2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
February 26, 2013 - Offered by Joint Committee on Finance.
SB23-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB23-SA1,1,3 21. Page 3, line 21: delete "both new" and substitute "unemployed and
3underemployed workers".
SB23-SA1,1,4 42. Page 3, line 24: after that line insert:
SB23-SA1,2,2 5"(1m) Labor market information system. From the appropriation under s.
620.445 (1) (bm), the department shall develop and maintain a labor market
7information system to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on current and
8projected employment opportunities in this state and other appropriate information
9relating to labor market dynamics as determined by the department. The
10department shall make the information contained in the system available, free of
11charge, to school districts, technical colleges, tribal colleges, institutions and college
12campuses within the University of Wisconsin System, local workforce development
13boards established under 29 USC 2832, employers, job seekers, and the general

1public, including making that information available on the department's Internet
SB23-SA1,2,3 33. Page 4, line 1: delete lines 1 to 9 and substitute:
SB23-SA1,2,5 4"(2g) Implementation. (a) Duties. To implement this section, the department
5shall do all of the following:
SB23-SA1,2,86 1. Promulgate rules prescribing procedures and criteria for awarding grants
7under sub. (1) and the information that must be contained in the reports required
8under subd. 3.
SB23-SA1,2,119 2. Receive and review applications for grants under sub. (1) and prescribe the
10form, nature, and extent of the information that must be contained in an application
11for a grant under sub. (1).
SB23-SA1,2,1412 3. Require reports from grant recipients describing how the grant moneys
13received by a grant recipient were expended and the outcomes achieved as a result
14of the training program implemented by the grant recipient.
SB23-SA1,2,1715 (b) Powers. In addition to the duties described in par. (a), the department shall
16have all other powers necessary and convenient to implement this section, including
17the power to audit and inspect the records of grant recipients.".
SB23-SA1,2,18 184. Page 4, line 9: after that line insert:
SB23-SA1,2,21 19"(2m) Consultation. The department shall consult with the technical college
20system board and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation in
21implementing this section.".
SB23-SA1,3,4 225. Page 4, line 13: after "year." insert "The report shall include information on
23the number of unemployed and underemployed workers and incumbent employees
24who participate in training programs under this section; the number of unemployed

1workers who obtain gainful employment, underemployed workers who obtain new
2employment, and incumbent employees who receive increased compensation after
3participating in such a training program; and the wages earned by those workers and
4employees both before and after participating in such a training program.".
SB23-SA1,3,5 56. Page 4, line 15: delete lines 15 to 19.
SB23-SA1,3,66 (End)