2017-2018 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Bill 179

An Act to renumber 66.0627 (1) (a); to renumber and amend 75.106 (4); to amend 66.0627 (title), 66.0627 (8) (a), 66.0627 (8) (d), 66.1105 (4) (gm) 4. c., 75.106 (2), 292.13 (1m) (intro.) and 292.13 (2); and to create 24.63 (5), 66.0627 (1) (ad), 66.1105 (20), 66.1106 (15), 66.1109 (2m), 66.1109 (4g), 66.1110 (4m), 75.106 (4) (b), 285.675, 292.15 (1) (c) and 292.15 (2) (at) of the statutes; Relating to: remediation of contaminated land; air pollution control requirements for certain manufacturing facilities constructed on formerly contaminated land; reassigning tax deeds on tax delinquent brownfield properties; creating a new method for the creation of environmental remediation tax incremental financing districts; loans and repayment assistance by a political subdivision for certain brownfield revitalization projects and collection of the debt by special charge; state trust fund loans for brownfield projects; conversion of business improvement districts; and annexations to business improvement districts and neighborhood improvement districts. (FE)

Status: Environment and Forestry

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
10/11/2017 Asm.Assembly Amendment 1 offered by Representative Jacque469


Date / House Action Journal
3/28/2017 Asm.Introduced by Representatives Jacque, Thiesfeldt and Skowronski;
cosponsored by Senators Cowles and Olsen
3/28/2017 Asm.Read first time and referred to Committee on Environment and Forestry119
3/29/2017 Asm.Representative Allen added as a coauthor124
4/12/2017 Asm.Fiscal estimate received 
4/17/2017 Asm.Fiscal estimate received 
5/16/2017 Asm.Public hearing held 
10/11/2017 Asm.Assembly Amendment 1 offered by Representative Jacque469
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