2009 Senate Joint Resolution 78
Relating to: the retirement of John Stolzenberg, chief of research services, Legislative Council staff, following a long and distinguished career in nonpartisan service to the Wisconsin legislature.
Whereas, John Stolzenberg was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 1970; and
Whereas, Ohio's loss was Wisconsin's gain, as John moved to Madison for graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, earning a masters degree in chemical engineering, followed in 1975 by a PhD in environmental studies; and
Whereas, John met his future wife, Louise, through the Wisconsin Hoofers, marrying in 1978; and
Whereas, while still in graduate school, John was hired by the forward-thinking Bonnie Reese as the first staff scientist at the Legislative Council—assuming the position full time in November 1975—as part of a national effort to incorporate scientific and technical expertise into the cadres of legislative staff following the energy crisis and the growth in environmental regulation; and
Whereas, John exemplified the Bonnie Reese paradigm of legislative staff work by early and active involvement in legislative issues and by the cogent presentation of complex information through innovative tables, charts, and diagrams; and
Whereas, John has capably staffed innumerable Legislative Council study committees on complex subjects ranging from recycling, privacy, and the Great Lakes Compact to nuclear power, acid rain, and telecommunications restructuring, as well as working groups and special projects to develop legislative proposals on groundwater protection, solid and hazardous waste management, wetlands protection, energy efficiency, and renewable energy; and
Whereas, John has provided invaluable guidance to his standing committee chairs and members, focusing on issues relating to the environment, natural resources, information policy, telecommunications, and utilities and energy; and
Whereas, John has worked tirelessly on legislative efforts to implement the recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming; and
Whereas, John helped to design and provide training for new legislative staff, beginning with the 2001 session; and
Whereas, John has been a valued and collegial member of the council staff for 35 years, serving for the past 10 years as chief of research services, sporting his once-trademark bowtie, cheerily answering phone calls with "Greetings, John Stolzenberg," making time to socialize and share with his colleagues on the Wednesday Legislative Council lunch run, bounding off to the capitol for yet another meeting after dropping another of his trademarks— the rush project—into the workbasket, and often being the last to turn off his office lights at night; and
Whereas, John's well-rounded life is exemplified by his many pursuits outside of work, as an active church member, flute player in the VFW Community Band, homebuilder with Habitat for Humanity from Madison to Guatemala and El Salvador, ballroom dancer, and enthusiast for the great Wisconsin outdoors; and
Whereas, John's exuberance, love of learning, and generosity of spirit will be greatly missed by all who worked with him; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the Wisconsin legislature honor and commend John Stolzenberg for his 35 years of devoted service to the Wisconsin legislature and wish him many fruitful, active, and enjoyable years in retirement; and, be it further
Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide copies of this joint resolution to John and his wife Lou and their children, Karen and David.