Farmland preservation planning grants: sunset repealed [Sec. 188m] - Act 59
federal aidFederal aid
Elections Commission required to deplete federal Help America Vote Act funds before using state funds for election administration purposes [Sec. 9113 (1)] - Act 59
Elk damage abatement: crops or grasses grown for bird hunting preserve made eligible, fencing provision [Sec. 582m, p] - Act 59
Fences on closed MFL: prohibition exemption if used for dog training by licensed nonprofit organization - Act 43
Pesticide, fertilizer, and commercial feed manufacturers and distributors: license and fee revisions; agricultural chemical cleanup fund provisions [Sec. 190, 538-542, 1242-1305, 9102 (3), 9302 (1)] - Act 59
festivalFestival, see Amusement
financial institutionFinancial institution, see also Bank
Savings promotion prize programs: state-chartered financial institutions allowed to conduct or participate in - AB283
Surplus money of local governments: investment in financial institutions’ time deposits allowed and maturity limitation eliminated - AB229
financial institutions, department ofFinancial Institutions, Department of
Business entity filing with DFI: expedited processing fees [Sec. 1682, 1690] - Act 59
College Savings Program Board transferred from DOA to DFI; College Tuition and Expenses Program provision [Sec. 34, 114-117, 148-153, 193-195, 427-434, 528, 544-547, 1015, 1016, 1017, 1019-1023, 1704-1706, 2233, 2234, 9101 (2)] - Act 59
Cooperative organization and operation changes; extension of credit by electric cooperative provisions - AB353
financial literacyFinancial literacy, see Literacy
Professional credentials: prohibition on using specified titles without proper certification; businesses prohibited from representing services from specified professionals unless properly certified or registered; ordinance restricting use of specified titles prohibited; trademark, DATCP authority to bring court action, and penalty provisions - SB132
Fire suppression expenses re forest fires: county reimbursement provisions modified [Sec. 551-553] - Act 59
fire departmentFire department
Fire suppression expenses re forest fires: county reimbursement provisions modified [Sec. 551-553] - Act 59
Levy limit negative adjustment for debt service; fire protection purposes specified [Sec. 985, 985c, 9331 (1), (1w)] - Act 59
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
Veterans homes: grants to local governments providing fire and emergency medical services to [Sec. 739r, 2265g-m, q, 9449 (1f)] - Act 59
firearms and dangerous weaponsFirearms and dangerous weapons
Concealed weapon license renewal: expiration date modified - Act 5
Crime lab equipment and supplies: DOJ study on sale or transfer of required [Sec. 9128 (2p)] - Act 59
Fireworks: possession, use, and transportation revisions; manufacturer licensing and fee changes [Sec. 1680d-h, 9339 (7f)] [1680h -- partial veto; 9339 (7f) -- vetoed] - Act 59
first class cityFirst class city, see Milwaukee -- City
fish and fishing _ commercialFish and fishing -- Commercial
Aquaculture and fish farm regulations revised; emergency rule procedure exemption - Act 21
Farm-raised fish sold to fish farm registered with DATCP: sales tax exemption created [Sec. 1181, 1194c] - Act 59
fisherFisher, see Hunting
flood plain managementFlood plain management
DNR bonding limit increases re nonpoint source water pollution abatement, urban storm water and runoff, flood control, riparian restoration, and dam safety [Sec. 488, 489, 490] - Act 59
Municipal flood control and riparian restoration program: unobligated Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson Stewardship 2000 Program bonding authority [Sec. 514n, 1818g, r] - Act 59
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Penninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrial bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
fond du lac countyFond du Lac County
STH 23 construction and rehabilitation work [Sec. 9145 (2i), (2j)] - Act 59
Frozen foods manufactured at a retailer's off-site facility: sales and use tax exemption created, conditions specified [Sec. 1187] - Act 59
food stamp planFood stamp plan
FoodShare accounts: expunging unused balances and treatment of inactive accounts [Sec. 968g] - Act 59
FoodShare asset eligibility limitation; federal waiver provision; use of financial record matching program required [Sec. 960, 960c, 1703p-t, 9420 (2), 9320 (2p)] - Act 59
FoodShare eligibility denial for noncompliance with child support orders or refusal to cooperate with paternity determination [Sec. 958, 959, 961-963b, 9120 (2p)] - Act 59
FoodShare employment and training program (FSET): pilot program with implementation plan and statewide expansion proposal; outcomes report with proposed modifications required [Sec. 954-957, 964-968, 9120 (2), (2s)] [9120 (2) -- partial veto; 964d, 9120 (2s) -- vetoed] - Act 59
Chief state forester: relocation of headquarters and Division of Forestry employees; report to JCF required [Sec. 9133 (2)] - Act 59
Fences on closed MFL: prohibition exemption if used for dog training by licensed nonprofit organization - Act 43
Forestry account expenditures: Governor's Council on Forestry to determine priorities and report along with 2019-21 biennial budget recommendations [Sec. 9133 (6r)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Forestry activities: JLAC to request audit of moneys received by DNR [Sec. 9133 (6q)] - Act 59
Forestry emergency reserve created, expenditures require JCF approval [Sec. 264n] - Act 59
MFL closed acreage fee payments to municipalities and counties; DNR duties and severance tax provision [Sec. 334m, 1205m-p, 9133 (6p)] - Act 59
Raw forest products and lumber transported on specified routes in Ashland and Vilas counties: maximum gross weight limit of vehcile or vehicle combination having 11 axels operating on a highway without a permit set [Sec. 1900 Lm, 9345 (4w)] - Act 59
State parks and recreation areas: vehicle admission and overnight camping fees revised; DNR and DOT to develop plan for a recreational passport when renewing vehicle registration, special license plate provision; cap on electric recpticals increased; FTE positions decrease re forestry and parks report [Sec. 340m, 557-565d, 9101 (11u), 9133 (6u), 9333 (2), 9433 (1), (2)] [91091 (11u) -- partial veto] - Act 59
forestry _ fireForestry -- Fire, see Fire
forestry _ taxationForestry -- Taxation
Forestation state property tax eliminated; conservation fund provision [Sec. 162, 180, 482, 483, 530-533, 726, 727, 998-1002, 9138 (1)] - Act 59
Expanding list of traffic violations for which operating privilege is suspended and attendance at a vehicle right-of-way course is required; great bodily harm or death of another, failure to complete course, and forfeiture provisions - AB201
Industrial hemp: DATCP to regulate activities; criminal history search, pilot program, controlled substances laws, testing, fees, seed, penalty, and rules provisions - SB119
Seed potato certification requirements created; DATCP duties and forfeiture provisions - Act 46
foster homeFoster home, see Children
franchise _ taxationFranchise -- Taxation
Apportionment for broadcasters re income and franchise taxes, definition provision, DOR duties [Sec. 1002m, 1013d-i, 1057d, 1076d-k] - Act 59
Due dates changed for certain entities re filing income and franchise tax returns, paying estimated income and franchise tax installment payments, and filing withholding tax returns - Act 2
Electronic filing of income and franchise tax information re wage statements, nonwage payments, royalties, and rents; deadlines and extension provisions [Sec. 1127-1136, 1151, 9338 (13), (14), (15)] - Act 59
Research income and franchise tax credits made partially refundable [Sec. 481p, 1038s, t, 1052w, y, 1086i, 1090j, k, 1111k, 1114j, k] - Act 59
Sourcing rules clarification re income and franchise tax [Sec. 1012, 1013, 1075, 1076, 9338 (7)] - Act 59
Credit card reencoders and scanners and identity theft crimes created; civil liability immunity for ATM operators and motor vehicle fuel sellers - Act 54
freight transportationFreight transportation, see Railroad
fte _full_time equivalent position_FTE (Full-time equivalent position), see Public employee
fuelFuel, see also Gasoline
Dyed diesel fuel for use in recreational motorboats: sale of permitted, taxes and general fund transfer provisions [Sec. 147d, 1208m, 9438 (3m)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Weight limits on highways: heavy-duty vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology or natural gas fuel system may exceed under certain conditions; DOT report not required - SB198
full_time equivalent position _fte_Full-time equivalent position (FTE), see Public employee
furbearing animalFurbearing animal, see Hunting