Schedule V controlled substances containing codeine may not be dispensed without a prescription - Act 25
Treatment and diversion (TAD) program: county grant moneys increased; pilot program to divert certain persons to treatment options, JCF approval - Act 32
W-2 and FoodShare employment and training (FSET) programs: performance-based payment system for contractors; healthy eating incentive pilot program for FoodShare eligible households, sunset provision - Act 266
gpr _general purpose revenue_GPR (General purpose revenue), see Appropriation; specific subject
graduation from high schoolGraduation from high school, see School -- Curriculum
grain marketingGrain marketing
Agricultural Producer Security Program revisions re small vegetable processor exemption, milk deferred payment contracts, grain dealer and grain warehouse keeper fund balances, grain dealer deferred payment purchases, payments to producers due to a default; DATCP duties - Act 155
great lakesGreat Lakes, see Lakes
greenfield, city ofGreenfield, City of, see Milwaukee County
grocery storeGrocery store, see Food
group insurance boardGroup Insurance Board
Domestic partnership benefits limited or eliminated re WRS and GIB [Sec. 705, 706, 708, 709, 710-725, 9314 (1), (2), 9414 (1)] - Act 59
GIB membership: Governor appointments with advice and consent of the Senate required; additional members appointed by legislative officers [Sec. 17n, 39d-k, 707f, 9314 (3p), (4p)] [vetoed] - Act 59
GIB plan for state program reserves: submit to JCF for approval, conditions specified [Sec. 9114 (1t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
GIB prohibited from contracting for or providing a group health insurance plan that provides abortion services - Act 191
GIB to establish 5 health plan tiers [Sec. 709g, 9314 (3c)] [vetoed] - Act 59
GIB to use state group health program reserves to reduce costs and review policies to maintain reserves [Sec. 9114 (2p)] [vetoed] - Act 59
State employee group health program savings [Sec. 9114 (2w)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Emergency outpatient mental health treatment for minors without informed consent allowed under certain conditions - Act 204
Minor employed in business, trade, or profession of parent or guardian without permit allowed, direct supervision required - Act 168
Supported decision-making agreements for adults with a functional impairment provisions created; DHS duties - Act 345
Tribal gaming receipts appropriations consolidated re unusually high-cost of out-of-home placements and subsidized guardianships of Indian children [Sec. 395, 396, 460, 2246] - Act 59
Truant pupil: school attendance officer permitted to notify parent or guardian by electronic communication [Sec. 1506m] - Act 59
Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act incorporated into Wisconsin law with modifications - Act 187
Harbor assistance grant for Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding [Sec. 359nm, 9145 (4d)] - Act 59
Harbor improvement grants: DOT bonding limit increased [Sec. 492] - Act 59
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrian bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
health and educational facilities authority, wisconsinHealth and Educational Facilities Authority, Wisconsin
WHEFA bonds: individual income tax exemption on earned interest from [Sec. 1014, 9338 (4)] - Act 59
health care liabilityHealth care liability, see Medical malpractice
health care recordHealth care record, see Medical service
health savings accountHealth savings account, see Insurance -- Health
health services, department of _ administrationHealth Services, Department of -- Administration
Advanced practice clinician training programs: grants to hospitals and clinics to establish [Sec. 371t, 1657b] - Act 59
Allied health professional education and training grants created [Sec. 371r, 1657d] - Act 59
Appropriations reorganized [Sec. 369, 370, 374, 378, 379, 381-383, 385-392, 405, 458, 747, 748-751, 753-765] - Act 59
Centers for developmental disabilities and state mental health institutes: DHS appropriation authority [Sec. 497, 498] - Act 59
Community-based services information and referrals: DHS to award grants to nonprofit organizations to operate Internet site and telephone-based system - Act 250
Electric energy derived from renewable resources: appropriation created for DOA, DOC, DHS, DPI, DVA, and the UW System [Sec. 205, 206, 221, 222, 365, 366, 375, 376, 413, 414, 447, 448] - Act 59
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Interagency Council on Homelessness created; appropriation and report provisions - Act 74
Pay for success contracting: DOA may use for eligible services to individuals, conditions and JCF approval required; DHS, DOC, DCF, and DWD to study if pay for success could be used for programs they administer; reports required - Act 267
Special license plate revenue from Donate Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation: payment responsibility transferred from DHS to DOT [Sec. 372, 373, 535, 536, 1784, 1785, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897] - Act 59
health services, department of _ administrative rulesHealth Services, Department of -- Administrative rules
Birth defect prevention and surveillance system changes; DHS duties specified; administrative code provisions [Admin.Code DHS 116.04, 116.05] [Sec. 1791e-u, 2266r-t] - Act 59
County and municipal officers: removal at the pleasure of the appointing authority; administrative code provision [Admin.Code DHS 5.06] - Act 150
Substance abuse: reporting requirements for certain credentialing boards re opioids; federal waiver re dispensing narcotics for addiction treatment; buprenorphine prior authorization review and report; counseling changes re licensing and who can offer treatment; school health instruction requirements; graduate program in psychiatric mental health nursing at UW—Madison; training resources for social service workers; DCF, DHS, and DSPS duties; administrative rules provisions [Admin.Code DHS 75.02, 75.03; MPSW 1.09; SPS 160 (title), 160.015, 160.02, 160.03, 161, 163.01, 163.02, 164.01, 165, 166, 168] - Act 262
Therapeutic or modified diets in certain long term care facilities: physician may delegate prescribing to a licensed or certified dietitian [Admin.Code DHS 132.63, 134.64] - Act 101
health services, department of _ correctionsHealth Services, Department of -- Corrections
Drug trafficking, evidence-based substance abuse prevention, family and juvenile treatment courts, and drug treatment for inmates of county and tribal jails: grant programs established; DOJ, DHS, DCF duties; search warrant based on sworn affidavit or complaint provision - Act 261
Juvenile correctional facilities: DOC to establish one or more Type 1 juvenile correctional facilities; closure of Lincoln Hills School and Copper Lake School and conversion of facilities to an adult correctional facility; counties authorized to establish secured residential care center for children and youth; supervision of certain juveniles transferred from DOC to county departments; Juvenile Corrections Study Committee created; Juvenile Corrections Grant Committee created re costs of establishing secured residential care centers, JCF provision; youth aids funding revisions; expand Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center; DOC employees, reports, and sunset provisions - Act 185
Longevity awards for DOC and DHS correctional officers and youth counselors: DPM to include in the 2017-19 state employee compensation plan [Sec. 1761p, 9101 (11w)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center funding [Sec. 745] - Act 59
Supervised release: changes to placement, right to counsel, reimbursement report by clerk of courts; DHS and SPD duties [Sec. 377h, 979p, 2230s, 2251y, 2257e-p, 2261d, 2262L-x, 9120 (1t), 9320 (1t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Supervised release for sexually violent person: procedure revised re person’s county of residence prepares a report for DHS which submits a plan to the court, penalty provisions; eligibility for public defender changed [partial veto] - Act 184
Wisconsin substance abuse program renamed Wisconsin rehabilitation program and revised, DHS conditions removed, and earned release provision [Sec. 1856c-1857h] [vetoed] - Act 59
health services, department of _ healthHealth Services, Department of -- Health
Addiction medicine consultation program: DHS to create and administer - Act 28
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia: DHS to award grants to increase awareness in rural and underserved urban areas for 2017-18 fiscal year - Act 186
Ambulatory surgical center reimbursement rates under MA: DHS to develop plan to increase, JCF approval required [Sec. 9120 (4j)] - Act 59
BadgerCare Plus Core: DHS to submit amendment to Medicaid waiver to provide employment and training services for childless adults, report to and approval of JCF required [Sec. 927-928d] [928d -- vetoed] - Act 59
Birth defect prevention and surveillance system changes; DHS duties specified; administrative code provisions [Admin.Code DHS 116.04, 116.05] [Sec. 1791e-u, 2266r-t] - Act 59
Communicable disease control and prevention: grants to local health departments [Sec. 370r, 1791c] - Act 59
Community paramedic, community EMS practitioner, and community EMS provider approval process created; acting under the delegation of a health care provider provision - Act 66
Complex rehabilitation technology: DHS to establish rules and polices for MA recipients who are complex needs patients, definition provisions; certain equipment specified - Act 306
Complex rehabilitation technology: DHS to establish rules and policies for MA recipients who are complex needs patients, definition provision [Sec. 926p, 931n, 9120 (5h)] [vetoed] - Act 59
CPR instruction to bystander: public safety answering points required to provide telephonic assistance on administering; dispatcher training, liability exemption, and quality assurance provisions; DHS duties, appropriation provisions - Act 296
Critical access hospital grant re behavioral health crisis management system, conditions specified; involuntary commitment for treatment hearings held by videoconferencing permitted under certain conditions [Sec. 379f, g, 978f, k, 979k, 9120 (6d), 9420 (6d)] - Act 59
Dental reimbursement pilot project in MA program: counties added under certain conditions and DHS biennial report required - Act 344
DHS Office of Inspector General audit of family planning service reimbursements paid to covered entities under MA; percentage of overpayment recoveries budgeted in the 2019-21 biennium for specified appropriations [Sec. 379ar, as, 9120 (6p), (6t), 9220 (5p)-(5s), 9420 (4b)] - Act 59
Emergency medical services funding: use expanded to include emergency medical responder training; escrow of unused funds provisions - Act 96
Emergency physician services and reimbursement workgroup established by DHS, report required [Sec. 9120 (5f)] [vetoed] - Act 59
EMT and first responder terminology changes - Act 12
Graduate medical training in an addiction specialty and development of a training program: existing DHS grant programs to hospitals and rural hospitals expanded to include - Act 26