2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
February 15, 2016 - Introduced by Representatives Stuck, Brostoff, Mason,
Sargent, Young, Barnes, Genrich, Pope, Berceau, Kessler, Sinicki,
Johnson, Ohnstad, Goyke and Hebl, cosponsored by Senators C. Larson,
Carpenter, Risser, Wirch, Harris Dodd and Lassa. Referred to Committee on
Energy and Utilities.
AB915,1,3 1An Act to amend 66.0817 (intro.); and to create 66.0817 (8) of the statutes;
2relating to: prohibiting sales or leases of municipal water or sewer utilities to
3investor-owned utilities.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This bill prohibits a town, village, or city from selling or leasing to an
investor-owned public utility any plant or portion of a plant used to provide water
or sewer service.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB915,1 4Section 1. 66.0817 (intro.) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB915,1,7 566.0817 Sale or lease of municipal public utility plant. (intro.) A Except
6as provided in sub. (8), a
town, village or city may sell or lease any complete public
7utility plant owned by it in the following manner:
AB915,2 8Section 2. 66.0817 (8) of the statutes is created to read:
166.0817 (8) A town, village, or city may not sell or lease to an investor-owned
2public utility any plant or portion of a plant used to provide water or sewer service.
AB915,3 3Section 3. Initial applicability.
AB915,2,64 (1) This act first applies to sales under contracts entered into on the effective
5date of this subsection and leases entered into, or extended, modified, or renewed,
6on the effective date of this subsection.
AB915,2,77 (End)