2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
February 4, 2016 - Introduced by Representatives Barca, Ohnstad, Kerkman,
Jorgensen, Berceau, Spreitzer, Sinicki and Wachs, cosponsored by Senators
Wirch, Wanggaard, Vinehout, Nass, Cowles and L. Taylor. Referred to
Committee on Rules.
AJR106,1,2 1Relating to: recognizing the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce for 100 years of
2excellent service and dedication to the greater Kenosha area.
AJR106,1,53 Whereas, the City of Kenosha has made historical contributions to the
4Wisconsin manufacturing industry and other key businesses by way of its unique
5geography and functionality as a key Great Lakes port in the 1800s; and
AJR106,1,96 Whereas, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1916 as
7a business and community resource organization with a mission to serve and
8strengthen the Kenosha area by highlighting the area's rich history of commerce and
9manufacturing; and
AJR106,1,1410 Whereas, since the early 1900s, Kenosha has served as home to such innovative
11companies as Snap-on Inc., Jockey, and American Brass, as well as revolutionary
12automobile companies, including Jeffery, Rambler, Nash, and American Motors
13Corporation, which have made such significant contributions to the automobile
14industry as the steering wheel and mass production techniques; and
1Whereas, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting,
2supporting, and providing resources to more than 600 established and aspiring
3business members and organizations in the greater Kenosha area; and
AJR106,2,74 Whereas, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce is responsible for hosting
5such established business events and services as Business After 5, Kenosha Expo,
6Business to Business Expo, Leadership Kenosha, and Inventors & Entrepreneurs
7Club of Kenosha & Racine; and
AJR106,2,118 Whereas, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to the
9enrichment of young people through its partnership with Y-Link and its awarding
10of scholarships to students that display positive character, leadership skills,
11academic excellence, and a commitment to community involvement; and
AJR106,2,1512 Whereas, the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce benefits from a diverse
13board of directors that includes community business leaders, university and
14technical college affiliates, local government officials, and representatives of the
15local media; and
AJR106,2,2016 Whereas, Lou Molitor, the former president of the Lake County Chamber of
17Commerce and a lifelong Kenosha native, has served as the acting president of the
18Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce since 2008, and his leadership and
19commitment to fostering strong and professional relationships throughout the City
20and County of Kenosha is widely recognized; now, therefore, be it
AJR106,2,24 21Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the Kenosha Area
22Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of its board of directors and acting
23president Lou Molitor, is recognized for 100 years of outstanding service to the
24business community of Kenosha and the Kenosha community as a whole.
AJR106,2,2525 (End)