oconto countyOconto County
Copper Culture State Park: DOT to erect tourism-oriented directional signs [Sec. 9148 (4f)] -  Act 32
oil and oil inspectionOil and oil inspection, see Petroleum
open enrollment re schoolOpen enrollment re school, see School — Attendance
American Red Cross, Badger Chapter: income tax checkoff created [Sec. 635d, 752, 1889e, 2894s, 9341 (3u)]  -  Act 32
Community partnerships between school districts and foster home agencies and community-based nongovernmental agencies: DOA to submit funding plans prepared by DPI and DCF to JCF [Sec. 9101 (3i)] -  Act 32
Management, maintenance, and improvement activities on DNR land: contracts with and receipt of gifts, grants, moneys, materials, or services from nonprofit conservation organizations [Sec. 822d-s] -  Act 32
Public affairs network loan guarantee program created in WHEDA re broadcasting proceedings of the Legislature; income tax exemption [Sec. 1755d, 1896d, 2015d, 2840m, 2846c-r] -  Act 32
School board contract with Second Chance Partners for Education and similar nonprofit corporations permitted re work-based learning program for at-risk children  -  Act 157
Special Olympics Wisconsin, Inc.: individual income tax checkoff created -  Act 76
Student housing facilities: property tax exemption repealed re nonprofit organization on U.W. Madison campus [Sec. 1747n, 1748d, 9341 (4d), 9441 (4d] [vetoed]  -  AB-40
U.W. Board of Regents' use of broadband services and its relationship with Wisconsin's Research and Education Network (WiscNet): LAB audit required; third-party entity and service to hospitals provisions [Sec. 335m, 970b, d, 1015x, 9152 (2c)] [1015x — partial veto] -  Act 32
Volunteer health care provider: expansion of services that may be offered re outpatient surgery [Sec. 2664f-j]  -  Act 32
otte, carlOtte, Carl
Life and public service [SJR-18] -  JR-3
outagamie countyOutagamie County
Major highway projects: four projects approved by TPC added to current enumerated list [Sec. 2211-2214]  -  Act 32
outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising, see Billboard
p - P -
pace _program for all_inclusive care for the elderly_PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), see Nursing homes and adult care
parochial and private educational institutionsParochial and private educational institutions
Administration of prescription and nonprescription drug products to pupils: types of drug products requiring training expanded, school nurse definition amended, requirement that drug product be supplied by a parent or guardian eliminated, and private school provisions -  Act 86
Employment discrimination based on conviction record: educational agency exempt re unpardoned felony conviction  -  Act 83
Epinephrine auto-injector: pupil permitted to possess with written approval; civil liability immunity provision  -  Act 85
Identification requirement for voting in elections created, ``proof of identification" and noncompliant REAL ID provisions; use of corroborating electors to verify residence discontinued; DOT ID card fee may be waived and obtaining a card without a photo for religious reasons; special voting deputies to certain adult family homes and residential care apartment complexes permitted; GAB public informational campaign; signature requirement re voting in person; durational residency requirement increased; straight party ticket eliminated; deadline for late registration and absentee voting in person changed; GAB special registration deputies discontinued; voter registration information and list revisions; proof of residence modified re university, college, and technical college student IDs -  Act 23
Instructional materials for students with disabilities in institutions of higher education: publishers required to provide in alternate formats upon request, exceptions for members of certain nationwide exchange network and if alternate format is commercially available; conditions specified  -  Act 124
MPCP and parental choice program for eligible school districts: revisions re verification of income eligibility, approved accrediting and preaccrediting organizations, a school's retention of a disqualified person, fees and tuition, and certificates of occupancy -  Act 47
MPCP participating private school: revisions re family income requirement, additional tuition and fees, participation open to any private school, accrediting agency, pupil assessments, family applications, auditing standards, payments directly to the private school, enrollment cap, and DOR duties [Sec. 2488pt, 2536-2536g, 2536p-2541m, 2542c-2549u, 9337 (3)-(5r)] [2536g — partial veto]  -  Act 32
MPCP program changes: DPI required to notify participating private schools prior to start of the school year [Sec. 2550, 2551] -  Act 32
Parental choice program for eligible school districts created by 2011 WisAct 32: closed to additional school districts  -  Act 215
Parental choice programs for eligible school districts: provisions created, DPI duties [Sec. 522m, 537m, v, 2476m, 2488b-p, r- y, 2532m, 2536h, 2571d-t, 2664b, d, 2977p, 3526m, 9137 (3u)] [2532m — partial veto] -  Act 32
Prescription drug manufacturer or distributor may deliver drugs to faculty member of private or public institution of higher education if used for lawful research, teaching, or testing -  Act 100
Restriction on use of the term ``college": EAB may make an exception for certain residential facility in the Village of Union Grove [Sec. 1105n] -  Act 32
Voter registration at high schools and certain tribal schools: requirement and procedures deleted  -  Act 240
parole or probationParole or probation
Child sex offenses: court may impose lesser sentence than required or place person on probation if person is no more than 48 months older than the victim -  Act 272
GPS tracking by Corr.Dept for restraining order or injunction violation conviction: court may order; surcharge, costs, notification, and penalty provisions; JRCCP report  -  Act 266
Sentencing adjustment: 2009 WisAct 28 changes returned to pre-Act law and Parole Commission restored; positive adjustment time, risk reduction sentences, and ERRC eliminated; extended supervision provisions; court to modify period of probation and notifying victims -  Act 38
patient_s compensation fundPatient's compensation fund, see Medical malpractice
payday loan providerPayday loan provider, see Small loan
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
per diemPer diem, see specific subject
permitPermit, see specific subject
personal propertyPersonal property
Landlord-tenant relations: laws revised re disposal of tenant's personal property, security deposit, standardized check-in sheet, disclosure of uncorrected building code violations, repair or maintenance requests, voiding a rental agreement, damages for tenant's failure to vacate, and eviction for nonpayment of rent; local governments prohibited from enacting or enforcing an ordinance placing a moratorium on evictions  -  Act 143
Birth to 3 Program and disabled children's long-term support program: DHS to utilize a private entity to administer; county costs set [Sec. 658, 1271, 1313-1316]  -  Act 32
Family Care, Family Care Partnership, PACE, and IRIS: revisions to 2011 WisAct 32 re enrollment cap, expansion, and certain funding allocation; JCF review of contracts required -  Act 127
Homecraft services for persons with severe disabilities: requirement removed [Sec. 1317-1320] -  Act 32
Hunting, trapping, and fishing: laws revised re encouraging activities and outdoor recreation, Stewardship Program, approval fees, high school credit re certain education programs, Class D hunting permits issued to certain disabled persons, additional fishing special event weekend, state parks, and annual disabled veteran recreation cards; Sporting Heritage Council created, study required -  Act 168
Instructional materials for students with disabilities in institutions of higher education: publishers required to provide in alternate formats upon request, exceptions for members of certain nationwide exchange network and if alternate format is commercially available; conditions specified  -  Act 124
Paratransit aids: supplemental funding, urban mass transit provision [Sec. 605t, 2255m] -  Act 32
Restriction on use of the term ``college": EAB may make an exception for certain residential facility in the Village of Union Grove [Sec. 1105n] -  Act 32
Special ID card issued by DOT re parking privileges for persons with disabilities: penalties for misuse revised  -  Act 98
Wheelchair repairs re individuals enrolled in MA: prior authorization requirement prohibited, conditions set [Sec. 1437h] -  Act 32
pesticidePesticide, see Pests
DATCP revisions re confidentiality of exemptions from requirement to register livestock premises, county land conservation committee membership, vehicle scale operators, and reporting requirement for pesticide sales (remedial legislation)  -  Act 263
DATCP's pest abatement authority not limited to agricultural lands -  Act 254
peterson, richardPeterson, Richard
Life, public service, and military service commended [AJR-68]  -  JR-9
DRL name changed to Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and some Comm.Dept functions transferred; certain unfair trade practice rules transferred from DATCP; administration of laws re erosion control at commercial building construction sites transferred from DNR; technical assistance for American Indian economic development; manufactured housing rehabilitation and recycling program transferred from Comm.Dept; DOA provisions [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 32
Oil absorbent materials that contain waste oil: disposal in solid waste disposal facility prohibited unless certain conditions are met, free-flowing oil provision -  Act 152
Petroleum inspection fund transfer to transportation fund [Sec. 9210 (1)] -  Act 32
petsPets, see Animal
Health care benefits provided to certain assistance program recipients: modifications to third parties required to provide information to DHS and from which DHS may recover payments; pharmacy benefits manager provision  -  Act 189
Pharmacy management services at state treatment facilities: request for proposals requirement eliminated [Sec. 1663] -  Act 32
Vaccination administered by a pharmacist: minimum age lowered [Sec. 3212q] -  Act 32