Public utility aid distributions to certain municipalities: exception to limitation, sunset provision [Sec. 1210b, c, 9238 (1b)] - Act 59
``Public utility": definition modified to exclude a state agency with ownership or control of a plant or equipment supplying water to the public; Community Development Block Grant provision [Sec. 1691c, 9101 (10t), 9437 (1t)] [9437 (1t) -- vetoed] - Act 59
Wetland individual permits issued by DNR to public utilities and certain cooperative associations: mitigation requirements revised - Act 118
public welfarePublic welfare, see also Public assistance
Clinical social worker: practice requirement for licensure modified; diagnostic manual provision - Act 356
Commercial building code administration procedures; county authority re certain building and safety requirements; carbon monoxide detector requirements in certain residential buildings; sitting for exam for licensure by Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board revision; valid term for social worker training certificate; DSPS authority to inspect public buildings, places of employment, and one- and two-family dwellings - Act 330
Community-based services information and referrals: DHS to award grants to nonprofit organizations to operate Internet site and telephone-based system - Act 250
Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board required to promulgate rules establishing examination requirements for certification and licensure by the board - Act 357
School mental health program aids: DPI to award re hiring and retaining social workers [Sec. 211, 1470, 1599] - Act 59
Substance abuse: reporting requirements for certain credentialing boards re opioids; federal waiver re dispensing narcotics for addiction treatment; buprenorphine prior authorization review and report; counseling changes re licensing and who can offer treatment; school health instruction requirements; graduate program in psychiatric mental health nursing at UW—Madison; training resources for social service workers; DCF, DHS, and DSPS duties; administrative rules provisions [Admin.Code DHS 75.02, 75.03; MPSW 1.09; SPS 160 (title), 160.015, 160.02, 160.03, 161, 163.01, 163.02, 164.01, 165, 166, 168] - Act 262
public worksPublic works
Electronics and information technology manufacturing zone and tax credits: WEDC authorized to create; provisions re TIDs, sales tax exemption, environmental impact statements, wetlands and waterways permits, PSC certificates and market-based rates, grants to local governments, county bonding, town incorporation as city or village, and DNR oversight; highway bonding authorization; design-build system for public works projects; enterprise zone tax credit revisions; economic development liaison appointed by DOA; electronics manufacturing small business development director in WEDC; worker training and employment program and annual report; appeal of decisions relating specifically to the zone; job creation threshold; LAB audit required [partial veto] - Act 58
Indexing payment and performance bond threshold eliminated for certain public improvement or public works projects [Sec. 2229j-t] - Act 59
Political subdivision authority revisions re expiration of local approvals, division of land by certified survey map, levy limit exception, contesting an imposed fee, sewerage system service changes, prohibiting Saturday work, uniform dwelling code, building inspector and certain ordinances, inclusionary zoning ordinances, security required for plat approval, substantial completion of public improvements, subdivision approval conditions, construction banners, storm water management, eminent domain, housing-related reports, rental housing units regulation, and zoning amendment protest - Act 243
Public construction bidding requirement exception for improvement constructed by a private person and donated to a local governmental unit - Act 167
State prevailing wage law and highway prevailing wage law repealed [Sec. 164, 178, 179, 981, 993-996, 1222, 1223, 1384-1395, 1444, 1452, 1453, 1762, 1769, 2249, 2262, 9352 (3), 9452 (2w)] [9452 (2w) -- vetoed] - Act 59
State procurement or public works projects contracts: certain practices prohibited re labor organizations - Act 3
publication of legal noticesPublication of legal notices, see Public document
purchasing, governmentPurchasing, Government
Boycott of Israel: prohibiting state procurement contracts from participating in and local governmental units from participating in or adopting a rule, ordinance, or policy related to - Act 248
Disabled veteran-owned businesses: minimum service-connected disability rating for state procurement and contracting purposes eliminated - Act 122
GPS device used to monitor certain sex offenders and persons who have violated certain injunctions: term of contract between DOC and vendor modified - Act 346
Information technology and procurement services positions: DOA report to JCF required [Sec. 9101 (11q)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Signs purchased by state agencies: estimated cost to trigger competitive bidding set; exemption from requirement that gives DOC opportunity to provide - Act 146
State procurement or public works projects contracts: certain practices prohibited re labor organizations - Act 3
VendorNet fund administration repealed [Sec. 424] - Act 59
purple heart medalPurple Heart Medal, see Veteran
racine, city ofRacine, City of
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, and statewide parental choice program changes [Sec. 1577-1579, 1582] - Act 59
MPCP, Racine Parental Choice Program, statewide parental choice program, and Special Needs Scholarship Program changes - Act 36
Parental choice program: family income does not need to be verified under certain condition [Sec. 1580g, 1598at, 1602d, 9335 (4d)] - Act 59
Racine and statewide parental choice program attendance criteria when a non-participating private school shares a governing body with a participating private school [Sec. 1580k, 1598b] - Act 59
racine countyRacine County
CHIPS proceeding: prohibition on appointing counsel to parent eliminated; pilot program creating parent’s right to counsel in certain counties created and SPD to run; DCF, report, and sunset provisions - Act 253
Storm water management study for City of Burlington: DNR grant to Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission [Sec. 338d, 9133(8t)] - Act 59
TID numbers 1 and 4 in the Village of Caledonia: maximum life, expenditure period, and allocation period increased - Act 349
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrian bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
racine youthful offender correctional facilityRacine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility, see Juvenile detention facility
Radiological materials transported on highways: permit fees deposited in transportation fund [Sec. 363, 534, 1900] - Act 59
Apportionment for broadcasters re income and franchise taxes, definition provision, DOR duties [Sec. 1002m, 1013d-i, 1057d, 1076d-k] - Act 59
Commercial radio and television station property: sales and use tax exemption modified, motor vehicle provision [Sec. 1187d-f, 9438 (2i)] [vetoed] - Act 59
radioactive materialRadioactive material, see Radiation
raffleRaffle, see Gambling
Rail property acquisitions and improvement: bonding authority increased [Sec. 493] - Act 59
Railroad corporation acquisition of property by condemnation: in certain cases, legislation required that the acquisition serves the public interest [Sec. 585i, k] [vetoed] - Act 59
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrian bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
reading specialistReading specialist, see Literacy
real estateReal estate, see Real property
real estate agent or appraiserReal estate agent or appraiser, see Real property -- Agent
real estate appraisers boardReal Estate Appraisers Board, see Real property -- Agent
real estate examining boardReal Estate Examining Board, see Real property -- Agent
real propertyReal property, see also Land; Mortgage; Public land
Brownfields: remediating contaminated land; pilot program for manufacturing facilities re stationary source air pollution controls; tax deeds; ERTID changes; property assessed clean energy loans for revitalization projects; neighborhood improvement districts (NID) and business improvement districts (BID) provisions; state trust fund loans to municipalities - Act 70
Burial site preservation: WHS duties for recording a site in a catalog revised and procedure for contesting a decision created; contiguous land, interested persons, real estate disclosure, Burial Sites Preservation Board, and disposition of remains determined to be of tribal descent provisions; report required - Act 222
Electrical wiring code for certain housing review by DSPS; legal description for easements re sewer lines or facilities; development-related permits from more than one political subdivision; exemption from highway weight limits for vehicles delivering propane; review or report on bills and proposed administrative rules that affect housing modified; property owner rights regarding assessment; and maintenance and construction activities on certain structures under a county shoreland zoning ordinance - Act 68
Nonprobate transfers of real property on death; transfer by affidavit procedure for small estates; mortgage payoff statements - Act 332
Prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons: property is not required to be covered by an alcohol license or permit for prohibition to apply - Act 126
Real estate disclosure report forms updated; content of report submitted by registered home inspector to client adjusted - Act 338
Register of deeds: information assigned to a document submitted for filing or recording modified; penalties eliminated re registration of farm names; condominium plat provision - Act 102
Sale of foreclosed property and recording sheriff’s deed: process expanded to property anywhere in the state; clerk of court and notice provisions - Act 104
Sale of foreclosed property: county ordinance requiring sheriff or referee to use an Internet-based auction authorized; priority lien provisions - Act 208
Sale of foreclosed property: eligible bidders, purchaser to submit affidavit affirming eligibility, and penalty for false representation - Act 339
Transfer by affidavit procedure for small estates to include personal representatives, real property exception - Act 90
real property _ agentReal property -- Agent
Appraisal management company regulations established - Act 113
Real estate practice law and licensure of real estate brokers and salespersons: revisions re cooperative agreements with out-of-state brokers, criminal convictions and licenses, advertising, definitions, forms, and prohibition on negotiating the sale, exchange, purchase, or rental of certain personal property - Act 110
real property _ taxationReal property -- Taxation, see Property tax, and its subheadings
reciprocityReciprocity, see also Interstate compact
Continuing education requirements for cosmetologists, aestheticians, manicurists, electrologists, and barbers changed; digest and one-hour course on statute and rule changes required - Act 81
Online courses in public schools: reciprocity for teachers licensed in another state; DPI duties [Sec. 1507m, 1532x, 1633g, i] - Act 59
Reciprocal teaching license: eliminate requirement that applicant received offer to teach in this state [Sec. 1520-1523] - Act 59
Bible camps: property tax exemption created [Sec. 997g, 9338 (1f)] - Act 59
Camp American Legion: DVA grant for operation of [Sec. 739n] - Act 59
Condemnation authority cannot be used for establishing or extending a recreational trail, pedestrian way, or bikeway or lane [Sec. 510m, 554g, 565g-w, 585g, r, 981m, 982p-pt, qs, r, 1224t, 2262y, 9352 (5t)] [981m -- partial veto] - Act 59
DSPS revisions re uniform professional credentialing and occupational licensing procedures, multifamily dwelling code, safety glazing material in hazardous locations, aging school buildings program, alternative dispute resolution for manufactured housing industry disputes, temporary revocable permits for master and journeyman plumbers, septic tank installers, public swimming pool definition, and other changes - Act 331
Epinephrine auto-injectors: use and supply of by authorized individuals allowed; definition provision - Act 133
Lifeguards: minors 15 years old and older may be employed as - Act 153
Motorboat towing a person on water skis: restrictions on operating modified re mirror; local ordinance provision - Act 163
Ski jumping competition: grant to Vernon County for improvements to structures and property used for [Sec. 359m, n, 9144 (3t), 9444 (1t)] - Act 59
Town sanitary district composed primarily of summer resort property: residency requirements for commissioners revised - Act 233