district attorneyDistrict attorney
Assistant DA pay progression plan established -  Act 238
Assistant DA pay progression plan, JCF approval [Sec. 9113 (3c)] [partial veto] -  Act 32
Crime victim and witness rights revisions re treatment by public officials and use of personally identifying information including email; DA and legislative intent provisions  -  Act 283
districtingDistricting, see Redistricting
divorceDivorce, see also Marriage
Actions affecting the family and paternity actions: form for SSN of minor children [Sec. 3478-3481, 9308 (2), (3)]  -  Act 32
do not call listDo not call list, see Telephone
dodge countyDodge County
Fox Lake, City of: 2013 levy limit adjustment re 2011 equalized valuation of property error -  Act 145
Nursing homes: MA payment base funding revised; Dodge and Dunn counties added to labor regions [Sec. 1430c, 9121 (10q), 9421 (6q)] -  Act 32
Class B bear hunting license: revisions re shooting a bear in certain circumstances, dog training, back tags, youth under age 16, and license exemption on set day in August  -  Act 28
Wolf harvesting licenses: DNR authorized to issue if the wolf is removed from endangered and threatened species lists; wolf depredation program created re damage to livestock, hunting dogs, and pets -  Act 169
door countyDoor County
Johnson, Axel Albert: life and public service to the Door County community commended [AJR-14] -  JR-7
drillingDrilling, see Wells
drinking waterDrinking water, see Water supply
drivers_ educationDrivers' education
Failure-to-yield violations resulting in bodily harm, great bodily harm, or death: operating privilege suspension and vehicle right-of-way course requirement; driver education instruction provision -  Act 173
Third-party driving skills testing for Class D operator's license permitted [Sec. 3152c-i] -  Act 32
drug abuseDrug abuse, see Drugs
Administration of prescription and nonprescription drug products to pupils: types of drug products requiring training expanded, school nurse definition amended, requirement that drug product be supplied by a parent or guardian eliminated, and private school provisions -  Act 86
DSPS authority and responsibility changes re buildings and safety, occupational regulation, and changes to the measurement of products containing opium or other controlled substances -  Act 146
Electronic prescription of schedule II controlled substances permitted in non-emergency cases -  Act 159
Epinephrine auto-injector: pupil permitted to possess with written approval; civil liability immunity provision  -  Act 85
Generic drugs purchased for MA by competitive bidding process: DHS study required [Sec. 9121 (11i)] [partial veto] -  Act 32
Justice information surcharge revenue structure revised; OJA funding re statistics on civil legal services to indigent persons eliminated; child advocacy center grants, justice information sharing program appropriation, drug offender surcharge fund deficit plan and Milwaukee County grant provisions [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Justice Assistance, Office of"] -  Act 32
Landlord-tenant relations: laws revised re disposal of tenant's personal property, security deposit, standardized check-in sheet, disclosure of uncorrected building code violations, repair or maintenance requests, voiding a rental agreement, damages for tenant's failure to vacate, and eviction for nonpayment of rent; local governments prohibited from enacting or enforcing an ordinance placing a moratorium on evictions  -  Act 143
Prescription drug manufacturer or distributor may deliver drugs to faculty member of private or public institution of higher education if used for lawful research, teaching, or testing -  Act 100
Synthetic cannabinoid and two stimulant substances classified as Schedule I controlled substances, penalties and ordinance provisions; JRCCP report -  Act 31
UI benefits: waiting period and failure of or refusal to take a test for illegal drugs required by employer or potential employer; DWD provision [Sec. 2403e-x, 9354 (1q), (2q)]  -  Act 32
UI law changes including test for illegal drugs, and contribution liability of successor employers; unemployment integrity fund created, sunset provision -  Act 198
Voluntary and informed consent to an abortion revisions; restrictions on the use of abortion-inducing drugs; repeal of certain abortion prohibitions -  Act 217
DOT revisions re issuance of certificate of title for OWI-related seized vehicle, operating privilege revocation, multijurisdictional proportional registration and motor carrier insurance, and DOT-assigned VIN (remedial legislation)  -  Act 262
dunn countyDunn County
Nursing homes: MA payment base funding revised; Dodge and Dunn counties added to labor regions [Sec. 1430c, 9121 (10q), 9421 (6q)] -  Act 32
dwelling or dwelling codeDwelling or dwelling code, see Housing
e - E -
earned income tax credit _eitc_Earned income tax credit (EITC), see Income tax — Credit
earned release review commissionEarned Release Review Commission
Sentencing adjustment: 2009 WisAct 28 changes returned to pre-Act law and Parole Commission restored; positive adjustment time, risk reduction sentences, and ERRC eliminated; extended supervision provisions; court to modify period of probation and notifying victims -  Act 38
Agricultural conservation easement purchase program modified and report required; conservation fee requirement for rezoning land out of a farmland preservation zoning district eliminated [Sec. 377, 379, 797, 889, 2279-2287, 2307c, 9103 (1i), (2i)] -  Act 32
Stewardship Program revisions re easements, reasons for prohibiting public access, JCF review threshold, and aids in lieu of property taxes; DNR appropriations and local government nonbinding resolution provisions [Sec. 587-589, 601, 825-834, 837-840m, 862m, 863-865, 1748de, e, 9335 (2)]  -  Act 32
eau claire countyEau Claire County
RTAs eliminated; dissolution and winding down of existing RTAs [Sec. 751g, h, 772g, r, 922e-v, 1139m, 1679d-t, 1720b, 1727m, 1729g, r, 1745m, 1747r, 1754r, 1894r, 1895r, 2014r, 2177m, 2180m, 2183d-r, 2187d-n, 2237e-o, 3182g, r, 3471m, 3567m, 9148 (3u), 9448 (6u)] -  Act 32
economic development corporation, wisconsinEconomic Development Corporation, Wisconsin, see also Commerce, Department of
Angel investment tax credit program revisions re qualified new business venture certification; angel investment or early stage seed tax credit does not have to be paid back if investment is held for less than 3 years and is worthless  -  Act 213
Brownfield site assessment grants modified and transferred from DNR to WEDC; brownfields green space grants repealed; payment of brownfield grant program encumbrances [Sec. 501c, 2990r, 2991b, 9155 (3f), (3g)] [2990r — partial veto; 9155 (3g) — vetoed] -  Act 32
Capital gains from Wisconsin-source assets: income tax exclusion; WEDC and DOR duties; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1754, 1761, 1763, 1866, 2862] -  Act 32
Economic development functions and programs transferred from Comm.Dept to WEDC, minimum salaries for jobs tax credit restored [for section numbers, see entry under ``Commerce, Department of"] -  Act 32
Income tax deferral for long-term Wisconsin capital assets provisions created; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1764, 2863] -  Act 32
Jobs tax credit: maximum allocation increased -  Act 88
Powers and duties carried out by the board unless delegated to an employee [Sec. 2859m] -  Act 32
State Main Street Program transferred to WEDC and Council on Main Street Programs repealed [Sec. 2860m, 3330c-3331]  -  Act 32
WHEDA economic development activities revised, WEDC provision -  Act 214
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created; Comm.Dept and LAB duties, public employee and WRS provisions, reports required [partial veto]  -  Act 7
educational approval boardEducational Approval Board
Restriction on use of the term ``college": EAB may make an exception for certain residential facility in the Village of Union Grove [Sec. 1105n] -  Act 32
educational institution fund raisingEducational institution fund raising, see Charitable corporation
educational service agency, cooperativeEducational Service Agency, Cooperative
Employment discrimination based on conviction record: educational agency exempt re unpardoned felony conviction  -  Act 83
edvest _college savings program_EdVest (college savings program), see Scholarships and loans