Authorized state building program for 2017-19 [Sec. 8bd-bm, 485p, r, 489m, 493m, s, 494m, 495b-y, 496d-t, 514c, d, 1851g, r, 1855m, 9104 (1)-(12)] [9104 (11), (12) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Major highway projects and transportation administrative facilities: revenue bond limit increased [Sec. 1224] - Act 59
Refunding tax-supported and self-amortizing general obligation debt [Sec. 495] - Act 59
burlington, city ofBurlington, City of, see Racine County
bus and truckBus and truck
Milwaukee County high-wide route designated, permit provision - SB186
Weight limits on highways: heavy-duty vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology or natural gas fuel system may exceed under certain conditions; DOT report not required - SB198
bus and truck _ taxation or registrationBus and truck -- Taxation or registration
Garbage or refuse collection vehicles: DOT permit to exceed weight and length limitations revised; administrative rules provision [Admin.Code Trans 269.05] [Sec. 1900og-or, 2266w] - Act 59
Implements of husbandry and agricultural CMV (commercial motor vehicle): weight allowances and permitting sunset provisions repealed [Sec. 1900j-L, m-o, p-r] - Act 59
Raw forest products and lumber transported on specified routes in Ashland and Vilas counties: maximum gross weight limit of vehcile or vehicle combination having 11 axels operating on a highway without a permit set [Sec. 1900 Lm, 9345 (4w)] - Act 59
School bus previously titled or registered in another state or jurisdiction: administrative code repealed re prohibition on purchase of for use in school transportation [Admin.Code Trans 300.13 (intro.)] - Act 49
Weight limits on highways: heavy-duty vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology or natural gas fuel system may exceed under certain conditions; DOT report not required - SB198
Appraisal management company regulations established - SB453
Benefit corporation, a category of business corporation, created - SB298
Brownfields: remediating contaminated land; pilot program for manufacturing facilities re stationary source air pollution controls; tax deeds; ERTID changes; property assessed clean energy loans for revitalization projects; neighborhood improvement districts (NID) and business improvement districts (BID) provisions; state trust fund loans to municipalities - SB173
Business development tax credit: technical correction [Sec. 1078m] - Act 59
Business development tax credit: WEDC may exceed annual limits under set conditions and with JCF approval; early stage business investment program provision [Sec. 1035x, 1040g, p, 1083x, 1086m, 1108x, 1111m, 1774e-k, 1779m, n] - Act 59
Business entity filing with DFI: expedited processing fees [Sec. 1682, 1690] - Act 59
Business improvement district (BID) in City of Milwaukee: special assessments apply to percentage that is not tax-exempt or residential [Sec. 996p, 9331 (4f)] - Act 59
Claims for refundable enterprize zone, business development, and electronics and technology manufacturing zone tax credits; WEDC duties [Sec. 481m, 1036h-1038h, 1082m, 1085ba-1086h, 1110ba-1111h, 1769v, 1779L, 1783L-q, 9150 (3t)] [1037d, i, 1038g, 1085d, i, 1086g, 1110d, 1111g, 1779L -- partial veto; 1036h, Lm, 1037bc-be, eh, t-w, 1038h, 1085ba-be, e-h, 1086f, h, 1110ba-be, 1110e-1111f, h, 1769v, 1783L-q, 9150 (3t) -- vetoed] - Act 59
Disabled veteran-owned businesses: minimum service-connected disability rating for state procurement and contracting purposes eliminated - SB47
Epinephrine auto-injectors: use and supply of by authorized individuals allowed; definition provision - AB96
Interest on refunds issued for jobs tax credit, enterprise, zone jobs credit, and business development credit: DOA and DOR prohibited from paying [Sec. 1036, 1084, 1109, 9338 (11)] - Act 59
Lodging marketplace defined, required to register with DOR, and collect sales and room tax; limits on residential dwelling rental by political subdivisions prohibited, short-term rental provisions [Sec. 985L-r, 996g, 9331 (5t)] - Act 59
PEO or PEG employee performing services for a client is considered an employee of the client for purposes of registering with DOR as a qualified business for capital gain tax deduction purposes [Sec. 1162] - Act 59
Professional credentials: prohibition on using specified titles without proper certification; businesses prohibited from representing services from specified professionals unless properly certified or registered; ordinance restricting use of specified titles prohibited; trademark, DATCP authority to bring court action, and penalty provisions - SB132
camping or campgroundCamping or campground, see Recreation
capital gains taxCapital gains tax
PEO or PEG employee performing services for a client is considered an employee of the client for purposes of registering with DOR as a qualified business for capital gain tax deduction purposes [Sec. 1162] - Act 59
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
casa _court_appointed special advocate_CASA (Court-appointed special advocate), see Juvenile court
ccap _consolidated court automation programs_CCAP (Consolidated Court Automation Programs), see State Courts, Director of
certified public accountantCertified public accountant
CPA revisions re educational requirements, continuing education, peer reviews, and interstate data-sharing programs [Admin.Code Accy 2.002, 2.101, 2.202, 2.303] - AB188
UW System financial audit by an indpendent accounting firm for the 2017-2019 fiscal biennium, LAB may assist, report required [Sec. 9148 (2q)] [partial veto] - Act 59
charitable corporationCharitable corporation
Benefit corporation, a category of business corporation, created - SB298
Internal Revenue Code updates adopted; exclude from taxable income distribution from IRA to charitable organization [Sec. 1003-1009, 1058-1071, 1079-1082, 1091-1104, 1153, 1160d, 9338 (1)] - Act 59
charter schoolCharter school, see School
child careChild care, see Day care
child custody, placement, support, or welfareChild custody, placement, support, or welfare, see Family -- Support
child laborChild labor
Child labor permit modifications; the term ``the employment of minors” replaces ``child labor” - Act 11
Children's Mental Health, Office of: funding for reimbursement of travel expenses for certain persons participating in meetings [Sec. 392c] [vetoed] - Act 59
Cumulative preference system for issuing Class A bear hunting licenses: age restriction repealed - Act 44
Hunting mentorship program revisions re minimum age requirement and limit on number of hunting devices, and prohibiting mentor from killing a deer for person being mentored or using that person’s approval - Act 62
Rates paid to foster parent or kinship care relative increased [Sec. 773-775, 9406 (1)] - Act 59
children _ abuse and neglectChildren -- Abuse and neglect
Child victim of sex trafficking: juvenile courts granted exclusive original jurisdiction over [Sec. 768, 769] - Act 59
Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect: juvenile correctional officers added to list of professionals - Act 47
Public assistance and local assistance allocations, Boys and Girls Clubs provisions [Sec. 896, 897, 902, 903, 904-913, 918, 919] - Act 59
Superintendent of Public Instruction may revoke a license for immoral conduct, definition revised re pornographic material; governing bodies of schools (public, private, charter) prohibited from aiding an employee, contractor, or agent in obtaining a new job in a school or educational agency if there is reason to believe child sexual abuse has been committed - SB253
children _ adoptionChildren -- Adoption
Adoption expenses re other states and countries: income tax subtraction modified to include [Sec. 1016v, 9338 (13i)] - Act 59
children _ delinquentChildren -- Delinquent, see Juvenile delinquency
children _ protection and servicesChildren -- Protection and services
Child protective services: county departments of human services and social services may contract with other county departments of DCF on behalf of populous county [Sec. 835t, 982b, 984b, c, 9331 (6p)] - Act 59
Crime labs, drug law enforcement surcharge, and DNA surcharge: revenue appropriation structure; Internet crimes against children provision [Sec. 408c, f, p, t, v, 412h, 1673v, 2255p, 9228 (1p)] - Act 59
Disabled children's long-term support program: county support requirements and DHS duties; excess state funding for school-based services transferred to MA trust fund [Sec. 379b, 543c, 766, 767, 928n, 9420 (3f)] - Act 59
Rate-based service contracts re social services, child welfare, economic support, public assistance, and correctional services: surplus retention limitations; audit and JCF provisions [Sec. 744b-h, 923b-m, 1850e, f, 9106 (3t), 9108 (2t), 9120 (3t), 9306 (4t), 9308 (1t), 9320 (2t), 9406 (4t), 9408 (3t), 9420 (3u)] - Act 59
Tribal gaming receipts appropriations consolidated re unusually high-cost of out-of-home placements and subsidized guardianships of Indian children [Sec. 395, 396, 460, 2246] - Act 59
children _ special educational needsChildren -- Special educational needs
Additional special education aid [Sec. 1504c, 9335 (2c)] - Act 59
Birth to Three Program special educator services: shifting payment from MA to DHS [Sec. 384, 929, 930, 932, 979] - Act 59
Emergency administration of opioid antagonist to pupils and other persons appearing to overdose: civil liability for school bus operator, employees and volunteers of public, private, and tribal schools, and college residence hall director; calling 911 provision - Act 29
Gifted and talented grants: DPI to award to all school districts [Sec. 1529] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Open enrollment aid: process for which the transfer amount for a child with a disability can be adjusted [Sec. 208v, 1483m, 1485m, 1534s-1535h, j-v, 1640cm, 1641p] - Act 59
Special education costs: DPI to request DOA to reimburse charter schools [Sec. 1494-1504] - Act 59
Special education transition grants re postsecondary education or training or competitively employed [Sec. 1504d-i] - Act 59
Special education transition readiness grants re workforce transition support services [Sec. 208n, 1504j] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program eligibility: prior year open enrollment and prior year public school enrollment requirements repealed [Sec. 1486c, em, 9335 (5d)] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program: method and amount revised [Sec. 208m, 1486ap, b, d, e, 1487g-1492f, i-k, n] - Act 59
Special Needs Scholarship Program summer school payments [Sec. 208m, 1492g, h, 1492L-1493r, 9335 (3q)] - Act 59
children and families, department ofChildren and Families, Department of
Case management services for W-2 recipient transitioning to unsubsidized employment: TANF moneys for incentive payments; DCF to report on performance on work participation rates, compliance programs with DHHS, and appeals process for certain penalties [Sec. 898, 921, 9106 (3w)] [9106 (3w) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Child care programs established or contracted for by school boards with Wisconsin Shares funding: DCF oversight [Sec. 785, 834, 1625] - Act 59