2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
February 5, 2013 - Offered by Senator Tiffany.
SB1-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB1-SA1,1,4 21. Page 104, line 8: delete the material beginning with "the method" and
3ending with "600/2-78-054" on line 9 and substitute "static testing, kinetic testing,
4and microscopic testing for mineralization characterization".
SB1-SA1,1,5 52. Page 183, line 5: delete lines 5 to 17 and substitute:
SB1-SA1,1,13 6"(b) When issuing or modifying a mining permit or issuing or reissuing any
7other approval, the department may reduce the design management zone by a
8horizontal distance of not more than 600 feet. The department may not reduce the
9design management zone unless the department determines that preventive action
10limits and enforcement standards or alternative concentration limits will be met at
11the boundary of the reduced design management zone. The department shall
12consider the following factors in determining whether to reduce the design
13management zone:
11. Nature, thickness, and permeability of unconsolidated materials, including
SB1-SA1,2,33 2. Nature and permeability of bedrock.
SB1-SA1,2,44 3. Groundwater depth, flow direction, and velocity.
SB1-SA1,2,55 4. Waste volume, type, and characteristics.
SB1-SA1,2,66 5. Contaminant mobility.
SB1-SA1,2,77 6. Distances to the property boundary and surface waters.
SB1-SA1,2,88 7. Engineering design of the facility.
SB1-SA1,2,99 8. Life span of the facility.
SB1-SA1,2,1010 9. Present and anticipated uses of land and groundwater.
SB1-SA1,2,1111 10. Potential abatement options if an enforcement standard is exceeded.".
SB1-SA1,2,12 123. Page 183, line 22: after that line insert:
SB1-SA1,2,15 13"(d) An operator shall monitor groundwater quality at locations approved by
14the department along the boundary of the design management zone and within the
15design management zone.".
SB1-SA1,2,1616 (End)