Aquaculture and fish farm regulations revised; emergency rule procedure exemption - Act 21
Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact ratified; emergency rules provision - Act 135
Water supply service area: diversion area approval by the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Council - Act 38
interstate highwayInterstate highway, see Road -- Expressway
interstate relationsInterstate relations, see also Reciprocity
Credit for taxes paid to other states revised [Sec. 1044p-u, 9338 (3t)] - Act 59
Domestic abuse repeater: increased penalty condition expanded to include domestic abuse crime committed in another state under the laws of that state - Act 188
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Taxpayer cannot claim manufacturing and agriculture credit and other state credit on same income [Sec. 1042, 9338 (8)] - Act 59
Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act incorporated into Wisconsin law with modifications - Act 187
intrastate relationsIntrastate relations
Child protective services: county departments of human services and social services may contract with other county departments of DCF on behalf of populous county [Sec. 835t, 982b, 984b, c, 9331 (6p)] - Act 59
Conduit revenue bonds changes and public finance authority; code of ethics and LAB audit provisions [Sec. 8s, 177s, 179e-s, 585h, 984g-hg] [vetoed] - Act 59
DOJ interagency and intra-agency assistance appropriation repealed [Sec. 409b] - Act 59
investment, government fundInvestment, Government fund
Surplus money of local governments: investment in financial institutions’ time deposits allowed and maturity limitation eliminated - Act 78
investment boardInvestment Board
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
iris _include respect, i self_direct_IRIS (Include Respect, I Self-Direct), see Intellectual disabilities
iron countyIron County
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrian bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
``Point source" definition revised to exclude agricultural storm water and irrigation return flows [Sec. 1819m, n] - Act 59
Drug trafficking, evidence-based substance abuse prevention, family and juvenile treatment courts, and drug treatment for inmates of county and tribal jails: grant programs established; DOJ, DHS, DCF duties; search warrant based on sworn affidavit or complaint provision - Act 261
Huber release permitted for probationers confined in tribal jail, county jail, or county house of correction on probation violation, conditions set - Act 199
Work release for county jail, county houses of correction, and certain tribal jail inmates permitted - Act 89
janesville, city ofJanesville, City of, see Rock County
joint legislative councilJoint Legislative Council
Administrative rule-making procedures: expedited procedure for repealing unauthorized rules; agency review of rules and legislative enactments; LRB biennial report required; retrospective economic impact analyses for existing rules - Act 108
Courts cannot defer to agency interpretation of law in certain proceedings; guidance documents requirements; settlement agreements do not confer rule-making authority - SB884
Wisconsin Commission on Uniform State Laws: membership changes - Act 200
Baldus, Alvin ``Al” James: life and public service of Korean War veteran, former state representative, and former U.S. representative commended [SJR38] - JR16
Borostowski, Anthony J.: life and public service of Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper commended [SJR100] - JR23
Dandeneau, Marcel: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR18] - JR10
Floorperiods for the 2017-18 session and budget deadline extended [SJR1] - JR1
Gannon, Robert ``Bob”: life and public service of state representative commended [AJR107] - JR18
Glenn, John Hershel, Jr.: life and public service of former NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator commended [SJR12] - JR9
Grobschmidt, Richard A.: life and public service of former state representative and state senator commended [SJR17] - JR4
Hendee, Kirby: life and public service of former state senator commended [SJR16] - JR3
Kleczka, Gerald D. ``Jerry”: life and public service of former state representative, state senator, and U.S. Congressman commended [SJR87] - JR19
Kusuda, Paul H.: life, public service, and advocacy for refugees, immigrants, underprivileged youth, Asians, and the homeless commended [SJR97] - JR22
Laird, Melvin Robert: life and public service of World War II veteran and former Congressman and Secretary of Defense commended [SJR72] - JR15
Larson, Thomas ``Tom”: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR13] - JR6
Lehman, Michael “Mickey” A.: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR81] - JR11
Lotto, Myron: life and public service of former state senator commended [SJR89] - JR20
Murphy, Roger P.: life and public service of former DA, state senator, and judge commended [SJR8] - JR8
Rhoades, Kitty: life and public service of former state representative and DHS deputy secretary commended [SJR70] - JR14
Stitt, Donald K.: life and public service of former state representative and state senator commended [SJR33] - JR5
Thompson, (SSG) Matthew Vail: life and military service commended [SJR2] - JR2
Veum, Rachel Ann: life and public service as a valued legislative employee commended [SJR49] - JR17
Walling, Esther Kolb: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR44] - JR12
Williams, Robert Rama: life, accomplishments, and service to his community commended [SJR92] - JR21
journeymenJourneymen, see Apprenticeship
judge _ salaryJudge -- Salary
Judicial compensation [Sec. 9101 (8f)] - Act 59
Volkswagen settlement fund distributions: competitive transit capital assistance grants for replacement of public transit vehicles [Sec. 111, 484, 1210] [111 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Motor vehicles acquired for scrap metal or junking: acquisition by scrap metal processors and dealers to comply with same requirements as motor vehicle salvage dealers; security interest provision - Act 170
Neglect of a child: definition and criminal penalties revised; chronic or repeated acts of neglect of the same child provision - Act 283
justice, department ofJustice, Department of
Address confidentiality program for victims of abuse: confidentiality provisions expanded, misdemeanor provision, and DOJ duties revised - Act 144
AG power to appoint solicitor general and deputy solicitors general eliminated; approval to compromise or discontinue an action DOJ is prosecuting changed to JCF instead of Governor, intervenor provision - SB884
Alternatives to incarceration grant program for counties not receiving treatment alternatives and diversion (TAD) grants [Sec. 408m, 1673x, 9228 (15t)] - Act 59
Authorization for outside legal counsel for legislators, legislative employees, and legislative service agencies - SB884
Beat patrol overtime grants: DOJ to award to certain cities [Sec. 408j, 1674-1680, 9228 (9p)] - Act 59
Community institution security cost reimbursement grants created; definition and sunset provisions [Sec. 1680b, c, 9428 (1q)] - Act 59