michael D. (94th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hundertmark, Rep. Jean L. (40th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Jensen, Rep. Scott R. (98th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Jeskewitz, Rep. Suzanne (24th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kaufert, Rep. Dean R. (55th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kerkman, Rep. Samantha (66th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kessler, Rep. Frederick P. (12th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Kestell, Rep. Steve (27th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kleefisch, Rep. Joel M. (38th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Krawczyk, Rep. Judy (88th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kreibich, Rep. Rob (93rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kreuser, Rep. James (64th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Krusick, Rep. Peggy (7th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Lamb, Rep. Andy C. (29th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Lasee, Rep. Frank G. (2nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Lehman, Rep. John W. (62nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
LeMahieu, Rep. Daniel R. (59th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Loeffelholz, Rep. Gabe (49th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Lothian, Rep. Thomas A. (32nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
McCormick, Rep. Terri (56th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Meyer, Rep. Dan L. (34th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Molepske, Rep. Louis J. (71st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Montgomery, Rep. Phil (4th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Moulton, Rep. Terry A. (68th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Mursau, Rep. Jeffrey L. (36th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Musser, Rep. Terry M. (92nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nass, Rep. Stephen L. (31st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nelson, Rep. Thomas M. (5th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Nerison, Rep. Lee (96th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Newcomer, Rep. Scott A. (33rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nischke, Rep. Ann M. (97th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Ott, Rep. Alvin R. (3rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Owens, Rep. Carol (53rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Parisi, Rep. Joseph T. (48th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Petrowski, Rep. Jerry (86th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Pettis, Rep. Mark L. (28th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Pocan, Rep. Mark (78th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Pope-Roberts, Rep. Sondy M. (79th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Pridemore, Rep. Donald F. (99th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Rhoades, Rep. Kitty (30th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Richards, Rep. Jon (19th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Schneider, Rep. Marlin D. (72nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Seidel, Rep. Donna J. (85th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sheridan, Rep. Michael J. (44th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sherman, Rep. Gary E. (74th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Shilling, Rep. Jennifer (95th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sinicki, Rep. Christine (20th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Staskunas, Rep. Tony (15th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Steinbrink, Rep. John P. (65th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Stone, Rep. Jeff A. (82nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Strachota, Rep. Patricia A. (58th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Suder, Rep. Scott (69th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Toles, Rep. Barbara L. (17th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Towns, Rep. Debra L. (43rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Townsend, Rep. John F. (52nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Travis, Rep. David (81st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Turner, Rep. Robert L. (61st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Underheim, Rep. Gregg (54th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Van Akkeren, Rep. Terry (26th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Van Roy, Rep. Karl T. (90th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Vos, Rep. Robin J. (63rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Vrakas, Rep. Daniel P. (33rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Vruwink, Rep. Amy Sue (70th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Vukmir, Rep. Leah (14th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Wasserman, Rep. Sheldon A. (22nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Wieckert, Rep. Steve (57th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Williams, Rep. Annette Polly (10th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Williams, Rep. Mary (87th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Wood, Rep. Jeffrey (67th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Young, Rep. Leon D. (16th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Zepnick, Rep. Josh (9th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Ziegelbauer, Rep. Robert F. (25th A.Dist.; Dem.)
A6 Ainsworth, Rep. John H. (6th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Accumulated unused sick leave credits re public employees: use to purchase health insurance and long-term care insurance permitted -  AB1120
Agricultural vehicles and agricultural implements: lighting and visibility marking requirements revised re highway operation; amber strobe light and emergency rule provisions; DOT duty specified -  AB340
Amber strobe light used by certain motor trucks traveling slowly on highways permitted -  AB18
Anagnostopoulos, James: military service and heroic acts honored -  AJR14
Anesthesia administered in an office-based setting: MEB to implement rules and establish written guidelines; physician, nurse, certain assistant or trainee, and report provisions; exception for dentistry -  AB853
Background checks, including FBI fingerprint analysis, on persons hired by the DMV required - AB1019
Building code or zoning ordinance violations: remedies in certain actions -  AB597
Campaign finance law revision re donation from campaign treasury to charitable organization or common school fund at any time, for any reason -  AB998
Car line company: tax on gross earnings revised -  AB224
Cellular telepone use by vehicle operator during accident: new form of traffic offense created; DOT to prepare uniform report form or automated format; rebuttable presumption created; written warning re sale or lease of phones required; JCRCP duties -  AB1113
Combined protective services departments: cities and towns authorized to provide; limitations on villages removed  - AB198
Condemnation of property prohibited unless expressly authorized by statute -  AB682
Converting agricultural land: county payment of penalty to taxation district modified -  AB312
County forest land use plan period modified -  AB9
County forest land use plan period modified; eligibility for forest administrator and sustainable forestry grants provision  - AB316
Debit card use: prohibition on merchant placing a hold on the account to cover anticipated costs created; Wisconsin Consumer Act provisions -  AB1050
Ecstasy: penalty for possession revised -  AB989
Employment discrimination because of military status revised and expanded; exception if the individual has been less than honorably discharged -  AB525
Empty weight displayed on side of certain motor vehicles: requirement repealed -  AB97
Farm truck or dual purpose farm truck combined with a semitrailer or farm trailer: exemption from motor carrier regulations and marking requirement; horse trailer, vehicle combination weight, and passenger provisions; DOT prohibited from promulgating certain rules -  AB762
Funeral procession: flashing lights on vehicles permitted -  AB611
Headlamps and other lamps on vehicles: use required when climatic conditions limit visibility - AB98
Health insurance ID card for a child: parent required to provide to the other parent re divorce, legal separation, or paternity actions; contempt of court provision  - AB526
Homestead tax credit: definition of income modified -  AB19
Humane officer employed by a political subdivision may issue a citation on behalf of that political subdivision  - AB696
Inattentive driving: current prohibitions revised; prohibition re electronic device that is activated and transmitting information or entertainment by visual means created, exceptions provided - AB567
Interstate Compact for Juveniles: new compact created -  AB41
Jackamonis, Edward G.: life and public service -  AJR74
Joint Committee on State Mandates created; LFB and report provisions -  AB173
Kiser, (SSG) Charles Anthony: life and military service commended -  AJR2
Law enforcement officer or fire fighter discipline procedure revised re collective bargaining agreement  - AB185
Legal custody or periods of physical placement of child: court authorized to make modifications contingent on future events or change in conditions -  AB311
``Lightweight utility vehicle" classification created; operation restrictions -  AB219
Livestock transported in farm truck or combination of farm truck and semitrailer or trailer by registered vehicle owner: exemption from motor carrier regulations; DOT provision  - AB342
Lybert, (SSG) Patrick: life and military service commended - AJR109
Manufactured buildings: restrictive deeds or covenants prohibited -  AB1092
Marriage and parental responsibility instruction in human growth and development course, during same school year, required -  AB309
Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and the industry: revisions re definitions, monthly fees, recreation vehicle regulations, manufactured home communities regulation, and sewer and water service to manufactured home communities  - AB1085
Motor bicycle definition expanded re the federal definition of ``low-speed electric bicycle" -  AB95
Motor vehicle fuel tax refund for schools, technical college districts, and local governments created; provisions re DOR and persons under contract with school districts to transport pupils to and from school activities -  AB726
Motor vehicle key duplication by dealer prohibited unless person providing the VIN also presents a valid certificate of title; forfeiture provision -  SB210
Motor vehicle operator's license seized by court order or law enforcement officer: procedure revised; occupational license and reinstatement provisions -  AB51
Motor vehicle safety belt violations: imposing court fees - SB246
Motor vehicle salvage dealer license revisions re storm water discharge and refrigerant recovery permits and county ordinance compliance -  AB230
Motor vehicle salvage dealer license revisions re storm water discharge and refrigerant recovery permits and county ordinance compliance -  SB122
Nelson, Gaylord: service to the state and the environment commended -  SJR17
Nonresident registrants under the campaign finance law: report requirements revised -  AB65
O'Donnell, (LCPL) Shane K.: life and military service commended -  AJR1
Outdoor advertising sign removal or denial or revocation of certain licenses or permits: person aggrieved by DOT notice may bypass DHA administrative hearing process and institute a civil action in circuit court -  AB741
Payment of property taxes when property is partially condemned revised under certain conditions - AB96
Physician order entry record system for medical services: incentive MA payment to hospitals that establish authorized  - AB1121
Police vehicles to include any authorized emergency vehicle operated by a law enforcement officer, equipping vehicle with a white light allowed; command post vehicle may use a green light only, expanded to include certain state or political subdivision vehicles -  AB978
POW/MIA flag: DOT required to fly at rest areas along interstate highways; contributions provision - AB382
Prostate Cancer Awareness Day proclaimed June 7 -  SJR26
Public library system: required support from county and municipalities eliminated re 3-year average  - AB483