Nonferrous metallic mineral prospecting and mining: sulfide ore moratorium repealed; locations where groundwater standards apply changed; repeal of DNR rule to minimize impact on wetlands; bulk sampling plan and approvals; changes to application, review, and permitting process; exemption from certain solid waste disposal fees; bond or other security requirements; proof of financial responsibility re closure of mining waste site; DNR duties [Admin.Code NR 132.06, 132.17, 132.18, 182.07, 182.08] - Act 134
Producer led watershed protection grants funding increased; DATCP soil and water resource management program funding increased; debt service payments increased for certain nonpoint source water pollution abatement projects - Act 196
PSC duties re state energy policy and regulation of public utilities; settlements in PSC dockets requirements; procedure for handling complaints of violations of the one-call system re natural gas and other hazardous materials created and other revisions, PSC duties and forfeiture provisions; treatment of certain utility facilities under county construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning ordinances; appropriation and advertising provisions - Act 136
Regional emergency response grants: DEM to award for replacing equipment used in responding to release of hazardous substances [Sec. 410c, 1893s] - Act 59
environmental remediation tax incremental district _ertid_Environmental remediation tax incremental district (ERTID), see Property tax
epinephrineEpinephrine, see Drugs
ertid _environmental remediation tax incremental district_ERTID (Environmental remediation tax incremental district), see Property tax
estate of deceased personEstate of deceased person
Deceased prison inmate: procedures relating to burial or cremation, unclaimed corpse, notification to relative, prohibition on cremation re homicide, and charges to prisoner’s estate - Act 246
Nonprobate transfers of real property on death; transfer by affidavit procedure for small estates; mortgage payoff statements - Act 332
Transfer by affidavit procedure for small estates to include personal representatives, real property exception - Act 90
ethanolEthanol, see Gasoline
Conduit revenue bonds changes and public finance authority; code of ethics and LAB audit provisions [Sec. 8s, 177s, 179e-s, 585h, 984g-hg] [vetoed] - Act 59
Local public official allowed to receive anything of value from WEDC or Tour.Dept that a state public official may receive - Act 112
ethics commissionEthics Commission
Ethics Commission and Elections Commission members: per diem set [Sec. 17] - Act 59
Recount petition by aggrieved party and referendum elector permitted, conditions set; costs and Elections Commission provisions; per diem for members of Ethics Commission and Elections Commission revised - Act 120
excise taxExcise tax
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
expenditure restraint programExpenditure Restraint Program, see Shared revenue
Quarry operations: limiting authority of political subdivisions to place limits or conditions on; definitions, permit, noise, and ordinance provisions [Sec. 982i-mf, q-qe, s, t, 984ig, ij, 1305p, 9431 (1i), (2i)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Ozaukee County fairgrounds: Class ``B” and ``Class B” licensees and permittees may sell alcohol beverages under set circumstances - Act 95
false statementFalse statement, see Fraud
familyFamily, see also Income tax, and its subheadings
Emergency outpatient mental health treatment for minors without informed consent allowed under certain conditions - Act 204
Family treatment court and juvenile treatment court grant programs created; DCF report required - Act 202
Minor employed in business, trade, or profession of parent or guardian without permit allowed, direct supervision required - Act 168
Offender reentry demonstration project focused on noncustodial fathers in first class city established; TANF block grant moneys [Sec. 916, 924] - Act 59
Parental choice program: family income does not need to be verified under certain condition [Sec. 1580g, 1598at, 1602d, 9335 (4d)] - Act 59
Qualified child sales and use tax rebate and August sales tax holiday on eligible property for 2018 created [partial veto] - Act 367
Compliance with child support determinations and obligations required for MA eligibility, notification provision - Act 268
FoodShare eligibility denial for noncompliance with child support orders or refusal to cooperate with paternity determination [Sec. 958, 959, 961-963b, 9120 (2p)] - Act 59
Relocating with a child who is subject to a legal custody or physical placement order: procedure changes - Act 203
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
family planningFamily planning, see Birth control
family practice clinic or programFamily practice clinic or program, see Medical education
Register of deeds: information assigned to a document submitted for filing or recording modified; penalties eliminated re registration of farm names; condominium plat provision - Act 102
farm and farming _ machineryFarm and farming -- Machinery
Implements of husbandry and agricultural CMV (commercial motor vehicle): weight allowances and permitting sunset provisions repealed [Sec. 1900j-L, m-o, p-r] - Act 59
farm produceFarm produce
Agricultural Producer Security Program revisions re small vegetable processor exemption, milk deferred payment contracts, grain dealer and grain warehouse keeper fund balances, grain dealer deferred payment purchases, payments to producers due to a default; DATCP duties - Act 155
Late blight of potatoes: abatement time period revised; antisporulant provision - Act 45
Seed potato certification requirements created; DATCP duties and forfeiture provisions - Act 46
Farmer assistance program: confidentiality revision re aggregate data compiled by DATCP on countywide level [Sec. 1241d] - Act 59
Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program created; family member provision; logotype required - Act 121
farmland preservationFarmland preservation
Farmland preservation planning grants: sunset repealed [Sec. 188m] - Act 59
federal aidFederal aid
Drug trafficking, evidence-based substance abuse prevention, family and juvenile treatment courts, and drug treatment for inmates of county and tribal jails: grant programs established; DOJ, DHS, DCF duties; search warrant based on sworn affidavit or complaint provision - Act 261
Elections Commission required to deplete federal Help America Vote Act funds before using state funds for election administration purposes [Sec. 9113 (1)] - Act 59
Elk damage abatement: crops or grasses grown for bird hunting preserve made eligible, fencing provision [Sec. 582m, p] - Act 59
Fences on closed MFL: prohibition exemption if used for dog training by licensed nonprofit organization - Act 43
Pesticide, fertilizer, and commercial feed manufacturers and distributors: license and fee revisions; agricultural chemical cleanup fund provisions [Sec. 190, 538-542, 1242-1305, 9102 (3), 9302 (1)] - Act 59
festivalFestival, see Amusement
Foreign corporation acting in a fiduciary capacity in this state allowed - Act 162
financial institutionFinancial institution, see also Bank
Financial institution information disclosed to a Federal Home Loan Bank; injunctions against a Federal Home Loan Bank; periodic examinations of financial institutions by Division of Banking and Office of Credit Unions; limit on savings bank loans to one borrower; interest on residential mortgage loan escrow accounts; security of public deposits; capital reduction by state banks; insurance company liquidation proceedings; and exemption from overtime pay requirements for outside salespersons [Admin.Code DWD 274.04] - Act 340
Savings promotion prize programs: state-chartered financial institutions allowed to conduct or participate in - Act 72
Securities registration exemptions related to crowdfunding - Act 213
Surplus money of local governments: investment in financial institutions’ time deposits allowed and maturity limitation eliminated - Act 78
financial institutions, department ofFinancial Institutions, Department of
Business entity filing with DFI: expedited processing fees [Sec. 1682, 1690] - Act 59
College Savings Program Board transferred from DOA to DFI; College Tuition and Expenses Program provision [Sec. 34, 114-117, 148-153, 193-195, 427-434, 528, 544-547, 1015, 1016, 1017, 1019-1023, 1704-1706, 2233, 2234, 9101 (2)] - Act 59
Cooperative organization and operation changes; extension of credit by electric cooperative provisions - Act 76
Foreign corporation’s certificate of authority fees eliminated under certain conditions - Act 156
LLC articles of organization: initial filing fee exemption for student entrepreneurs, definition provision - Act 177
Red Arrow Club: membership requirements modified to be eligible for incorporation - Act 275