2011 Senate Joint Resolution 65
Relating to: commending Madison Area Technical College on its 100th anniversary.
Whereas, the Madison Industrial School first began offering courses in 1912 to 63 students ages 14-16 in a fire station just east of the State Capitol; and
Whereas, by 1932, the Madison School of Vocational Education was serving nearly 8,000 students from five area school districts, upgrading their skills to find employment in the midst of the Great Depression; and
Whereas, during World War II, the school offered courses around the clock to train women and men to meet the wartime production needs of the nation; and
Whereas, in 1966, the Madison Vocational, Technical, and Adult Schools began to offer college transfer courses to meet the needs of veterans returning from the Vietnam War; and
Whereas, in the 1980s, Madison Area Technical College offered on-the-job training to businesses that were beginning to integrate computers into the workplace and produced graduates trained to operate and service the new information technology; and
Whereas, as a result of the Great Recession, the college experienced record enrollment growth as individuals of all ages came to upgrade skills, obtain new training, and prepare themselves for new careers; and
Whereas, Madison Area Technical College now serves approximately 40,000 students annually; and
Whereas, Madison Area Technical College has worked to increase educational opportunities for all students by offering courses on-line, creating accelerated degree programs for working students, and integrating adult basic education with skills training, all in an effort to meet the needs of businesses and communities in south-central Wisconsin; and
Whereas, Madison Area Technical College will continue its historic mission of training and educating individuals to promote both their own self-sufficiency and the broader economic development of Wisconsin; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the legislature commends the work and efforts of Madison Area Technical College and joins it in celebrating a century of success.