2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
September 8, 2015 - Offered by Representative R. Brooks.
AB285-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB285-AA1,1,3 21. Page 2, line 11: delete the material beginning with "chapter," and ending
3with "columbarium." on line 13 and substitute "chapter.".
AB285-AA1,1,4 42. Page 2, line 16: after that line insert:
AB285-AA1,1,9 5"(d) The religious association shall deposit, within 30 days after receipt of the
6payment, at least 25 percent of each payment of principal received from the sale of
7a niche in the columbarium into a care fund, until the care fund equals 25 percent
8of the cost of constructing the columbarium. The care fund and any income from
9investment of the care fund may be used only to maintain the columbarium.
AB285-AA1,1,1210 (e) 1. Annually, the religious association shall file a certification with the
11department on a form prescribed and furnished by the department that includes all
12of the following:
1a. The name and address of the religious association and the address where the
2columbarium is located.
AB285-AA1,2,43 b. A notarized statement of an authorized agent of the religious association that
4the religious association is in full compliance with par. (d).
AB285-AA1,2,65 2. A certification under this paragraph is effective for a 12-month period,
6beginning on the date the certification is filed with the department.
AB285-AA1,2,97 3. During the effective period specified under subd. 2., the department may not
8audit the care fund or any records or accounts of the religious association relating to
9the care fund for the columbarium to which the certification applies.
AB285-AA1,2,1210 4. The religious association is liable for the damages of any person resulting
11from the failure of the religious association to fully comply with par. (d) during the
12effective period specified under subd. 2.".