Discovery procedure changes in court proceedings; class action procedural requirements; certain civil action statute of limitations revised; DOR and third-party audits re unclaimed property; interest rates for overdue insurance claims - Act 235
Nonprobate transfers of real property on death; transfer by affidavit procedure for small estates; mortgage payoff statements - Act 332
limited liability company _llc_Limited liability company (LLC), see Corporation
Financial literacy: school boards required to adopt standards and incorporate into K-12 curriculum - Act 94
LAB audits: eliminates Read to Lead Development Fund and local government property insurance fund audits, final audit provision; modifies audits of Milwaukee County Mental Health Board and certain mental health services in Milwaukee County - Act 355
Wisconsin Reading Corps grant, matching funds and sunset provisions [Sec. 217m, 1468m] - Act 59
livestock and meatLivestock and meat
Livestock premises registration program funding increased - Act 210
Livestock premises registration program: moneys from the agrichemical management fund [Sec. 183m] [vetoed] - Act 59
llc _limited liability company_LLC (Limited liability company), see Corporation
Clean Water Fund Program: loan interest rate revisions and financial hardship assistance program extended [Sec. 1808-1816m] - Act 59
Clean Water Fund Program: loan period revised [Sec. 1817m, mc] - Act 59
Discovery procedure changes in court proceedings; class action procedural requirements; certain civil action statute of limitations revised; DOR and third-party audits re unclaimed property; interest rates for overdue insurance claims - Act 235
Job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle: eligibility revised - Act 80
School leadership loan program created, UW program provision; minority teacher loan program and teacher loan program appropriations reduced [Sec. 204m, 704q, 9121 (1f), (2f)] - Act 59
lodging establishmentLodging establishment, see Hotel and motel
Retailer compensation for sale of lottery ticket or lottery share: GPR fund created [Sec. 469d] - Act 59
School levy, lottery and gaming, and first dollar property tax credits: allowing a municipal ordinance having DOA distribute amounts directly to the municipality rather than the county [Sec. 1211] - Act 59
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
low_income personsLow-income persons, see Poor
lpg _liquefied petroleum gas_LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), see Fuel
maine, village ofMaine, Village of, see Marathon County
managed forest land _mfl_Managed forest land (MFL), see Forestry
manicuristManicurist, see Cosmetology
manufactured homeManufactured home, see Housing
Floodplain determination and floodplain zoning ordinance required to conform to a letter of map amendment (LOMA) from FEMA; exception and DNR provisions - Act 242
marathon countyMarathon County
Expenditure Restraint Program: payments to Village of Maine and City of Janesville [Sec. 480cp, 1210d] - Act 59
WEDC loan to Marathon County Development Corporation for minority-owned businesses [Sec. 9150 (3w)] - Act 59
marinaMarina, see Boat
marinette countyMarinette County
Peshtigo Fire Museum: DOT to erect tourism-oriented directional signs, SHSW to pay fee [Sec. 9145 (4c)] - Act 59
marketingMarketing, see Advertisement
marriageMarriage, see also Income tax, and its subheadings
Domestic partnership benefits limited or eliminated re WRS and GIB [Sec. 705, 706, 708, 709, 710-725, 9314 (1), (2), 9414 (1)] - Act 59
Domestic partnership registrations sunsetted; authority for state or local governmental unit to provide certain benefits to an employee's domestic partner eliminated [Sec. 983e, 984p, 225d-r, 9331 (3f), 9452 (2f)] - Act 59
marriage and family therapistMarriage and family therapist, see Trades and occupations
maternal and infant careMaternal and infant care
Birth defect prevention and surveillance system changes; DHS duties specified; administrative code provisions [Admin.Code DHS 116.04, 116.05] [Sec. 1791e-u, 2266r-t] - Act 59
medical assistanceMedical assistance
Ambulatory surgical center reimbursement rates under MA: DHS to develop plan to increase, JCF approval required [Sec. 9120 (4j)] - Act 59
BadgerCare Plus Core: DHS to submit amendment to Medicaid waiver to provide employment and training services for childless adults, report to and approval of JCF required [Sec. 927-928d] [928d -- vetoed] - Act 59
Birth to Three Program special educator services: shifting payment from MA to DHS [Sec. 384, 929, 930, 932, 979] - Act 59
Complex rehabilitation technology: DHS to establish rules and polices for MA recipients who are complex needs patients, definition provisions; certain equipment specified - Act 306
Complex rehabilitation technology: DHS to establish rules and policies for MA recipients who are complex needs patients, definition provision [Sec. 926p, 931n, 9120 (5h)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Compliance with child support determinations and obligations required for MA eligibility, notification provision - Act 268
Dental reimbursement pilot project in MA program: counties added under certain conditions and DHS biennial report required - Act 344
Dental services by facilities serving individuals with disabilities: enhanced MA reimbursement rates, conditions and waiver provisions [Sec. 928f] - Act 59
Developmentally disabled who receive postsecondary education in a setting distinguishable from the health care institution: DHS to request MA waiver [Sec. 747w] [vetoed] - Act 59
DHS Office of Inspector General audit of family planning service reimbursements paid to covered entities under MA; percentage of overpayment recoveries budgeted in the 2019-21 biennium for specified appropriations [Sec. 379ar, as, 9120 (6p), (6t), 9220 (5p)-(5s), 9420 (4b)] - Act 59
Disabled children's long-term support program: county support requirements and DHS duties; excess state funding for school-based services transferred to MA trust fund [Sec. 379b, 543c, 766, 767, 928n, 9420 (3f)] - Act 59
Disproportionment share hospital payments increased and create rural critical care access supplement re MA [Sec. 924p, r] - Act 59
Emergency physician services and reimbursement workgroup established by DHS, report required [Sec. 9120 (5f)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Family Care funding: work with care management organizations and Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to increase payments for direct care services, JCF provision [Sec. 928r] [partial veto] - Act 59
Family Care Partnership program: DHS to request MA waiver to expand, JCF approval [Sec. 9120 (4k)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Hospital assessment fund and critical access hospital assessment fund transfers to MA trust fund modified [Sec. 379c, d, 971p-v] - Act 59
Institutions for mental disease: MA coverage for persons ages 21 to 64, waver required [Sec. 928t, 931p, 932n, 933n] - Act 59
Intensive care coordination program: reimburse hospitals and health care systems for certain services to MA recipients, report provision [Sec. 928g, 2249e, g] [vetoed] - Act 59
Intensive care coordination services provided to MA recipients: DHS program to reimburse hospitals and health care systems; pilot programs and federal approval provisions - Act 279
MA incorrect payment or employer penalty under BadgerCare Plus: recovery provisions revised [Sec. 950-953] - Act 59
MA Purchase Plan (MAPP) changes re income eligibility and premium methodology [Sec. 746, 931, 933, 934-949, 9320 (1), 9420 (1)] - Act 59
MA reimbursement for mental health consultation, conditions and sunset provisions [Sec. 928h] [partial veto] - Act 59
Nursing home bed assessment: exemption for county-owned institutions for mental disease and certain facilities not certified to participate in Medicaid or Medicare, waiver provision [Sec. 969n-r] [vetoed] - Act 59
Physical medicine pilot program: DHS to study and implement if authorized by legislature [Sec. 9120 (4g)] - Act 59
Savings account program in the MA program: DHS to request waiver to establish and implement; exclusions specified - Act 271
Services that may be covered by MA if prescribed or ordered by a provider acting within the scope of the provider’s practice regulations - Act 119
Wisconsin Healthcare Stability Plan (WIHSP) created re state-based reinsurance program for health carriers, federal waiver required; OCI authority - Act 138